Should Texas Roadhouse have fired a waitress who tweeted a desire to 'kill as many Mexicans as I could in one night'?

  • Yes, xenophobic remarks should not be tolerated within any place of employment.

    Texas Roadhouse, like any establishment, should uphold high expectations for employees when it comes to discrimination. Any employee who exhibits violent, xenophobic or otherwise intolerant behavior towards customers should be fired on the spot. Any employee issuing death threats should further be reported to the police to prevent possible hate crimes.

  • Yes, Texas Roadhouse should have fired the waitress that tweeted that message

    Yes, Texas Roadhouse should have fired the waitress that tweeted that message. If people know that the person who wrote that racist message works at Texas Roadhouse, the restaurant chain can lose business and gain a bad reputation. Furthermore, co-workers may be too offended to work with her. In addition, her service to Hispanics may be poor.

  • Texas Roadhouse was right to fire racist waitress

    Social media claims many victims who tweet or post their opinions without considering that their employers may be watching. A Texas Roadhouse waitress was the most recent social media victim when she tweeted that she wanted to 'kill as many Mexicans as I could in one night.' This is horrific! The restaurant was right to fire her - racist and violent attitudes have no place in a democratic society.

  • Yes, Texas Roadhouse was justified in firing a waitress who publicly revealed her racist leanings.

    Texas Roadhouse did the right thing by firing a waitress who tweeted inappropriate, racist, and violent content. Any self-respecting business in this day and age would not want to be associated with anyone who harbors such vile and hateful views, even if they are demonstrated off the clock. Based on this waitress's bigoted viewpoint, which she made clear with her tweet, Texas Roadhouse could no longer trust her to offer the best service possible to any customers who might happen to belong to the ethnic group she targeted online with her hate speech.

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