• Good riddance, Tex.

    Texas has one of the largest crime rates in the nation, and the lowest average education. They lack most of the fields that are important in a growing economy, and have a low average standard of living, low literacy rates, and extremely high poverty rates. It's actually kind of amusing when they claim they are going to secede, because they have no clue what that would entail. And sometimes they are naive enough to think they'd get preferred trade status or military protection from a nation they just told to screw off.
    So long, Texas. Have fun trying to raise and fund an army, get food, produce technology, get trade partners, scramble for UN status, etc.

  • Better for everyone

    Texas is one of the major oil producers of the U.S. If Texas were to secede, we could trade oil for food. Texas citizens also have different ideals from the general U.S. Public. If we seceded we would no longer have to abide by U.S. Rules in our own state. We would be able to freely protect everyone north of us by actually protecting the border instead of having to abide by U.S. Rules and letting the illegals get off easy.

  • Yes, please do!

    Texas is the home of much backward thinking, including people who don't spell check the title of an opinion poll before posting it. They continue to elect morons for their highest elected officials, and try to pass them off on the rest of the country.
    They think they need a fence to keep the more enlightened residents from the rest of the world out? Give me a BREAK!
    [I don't really have anything against all Texans, except what is mentioned above, and this answer is intended to be satire. :D]

  • Im a texan

    I live here in Texas it would be grea for texas to ve free from the 2nd Soviet Union i would love Texas to have its own anthem and flag by it self and have Border agents protectin against the US and Mexico too tht would be great and also the econmie would go better too

  • We shall prevail

    We were able to survive as an independent nation before the United States forced us to be annexed by them. Then we joined the confederacy which was a terrible decision, But that was the closest after 1845 that we could get to independence until the us destroyed our pride. Glory to Texas!

  • I would like to see that

    Maybe Texas and that portion of Colorado that doesn't like some of our laws should seceed. I think it would be a lesson for the rest of the United States. It resembles children who don't play well with others. They can take their toys and stuff and go play alone then.

  • Texas Is Best

    Texas as a whole has the eighth best economy in the world. Thats right the world. They have the technology they have the beef and trade that could be used. They have oil. They have a bunch of natural resources. It would even do better by leaving a troubled economic country.

  • Um... No.... Why?....

    There's absolutely no reason for Texas to secede from the union and absolutely no reason to be happy if they do. Texas, if you look at it from a bare political view, is essential to have for a functional democracy. In EVERY presidential election since Texas started voting Republican, the three biggest states in the country(respectively: California, Texas, New York) have split their vote between the 2 major parties, with NY and CA voting in favor of the Democrat and the big Tex voting for the Republican. Tex plus the small states that always vote Republican(Wyoming, Alaska, Alabama, etc) about equals the monstrous pull of the Democratic party in Cali and up north(NY, Connecticut, Vermont). If Texas seceded, this vote would be heavily dissuaded. Not to mention we would lose a solid twelfth of our population right there. We'd keep the same number of total electoral votes(-2 for TX's lost senators) though, so the old house reps that TX had would have to be distributed to new states. Namely: California, New York, and Florida. Texas leaving the union would result in a party shift in politics we haven't seen since 1860, essentially turning the Republicans into a third party. Please don't leave, Tex! Democracy needs you!

  • Good luck, with that.
    Can it? Not really. Hawaii was an independent nation for quite longer.
    Only 5% of Texans want Texas to be secede from the union. No one beats USA in the war business, so the only way Texas could legally leave, would be if it could convince USA to allow it to leave. Good luck with that.

  • Part of U.S. of A.

    Before the state can be allowed to secede from the U.S., those people who believe in it should give up their U.S. citizenship first. Then the rest of the people in Texas should vote on whether they want to secede from the U.S. And if they do then we should congratulate Mexico on gaining a new border.

  • No , too much border

    There is just entirely too much border to regulate in the western, northern, and northeastern part of the state. Then there is the whole developing a new currency thing. That is just way too much hassle. Ya'll can keep your guns, just don't bring them into my state (New York). Honestly, go ahead and do it if you must, but don't say I didn't warn you that it'd be a headache

  • States have tried to secede before...And it ended badly for them.

    There's already a historical precedent for states that have tried to secede from the union...And it ended badly for them. It was nightmarish, in fact. Should any state attempt to secede from the union it will be treated as an act of betrayal and as theft of national resources!

    No state should secede.

  • If They're Smart, They Will Stick With Uncle Sam!!!

    Let's be honest, here. Texans say, "Remember the Alamo!" But what none of them seem to remember is that they were getting their backsides kicked to the curb! It took troops from Uncle Sam, way back then, to give them freedom from Mexico. But, now, a few of them (Gov. Perry incl.) seem to think they can function better without him. They think secession is the BEST way to go. LMAO!!!

    If the do secede, it would not be in their best interest for numerous reasons that I've already listed in responses to the other side. But if they want to go ... Then I say let them go. Some people have to learn things the hard way. To that, I can only add ... Be careful what you wish for!

  • No, it shouldn't.

    What's really so bad about Texas staying with us. They've been doing fine with us since 1845 when it became a state admitted to the union. It is the second largest state behind Alaska, and it is the second most populus state behind California. Therefore, if Texas seceeds, then the US would lose a big part of its population, and the remaining US would just have a strange shape. And what Texas be considered part of? Mexico?

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