Should Texas's anti-abortion laws be blocked until the death penalty is abolished?

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  • Talk about hypocritical

    Foetuses are not alive, they are a collection of cells but until you are born, you are not alive.
    How can a government kill its own citizens but then deny the termination of foetuses? How can a government force a woman to endure 9 months of intense discomfort only to go through the worst pain imaginable at the end? How can they call themselves a government of the people? This is evil and wrong. Abortion is right. PRO-CHOICE.

  • Hypocrisy in Texas

    Abortion and the death penalty are one and the same--they both amount to the death of a human being. Texas can't have it both ways--they can't be pro-life and pro-death penalty at the same time. Texas can't be bipolar and should value life at all levels instead of deciding a criminal is worthless while a rapist's child should be cherished.

  • Texas's anti-abortion laws should be blocked until the death penalty is abolished.

    The anti-abortion laws should be blocked indefinitely regardless of whether the death penalty is abolished or not. It is a woman's body and her right to abort an undesired pregnancy. The argument that the baby feels pain is scientifically invalid and should be ignored until any further proof is put into place.

  • Death penalty bad abortion bad

    Simple abortion is worse than death penalty. We should act now against abortion. This is lives were taking away babies lives which are way more important. Not saying death penalty isn't it defiantly is bad. Lets put the children first before anyone else. They are more important and tomorrow's leaders.

  • Abortion is not a black and white issue.

    I personally do not believe that abortion is right in many cases, however, there are also many cases where it can be fully justified. A baby, for example, that would only live for a couple of months outside of the womb and would force the mother and child to go through an incredibly short life together that is both painful emotionally and physically, would I feel be better aborted than to put both through so much pain. Some mothers live in harsh poverty and can barely afford to support their existing families let alone another child, I believe could be justified to have an abortion. I believe in a baby's right to live however in some cases it is not black and white and so a mother should have the right to chose responsibly what is best for both the baby and mother. It is even more infuriating I find that these women are denied these choices by a state that actually uses killing to enforce a law. Surely this is incredibly hypocritical? Death of a fully formed adult is wrong as "an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind" How can a government enforce peace while using killing to enforce it? Surely this just brutalises society rather than aid it?

  • The death penalty has NOTHING to do with abortion

    And neither is it hypocritical to support the death penalty and be against abortion. Just for the record, I rigorously oppose the death penalty and abortion. Here is my reason why we should not block anti-abortion laws 1, Even assuming the false idea is hypocritical to support the death penalty and oppose abortion, you can not just "block" a law because its inconsistent. 2. It is not inconsistent to support the death penalty and oppose abortion because the death penalty is just a form of punishment tried on people that deserve the punishment, abortion is the unjustified killing of a living human being. If we can call the death penalty a form of murder, can't we also call putting people in prison a form of slavery? (making prisoners do what you want, giving them no freedom, etc.)

  • Two issues with no correlation or relevance.

    The issue of whether the death penalty should be il/legal or whether abortion should be il/legal is completely irrelevant. Besides, killing unborn babies because being pregnant is "inconvenient" is totally different then executing a prisoner who's committed horrendous crimes, in terms of morals. Even if you think it's "hypocritical", the Texas Legislature can implement laws if they can.

  • No it shouldn't

    I do think that having an anti abortion law and the death penalty is hypocritical but I still do not think that the anti abortion law should be blocked until the death penalty is banned. The people of Texas want it that way, so it should remain that way. I am sure the way they look at it is that abortions should be illegal because innocent lives should not be destroyed. People who kill, however, have lost their right to live.

  • No, they have nothing to do with each other.

    No, Texas' anti-abortion laws should not be blocked until the death penalty is abolished, because the death penalty is a good thing, while abortion is a bad thing. It is not hypocritcal to support the death penalty but not abortion. Abortion is killing the innocent. The death penalty is killing the guilty.

  • No one should not be with the other

    I don't think the two laws should be thought of a connection at all. The anti abortion and death penalty are two separate issues and one does not depend on the other. You can be for or against them but you can't make a case against one using the other.

  • Who is at fault?

    Except for in the occasional instance in which an innocent man is executed, the death penalty is deserved. The crime was committed, murder, rape, ect, and the punishment is handed out. Not getting into the validity of the death penalty, it is merely a punishment for a crime committed. Abortion is the death of a person (debatable i guess). But ignoring that, abortion is a decision of an individual to end the life of another merely based on an opinion of one (or more) people about the possibility of another who has done nothing other than be created, implanted on the uterine wall, and tried their best to survive.

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