• Yes, it is indeed a distraction

    One can not truly be engaged in two simultaneous communication threads at the same time. Texting thrusts one into a reactionary frame of mind and in a downward spiral of un-filtered dribble; undermining what may or may not be critical intersections of learning in the classroom. When on is as focused as what the next txt response will be as they are what follows in the classroom; it's not just rude, it takes a collective toll on society.....Reducing classroom behavior to the lowest common denominator.

  • Students should be paying attention to class not texting

    Yes, texting should be banned in class. Students should focused on their school work not texting or surfing the Internet. One reason for this is that texting in class is not conducive to learning and it is generally rude to text while a teacher is speaking. This type of disrespect should not be tolerated.

  • Yes It Should

    I would compare the equivalent of text messaging in class to be the modern way of passing notes, but now the recipient may be in a different class room or maybe not even a student at all. I believe students should know that they must be responsible in class and that means not sending messages during class time.

  • Yes. I believe text messaging should be banned in class.

    Yes. I believe text messaging should be banned in class, because there is no reason for it to be allowed in a school settings. Children are at school to learn, and that environment needs to be conducive to learning. Text messaging would only serve as a disruption to a learning environment.

  • Text messaging should be banned in class.

    Text messaging should not be banned in class. Kids have no reason to be sending text messages in class. It is also highly disrespectful to teachers and classmates to be sending messages in class. As a result, teachers should be empowered to confiscate the cell phones of people who use them in class.

  • Yes, text messaging should be banned in class.

    Text messaging provides another form of cheating to students. It should be banned. Text messaging is also a distraction for both the students and teachers. Children these days need to be focused on school and not wasting time chatting. For these reasons text messaging should be banned in all classrooms.

  • Yes texting should be banned.

    Students should not be allowed to text during class as it takes away from their ability to absorb the material being taught. They can also use this cheat, other students may become distracted by a person texting and not be able to gather all the information they need for the day.

  • Yes, it is a distraction.

    Text messaging should be banned in class while the teacher is teaching the class. If the students are texting then they are not paying attention to the lesson and will miss valuable information that they will need to use later on, during tests, or in life. Texting should only be allowed during a student's free moments outside the classroom.

  • Texting is an efficient form of communication and shouldn't be banned in school

    No, texting should not be banned in classes. It is arguably the quickest form of communication available. It allows you to reach any other individual no matter how far away. With this kind of technology in classes, students could be able to talk to other students without being a disruption. I think that if texting in class was allowed, it would have to be for older grades only.

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