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  • IPads are in

    Kids now a days are more in to technology and are more attracted to iPads than a boring old book. I mean using this technology will get kids ready for a whole new world of technology, and also iPads can highlight and edit and download new updates on books almost instantly when text book don't do any of that but bore kids

  • They should be used

    Our social studies teacher assigned us a project on tablets vs. Textbooks and after all the research tablets are better. They are lighter, use less paper, update quicker, more time convenient and easier for the students to learn from. Signing off and peace to the world... GO TABLETS yay yay

  • IPads should be used in schools :)

    IPads are more convenient, when a student forgets a textbook what do they do? Students should have iPads, but should not be able to take them home. If a student isn't able to finish work at school on their iPad, of course they have to finish it. They will just finish it with paper and pencil.

  • Tablets are easier

    Yes tablets should replace textbooks if we use tablets we are saving the environment , and you learn more faster and more material also tablets can update instantly and get the new information. Also tablets can hold 1000 of textbooks and even more and it is way lighter to carry.

  • Yes because homework will be easier

    Ipads should be provided to each student because the students homework will be easier for them to do at home and easier for them to research at home too. They will be able to research at school on a topic at school. They will make research a hole lot easier.

  • Yes we should.

    Our schools are advancing in technology, so we should get ipads to finish the set. Plus it does not have to be a ipad it could be a more cheap type of handheld. Our school has over 400 computers and i in general love computers so it would be nice to have another system added on.

  • Yes, iPads should be allowed

    IPads will prevent heavy book bags and with save paper and energy. Copying notes is faster, and it is more interesting to students (like myself) than notebook and binders are. IPads also will save money, if you think about how much money you spend on school supplies vs and iPad, the iPad is cheaper.

  • Yes absoloutly yes

    Yes kids wont have to carry heavy books or binders around. Plus, they get a chance to learn about todays technology. They will also learn about responsibilty taking care of the ipads. Also they can do their homework and send it to there teacher. Finaley every child knows how to use them so the teachers wont have to explain it.

  • I speak from experience

    First of all for clarification, when I say "computer" I mean any type of computer device, like a desktop, laptop, or iPad, etc.
Our school system where I used to live started with iPads for students, but after one trial year, many problems arose (I'm not quite sure what these were) which caused them to discontinue it. The next year, they implemented a plan where every student got Mac Book Airs. However, even so there are still MANY problems with the whole computer/screen thing. Once you give computers, they are used for a lot more than just reading, or it would just be a waste, and there are too many problems that will come from it.

1. I'm sure that high school students and college students would be a little bit better, but originally it started in middle schools - that kids were constantly loosing their laptops, and sometimes they were never found, costing money. Many kids were simply not responsible enough. Damaging a textbook is much better cost-wise than damaging a computer, which is almost just as easily broken.

2. With the taking notes situation:
Yes, some kids find it much easier to type instead of writing, and for some kids it is easier to organize, but there are many reasons which say that writing is much better
a. You remember the information much better when you physically write it down, according to scientific studies. Please read this article for an example: (http://www.Boston.Com/health/2014/06/05/take-note-this-handwritten-notes-are-more-effective-than-typed-ones/Ypp4ahKuX2Zd0OtUqBw79H/story.Html)
b. Handwriting is a skill every student should have anyway. Although the computer can write neatly for you, for many tasks you must still use it. Forget your laptop/iPad one day? Your handwriting should be legible. Somewhere else, other than school, someone says something important, and you want to write a note to yourself, you have to be able to read it. Or if you want to write a note to someone else, they have to be able to read it. Also the fine motor control gained from handwriting is often necessary in everyday tasks. Just like you do pushups to strengthen your arm muscles, handwriting strengthens and improves accuracy of the fine motor skills in your hands.
C. Our teacher actually has one person each class that takes class notes on a computer for those who are sick. - not everyone has to have a computer.
D. People need to be able to organize without the computer doing it for you. ORGANIZATION = SKILL that we cannot learn by pressing a couple keys on the computer. Yes, it is neater and you can bold things, but actively highlighting and underlining not only improves your abilities to pick out important information but helps you to remember what you picked out to be important. Emphasized points will be emphasized in your mind, not only saving time when you study for tests, but allowing you to learn those points for an extended period of time, -studies have shown. Continue to comments for the rest...

  • Anyone hear of "eyesight?"

    There are so many reasons iPads are bad for replacing textbooks! 1 people's eyesight will become worse over time, kids won't know how ton rites basic sentence if they don't oractice writing, and 3 instead i of paying $1000000000 for a bunch of iPads, why not pay like $10000 for notebooks and textbooks?

  • No I disagree

    IPads shouldn't replace school books because 1. They get updated and they'll need new ones each year 2. IPads are soo fragile compared to a book , example: if you drop a book nothing happens but if you drop and iPad the screen will crack and what will they use while they are waiting on the new iPads...BOOKS

  • No iPads please

    Waste of money, inapropriate site or videos, less concentration on what you are supposed to do.You can get a virus and every thing you had on it is gone now. Would you like to pay 500 euro every year for the newest iPad. Your eyesight wil worsen over time and it can cause radiation.

  • Too dang complicated

    Cant understand these newfangled ipads. I dont know the new gadgets, and the young generation these days always has their noses in them. They cant live without them. I had only radios as a kid, and i knew how to have fun without all the gadgets and gizmos. Back then life was simple.

  • No they shouldn't

    They are way too expensive. Kids are immature and will look up bad things. They will be broken. Stick to textbooks people!!!! IPads are distracting and kids will be too busy playing games to focus on the material they need to learn! Textbooks are so much better! No iPads please

  • No, I don't think that textbooks should be replaced by IPads

    I don't think that this would be a good idea at all. If IPads did replace textbooks this would definitely put a lot of companies out of business and that education itself would loose a part of itself in the originality of books. Education is meant to come out of a book, not a screen.

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