• Get rid of textbooks

    Eco friendly netbooks!!!! All the way for technology for the future! Awesome idea. Also way to have to carry books around! Books are created on word. Better and newer things to come! Very cool idea! I think they should take it forward now! Vote for netbooks! Cool man yay lol

  • It would help with saving paper/trees.

    If you would use a net book then you would help the teachers with all the paper they have to carry. But teachers that have been teaching for a long time they say it will take to long for the students to learn how to use the net books. Now days students all ready have a phone,computer,and or a tablet and they know how to use net books.

  • You would lose textbooks.

    When you get a netbook, you would be more likely to take care of it more than if you have textbooks. With textbooks, if you lose them, you have to pay a ton of money just to replace them. But for netbooks, they're more fragile so you would care about them more.

  • Technology With Netbooks Helps Schools

    Earlier I talked about the limitations that schools should have with utilizing technology in their education system. I feel that the weight of textbooks can be immensely minimized by the use of netbooks. Many of the textbooks today are generated by word documents and therefore publishers have the capability of offering e-books to the public schools. This will cause a loss in manufacturing for producing physical textbooks but the weight that students have to carry on their backpacks for the various textbooks causes a lot of physical pain and burden on the students. Netbooks can provide the needed efficiency to house all of the students curriculum on one medium.

  • YES We should

    You can have lighter bookbags. Which can then help kids backs. It is bad for you to have bad backs at such a young age. Yes i am writing this in class on SAMSUNG Netbook. Netbooks weigh at the most 1 pound. Some can be up to 3 pounds a piece. Whats your say on it.

  • Yes - Netbooks Prepare Students for Life

    Yes, textbooks should be replaced with netbooks. When students enter the workforce, they will not be handed books. Rather, they will be handed computers. Their employers will expect that they already know how to use them. It is important that students are prepared for the technology in the workforce. Netbooks also allow for more frequent, less expensive text updates.

  • Carrying around textbooks is not healthy for your back.

    Hauling around a backpack full of notebooks, binders, and heavy text books takes its toll. Some of those books are extremely heavy, and it can cause serious health problems later in life. Netbooks are not ideal, but it is a better alternative to the multiple text books carried around by highschoolers.

  • Netbooks are expensive to purchase and maintain

    Netbooks are not only expensive more expensive than textbooks, but far more costly to maintain. A textbook may go through years and even a decade or more of usage without needing to be replaced. However, because netbooks are so fragile, it's a fair bet that in the hands of clumsy or careless students, they would need constant repair and replacement in just a few short years, either from accidental drops, vandalism, or worse. On top of that, the operating system would also need upgrading throughout the years, adding to the costs of maintenance. Compared to a textbook, which might cost $50-$100 at the most per student, a netbook would probably cost triple that over the course of its lifetime.

  • Public schools serve everyone

    Throughout our history, the public school has been the place where all students had an equal opportunity to get the knowledge necessary to fulfill the American dream. Reading is an important part of this opportunity. Netbooks require hardware, which many students, and many school systems, cannot afford. Even if appropriate hardware is given to students, parents may not be sufficiently educated to show them how to use them. Thus, the equalizing property of education is diminished.

  • Textbooks are better than netbooks

    Textbooks allow you read the whole thing and have a better grasp of the content whereas with netbooks you're more likely to skip some words/sentences especially the fact that netbooks make your eyes tired. Also it's better to encourage students to take notes with their bare hands rather than to type (if they actually do that), because students, thinking that all they need is on the screen,will be less likely take notes this way! Furthermore with netbooks students might not be able to take studying seriously because they would be be tempted to play or surf on the tablet, thus distracting them!

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