Should textbooks be replaced with tablets (iPads, etc.)?

  • Yes, tablets should replace boobs

    Tablets should replace books because books are the old fashioned and they are not of much use after the year in which you buy it . But tablets can be used year after the year in which they are brought. So, I tell that tablets should replace books in all aspects

  • Yes, books should be replaced by tablets.

    Books are very cumbersome, heavy and easy to forget in your locker or at home. If you carry a tablet, it is lighter, and there is only one thing to carry for all the classes. I think a student may also look at a tablet as fun. I know I enjoy looking things up on a computer, but hated doing it from a book.

  • Like OMG totally!

    I think that iPads should like totally replace books cause like they are so much better! They are soooooooo light and like they reduce the amount of trees cut down for the usage of paper! Plus, the kids don't have to like break their backs lugging around 10 pound backpacks all day. Even better, they only need 1 thing for academics and not a book, a binder, spare paper,etc. This leads to my next point being that like kids won't need all the supplies that they would normally need like calculators, pencils, pens, colored markers, highlighters, etc. Also, books are like soooooooooooo out to date cause like by the time they are produced and shipped, at the time that they arrive at the school they are already old and outdated. With iPads, you don't even have to do much work, all you have to do is go to settings and update it and in 3 minutes maximum, it is the newest version.As you can you, iPads are like the best and totally rock the world. Peace out :)

  • Yes, they should

    One bad thing about school is lugging around heavy textbooks everywhere. They put way too much strain on the back. Also, teachers are trying to teach kids to be green, even though the textbooks right in front of them are destroying trees. Textbooks can also get outdated. A science textbook published 10 years (yes, they are that old) ago won't have the newest theories in them, so you're teaching kids something that may have been proved wrong. Tablets update by the minute, and if someone puts an article online, you can access it that moment. Textbooks are yesterdays news. Its time to focus on today.

  • Tablets over textbooks

    Tablets are proven to increase grades and scores on standardized tests. They save the millions of the trees required to print textbooks. An ebook costs MUCH less than an oldschool textbook. Tablets can be monitored so the students stay on focus and are not tempted to do something unproductive. The world we live in revolves around technology, so why not introduce it early?

  • Agile, Effective, Time Saving

    1- You can have all of your textbooks on one tablet so therefore makes it easier to carry to school, which completely takes out 'forgetting' one of your text books at school
    2- They are cost effective in the long run as every year you don't need to buy a whole new book for your subject as you can just update it on your tablet
    3- Due to usually having a 'find text' feature on many tablets students will find the article they are looking for much quicker then flicking through numerous pages.
    School systems are just delaying the inevitable by not allowing students use a tablet.

  • Easier, Lighter, Handier.

    Textbooks are so heavy and are too much of a hassle. Tablets can update and textbooks are expensive and heavy for how much they actually cost. Tablets such as iPads are updatable and can find information much quicker than a textbook. IPads weigh 1 pound while a textbook weighs 10.

  • Tablets are more effective.

    Tablets provide a better variety of understanding and productivity. A person specially a kid will look forward to school knowing that he or she will learn on a attractive device. Plus no student will have the excuse for not bringing or doing their work. Teachers can actually give trigger for homework and assignments, so no student will forget to do their work.

  • Two words, back problems

    Kids should not have to be lugging backpacks all around their school campuses. Backpacks can cause back injuries due to all the textbooks weighed on the student's shoulders and back. Tablets are sooo much lighter. I am a student who is suffering from some time to time back pain because of my very, very, very overweighed backpack.

  • Yes they should

    IPads would make the classroom a much more enjoyable place! Being in highschool we be so appreciated so much more! Imagine a world full of kids who would WANT to go to school, with there homework. No more assignments 'missing' because its all on the iPad. And just imagine all the paper we would save!

  • I speak from experience

    First of all for clarification, when I say "computer" I mean any type of computer device, like a desktop, laptop, or iPad, etc.
Our school system where I used to live started with iPads for students, but after one trial year, many problems arose (I'm not quite sure what these were) which caused them to discontinue it. The next year, they implemented a plan where every student got Mac Book Airs. However, even so there are still MANY problems with the whole computer/screen thing. Once you give computers, they are used for a lot more than just reading, or it would just be a waste, and there are too many problems that will come from it.

1. I'm sure that high school students and college students would be a little bit better, but originally it started in middle schools - that kids were constantly loosing their laptops, and sometimes they were never found, costing money. Many kids were simply not responsible enough. Damaging a textbook is much better cost-wise than damaging a computer, which is almost just as easily broken.

2. With the taking notes situation:
Yes, some kids find it much easier to type instead of writing, and for some kids it is easier to organize, but there are many reasons which say that writing is much better
a. You remember the information much better when you physically write it down, according to scientific studies. Please read this article for an example: (http://www.Boston.Com/health/2014/06/05/take-note-this-handwritten-notes-are-more-effective-than-typed-ones/Ypp4ahKuX2Zd0OtUqBw79H/story.Html)
b. Handwriting is a skill every student should have anyway. Although the computer can write neatly for you, for many tasks you must still use it. Forget your laptop/iPad one day? Your handwriting should be legible. Somewhere else, other than school, someone says something important, and you want to write a note to yourself, you have to be able to read it. Or if you want to write a note to someone else, they have to be able to read it. Also the fine motor control gained from handwriting is often necessary in everyday tasks. Just like you do pushups to strengthen your arm muscles, handwriting strengthens and improves accuracy of the fine motor skills in your hands.
C. Our teacher actually has one person each class that takes class notes on a computer for those who are sick. - not everyone has to have a computer.
D. People need to be able to organize without the computer doing it for you. ORGANIZATION = SKILL that we cannot learn by pressing a couple keys on the computer. Yes, it is neater and you can bold things, but actively highlighting and underlining not only improves your abilities to pick out important information but helps you to remember what you picked out to be important. Emphasized points will be emphasized in your mind, not only saving time when you study for tests, but allowing you to learn those points for an extended period of time, -studies have shown. Continue to comments for the rest...

  • Tablets should not replace textbooks

    Tablets replacing textbooks would make students lazy. It's too easy to use the search feature to find certain information instead of actually having to READ and really comprehend the subjects you should be educating yourself in. Yes, tablets should have role in today's education system, but only for supplemental support.

  • I do not believe so!

    Books will never break or run out of batteries. Books are expensive, but our children need to know what books are so they can better their education. Books are easier on the eyes, it has been proven that staring at a computer or iPad screen can cause harm to that persons eyes!

  • No, textbooks should still be used in schools and universities.

    As a university graduate, I know that textbooks can be expensive and cumbersome. I, honestly, got through most of my classes by not buying the textbook and going to the library -- or sharing with a friend who had the same class. But that's the joy of a textbook, you can get around the fact that they're expensive because universities have libraries and books can be easily shared. Purchasing an iPad is too much for be, and would honestly be more distracting than helpful. I think the likelihood that my friends who let me borrow their iPad would be much lower than if I wanted to borrow a book because of the price of it. I was barely able to scrape by in college, and having to purchase a tablet, and then subsequent books for my tablet (because you know they wouldn't be free) would have been too much for me to attend school. I think a tablet for people with the money to afford one, and no interest in textbooks is fine. However, having them completely replace textbooks is too much. Maybe in the future when the technology is more affordable and accessible. Until then, I like the sureness that comes with knowing that when I'm studying until 3 in the morning, my textbook won't run out of batteries or somehow break on me. Textbooks are sturdy and reliable like that.

  • Electronics are expensive and fragile

    No, I think that we should stay with textbooks. When you have a computer or tablet in front of you, a kid may be tempted to go on a different tab. It's distracting. Kids wont be learning anything. With a textbook the worse you can do is go onto a different lesson. Also electronics are very fragile. If dropped or damaged it can cost hundreds of dollars to get it fixed or replaced. A textbook is very durable and will not cost a lot of money if broken.

  • Financial problem, virus

    No, because many people don't have that much money to buy an iPad which is costly then a textbook. A textbook is a thing that help any time, and an iPad can not be used at anytime because if sometime it is not charged or it may contain virus suddenly

  • Financial problem, virus

    No, because many people don't have that much money to buy an iPad which is costly then a textbook. A textbook is a thing that help any time, and an iPad can not be used at anytime because if sometime it is not charged or it may contain virus suddenly

  • To much expansive

    At first, i would like to say that tablets and other online devices are to much expansive especially for the poor class. The poor parents cannot afford that kind of education and as a result their children would be deprived of technical education. Secondly there would be a situation of complex in the class. The student with the expansive iPad would have a supremacy over the one who would have a less quality iPad .

  • I say stay with textbooks!

    If you have a tablet for all the school work how are you supposed to highlight anything? I am a college student and highlighting is my best friend. I know the important stuff to study because I have it highlighted. Also in my town the local radio station has had talk about schools wanting to take out cursive writing in schools because of these tablets. If a student doesn't learn cursive writing then how are they going to know how to sign a legal document.

  • No, No, NO!

    I have been doing a discussion paper for my English class about Tablets vs. Textbooks, and I have found that it is easier to find information on computers but that info isn't always reliable, and a lot of students in my class think that Wikipedia is a good source. Textbooks are always reliable sources, unfortunately I can't use just books for my paper because that is being bias. Before I started researching this topic I was all for tablets, I love technology, but now I have found, so far I'm not even finished, 17 reasons that tablets would be bad for schools and 11 reasons that they would be good so I wont go through them all. Starting with the pro textbooks: 1) cost efficiency, tablets and Ipads are expensive but textbooks you can find used and cheap. 2) durability, tablets break so easily, I dropped mine on my bed and it cracked so the touch screen doesn't even work, but textbooks last a long time. 3) reliability, tablets freeze all the time and sometimes they can't access the internet, textbooks don't. 4) distractions, students will want to play games, my teachers take a phone away almost every day because students are playing. Now for the pro tablets: 1) opportunities, tablets open up a lot of good opportunities but also bad ones too. 2) weight differences, tablets weigh a lot less than books. 3) curriculum, there are a lot of different curriculums as e books. 4) quick updates, tablets update so quickly, within a few minutes, unless they freeze. So there are no right or wrong answers, only opinions.

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Anonymous says2013-04-29T17:06:06.347
Yes they should - it is a good way to get the kids of this ganaration to not be stuck in the old ways that is not the way of the wrold anymore