Should texting while driving be illegal in all states?

  • Stupidest thing they ever put on a cell phone

    The cell phone companies show be held responsible for adding this feature to phones.
    A phone is a device used to talk. A computer is a device made to type.
    Take the function away and the problem goes away.
    The very least is to disable the text function when the phone is moving more than 10 miles an hour through GPS tracking.

  • Texting while driving is an unacceptable distraction and should be illegal in all states.

    Texting while driving should be illegal in all states because the risk of accidents from distracted drivers is unacceptable. Texting forces drivers to divert their attention from the road. In just a few seconds a car can travel over 50 feet and hit someone or something. This risk is unacceptable.

    Posted by: 54mP5KryPto
  • Is 1 text worth a life?

    Texting and driving is a horrifying way to get an injury or death and I could go on and on about this topic. The United States has had WAY too many car accidents caused by texting and driving, it’s ridiculous. The bottom line is that there is absolutely NO point in texting and driving and they need to make texting and driving illegal! People are so crazy these days, the drivers need to have all eyes on the road and around them and texting while driving defiantly does not help. These are the politics opinions on the question “Should texting and driving be illegal in all states? 91% of the member voted yes and 9% of the members voted no. 23% of automobile crashes were related to cell phones. If you text while you drive, you will be distracted for a minimum of 5 seconds. Driving at 55mph, you’ll traverse a football field in that time. 1 in 5 drivers of all ages admit to usage of the internet while driving. 1 in 2 kids have been in a car where the diver was texting multiple times. More than 3 in 4 young adults were confident that they could text while driving. Half of young adult drivers think it’s easy to text while driving. Young adults and teens who text and drive spend 10% of their time out of their lane. About 35,000 American teens died in automobile crashes during the last five years, 6,000 a year, 18 a day. Once they make this illegal our world will be a much safer place.

  • Text while driving should totally be illegal in all sates.

    Driving is a dangerous act in itself, which is why we have age requirements and driver’s education courses to meet and pass before we are allowed to drive. If you text while you drive you greatly increase your chances of crashing into another car, driving off the road injuring yourself and any other passengers, or hitting a pedestrian. Taking your eyes off the road for even a split second can cause an accident.

  • The use of cell phones and texting should be made illegal in all fifty states.

    Driving is a dangerous act in itself, which is why we have age requirements and driver’s education courses to meet and pass before we are allowed to drive. If you text while you drive you greatly increase your chances of crashing into another car, driving off the road injuring yourself and any other passengers, or hitting a pedestrian. Taking your eyes off the road for even a split second can cause an accident.

  • I believe texting while driving should be illegal in all states, because it is extremely dangerous.

    Texting while driving has shown to be very similar to driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Studies have repeatedly shown that when people text at the same time that they are driving, they are more likely to be in accidents that can cause harm to either themselves or others.

    Posted by: WaryMack
  • Texting while driving should be illegal, as it puts all drivers' lives at risk, as the one who is texting is not paying full attention to the road.

    Texting while driving is irresponsible and extremely dangerous, not only to the driver texting, but to everyone close by. It only takes a second for a disaster to occur on the highways, and texting takes the driver's attention off the road for more than a second.

    Posted by: EueChosen
  • Texting is simply too dangerous to be allowed while driving.

    There are already so many causes of accidents, such as road conditions and
    weather, which are unavoidable, we do not need to add another way for people to kill others or themselves. Especially considering the fact that many who text are young people who already represent the greatest number of fatalities in vehicular accidents. This really should be outlawed.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • I believe texting while driving should be illegal, because of it's severe, tangible consequences on the road.

    Cars are giant rolling death machines, at the best of times. Since we've grown up with them, we tend to not respect their raw power and ability to destroy. We've become such distracted drivers over the last 20 years that the addition of texting doesn't seem out of place to some people, even when operating such a powerful piece of machinery. It is for this reason that laws must be clear and enforced. People who text and drive are putting everyone around them in imminent danger of severe injury and death, and should, for their own good, be made to understand that what they are doing is unacceptable to society.

    Posted by: DrearyNeville
  • I agree with banning texting while driving in all states, because I believe a lot of deaths could be prevented.

    People have a tendency to get too involved with reading, or writing a text message, that they could forget to keep their eyes on the road. It only takes a swerve to cause a bad accident. And, if you are not watching the road, how can you make sure you are on your side of the road, or there isn't a vehicle pulling out in front of you? Even at a stop sign, you may be holding up traffic. The best option is to pull of the road to text, or turn your phone completely off.

    Posted by: IncredibleDenis39
  • Whats the differance?

    It takes longer to find a good radio station and turn on the AC then reading a text (which takes what? A second?

  • No, no, no, because kids need to be able to reach their parents.

    It should not be illegal because if you have a child at home with a phone, and if something went wrong then they would not be able to get hold of their parents if they are driving. If someone needs to pull over to answer it and they can't, then they wont be able to know what is wrong and their child may die!

  • I text while driving, safely.

    When considering the core issue of Text Messaging while driving, we have to focus a bit less on ourselves for one point, and intensely for the next.

    First off, texting is a simple slight of hand, but for so many people, it's a crutch that hinders our driving and safety...but why is this? It is true, that cell phone companies and service providers have only made it more difficult to text safely, instead of taking up a safe stance by providing Talk to Text services as a default function or all phones. Yes, that's right. We can't merely blame it all on those who use the drug, but in fact, those who readily provide it too.

    Secondly, one should be aware of what he or she is doing, and learn his of her phone to better become capable at the things that they choose to do while operating a vehicle, to even merely walking about. What do I mean by that? I specifically purchased a non-touchscreen phone that has a digit key pad on the front. Sure, it opens up to a full key board, but it's seldom (if ever) used. So I spent the time to memorize the T9-Word scheme, so I never have to look at my screen. "What about reading the texts?", you ask? The Hash Tag symbol, when pressed, provides a poor (but understandable) computer voice that reads the message to me. Do all phones have that option? I've found that very many do, but we should really be learning about the functions of our phones before having at it.

    My point is clear. Texting while Driving CAN be SAFE, if taught to be so. We can compare it to Sex. Should we blindly let our children have sex? OR Should we teach our children on how to safely have sex and of the dangers of not doing so? Same argument. Simply put, if it was taught that Texting While Driving could be done so Safely, then I really would only expect that those who do, would do so in a conscious manner, and it would SAVE LIVES.

    If you have any direct comments, feel free to message me directly at:

  • It's better to loose a minute in your life than to loose your life in a minute.

    Texting and driving can cause deaths and injuries as well as drinking and driving. People argue about DUIs and the problems they bring but they don't realize that texting and driving has similar disstractions with the same effects and consequences as drinking and driving. There are children playing, poeple running to stay in shape, and people just walking to enjoy their day and that day can be ruined by a death or an injury caused by a person that was distracted by their cellular device. People loose their concentration over a text messege.

  • No, It is their choice.

    Texting is one of many distraction. Eating, putting on makeup, more. Getting rid of it would be discriminatory. It is their choice to answer that text: Which takes on average, less time then to find directions on a GPS. Just because It could kill doesn't mean we should outlaw it. Otherwise, we would outlaw cars, bathtubs, construction equipment and more. The fact is, the young drivers that this affects can't vote against it. It's just not reasonable to outlaw something only on death count.

  • No, no more government control.

    People will only hold the phone lower and look down at a sharper angle, in effect seeing NOTHING straight ahead.

    Dogs ride on drivers laps, as do children, women put on makeup, hair is brushed/combed, radios are adjusted, eating is done, GPS devices are looked at, and pot is smoked. Why pick on texting?

  • Its too invasive.

    A cop needs probable cause to pull someone over. Now all they need to do is SAY they thought they saw a person texting and your entire month is ruined trying either paying a fine or fighting it in court. Lets not forget about the always overlooked "slippery slope" created every time a new law is passed.

  • Dangerous? Yes. Illegal? No.

    I'm torn on this issue. I am strongly opposed to people texting while driving. I think it is irresponsible and am certain that 99% of the time it is not necessary (checking texts or facebook or whatever can wait but people are so impulsive). It needlessly endangers other drivers and there should be stiff penalties for accidents caused while texting.
    However, when the question is whether it should be illegal or not, then I'd like to stop and think about this seriously for a moment. How would this be enforced? Would it really work? Do people really not understand the dangers unless there is a law? I think that most people realize there is a danger but believe that it will never happen to them. I am more afraid of how such a law would be enforced (i.E., going through your texts if you get pulled over for speeding). This is something that people should think about and stop on their own. Unfortunately I don't that happening unless public outcry results in shaming the person every time he's seen doing it. I honestly don't have a good solution, but I think we should stop and think seriously about it before making it a criminal act.

  • No It's Unconstitutional and another form of extortion.

    Driving should not be a "privilege," it is a natural right. The right to travel, the right to engage in commerce, etc... And when people cannot do this legally they will do it "illegally". It is human nature and cannot be legislated, texting while driving should be your CHOICE. No doubt, people stop texting while driving but laws like this will not stop anybody from being killed. And in some ways may make driving more dangerous because again, people will do what they want.

  • Making it illegal doesn't deal with the problem.

    Texting while driving is dangerous, certainly. There are FAR better ways to discourage TWD (as I will refer to this phenomenon from now on) than through a ban. Bans do not decrease TWD by sufficient numbers to be worth the cost. What bans on TWD do is make drivers hold their phones lower down or try to text discreetly other ways, leading to a greater distraction from the road. This only leads to more accidents. Bans on TWD DO NOT WORK. If anything, they cause more accidents.

    Think Prohibition.

    There are other options. Public campaigns, advertisements, written publications and other methods could be useful for warning the public about TWD: just not legislation.

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Anonymous says2013-04-15T20:23:43.657
This is very good and persuasive advise to the harms of texting and driving .I'm glad people know the effects and dangers of it.Hopefully whenever we and everyone else get older we will follow our own advise you can write or type any words for people's encouragement not to text and drive but first you have to in force it yourself
Anonymous says2013-05-22T11:46:02.640
I personally believe it should. Also the regular (phone to ear) use of a cell phone. I am not sure of any and all cell phone use should be illegal though. The trouble is, if an extremely important phone call was coming in, such as a parent telling child (adult child) that their other parent just had a heart attack and to come to the hospital, or a potential job is calling to say an interview was rescheduled for earlier in the day (particularly if that new interview time is within 1.5 hours from the time they called). Alright, the heart attack one might distract the driver more then cell phone use, but if driver is driving somewhere that that takes a good amount of time (say an hourish) it could be a while before they are able to learn of wht happened and get to the hospital.