Should Thailand's 'Tiger Temple' be closed down and their tigers sent to sanctuaries?

Asked by: Brielle
  • The Tiger Temple is nothing more than for tourism, profit and entertainment.

    The tigers at the temple in Thailand receive constant abuse and are treated as slaves for profit. They are kept in small cages until they are let out for tourists to have their photo taken. The special needs for these tigers is not taken in consideration at all as they are mostly fed grilled chicken and dog food. As said in the video, the temple claims to be helping with tiger conservation though they have never or do not intend on releasing any of their tigers into the wild, nor have they spend any of their profit for conservation. They claim to rescue tigers from the wild yet they only capture healthy wild tigers, breed or trade their tigers. Mother tigers are used as breeding machines as they produce litter after litter only for their cubs to be taken away and either be used for their entertainment scheme or sold to tiger farms to be grown then killed for their skins and meat. The Buddhists claim to be at peace with these animals though they continue to forcefully exploit them for money. Anyone can see this as wrong and I do not support animals being used for entertainment.

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