• It almost has to

    I don't know how else you push a couple thousand people on a marathon inside of city limits without it almost having to shut down most if not all of the city. I get the fact that it becomes an huge nusance for the residents but they can always move if the one day is that big of a deal.

  • No, the city doesn't need to be closed

    The Boston Marathon is, and always has been, a big deal for the city, but it certainly isn't the only thing going on in Boston, even on its weekend. There should be a large police presence, as with any big event, but it doesn't mean that stores, parks or other venues need to be closed,

  • No, because not everyone enjoys the Marathon.

    If the entire city enjoys and supports the Boston Marathon, then this would be acceptable. While it is a major event, not everyone enjoys it though. Because of this, their lives and businesses should not be interrupted for even a few hours. Shutting down the city will not help the Marathon at all, and it will just be an inconvenience to those who do not want to take part as a participant or as part of the crowd.

  • No. The Marathon should not shut the entire city of Boston

    The Boston Marathon, held on Patriots' Day every year, begins 26 miles north-west of the city of Boston. It winds through Boston suburbs and actually only travels on a few miles of Boston roads and streets. To close down the entire city when only a few miles of city streets are used by the race would be unwise and unnecessary.

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