• The 2024 Olympics should be held in the Nation's Capital

    I believe that the 2024 Olympics should be held somewhere in the United States. Since the question asks for Washington D.C. in particular, it would be beneficial to have the Summer Olympics held at the nation's capital. The last time that the Summer Olympics were held in the United States dates back to 1996 and it would be fitting that after 28 years the Olympics return to the United States. It is not heavily needed economically, but the tourism that the Olympics brings can boost the overall respect and positive vibe that the United States needs.

  • No, it would be a political statement.

    No, the 2024 Olympics should not be in Washington D.C., because Washington D.C. is not that popular among the international community, or even among the United States citizens. When Chicago bid of the Olympics, even with President Obama attending the vote, Chicago was eliminated in the first round. There is no way a Washington Olympics would have much support.

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