Should the 27th amendment of the Constitution be abolished (Congress gets paid a definite amount no matter what)?

Asked by: stealthmaster96
  • Because what if the congress did nothing at all and they still get paid that isn't very fair because everyone works hard for their money

    If people work hard for their money shouldn't the average person that works their should work hard for their money to. If we got paid for nothing in the world than either people would go broke or the world would be spending money at extreme rates. I have a co-worker that just got fired and she was being paid commision. The reason she was fired was because she hadn't be selling a lot lately

  • Complete abolishment is reckless

    The intent of the 27th Amendment is to prevent Congress from legislating higher pay for itself. It would be incredibly reckless to throw that out wholesale.

    However, it's also irresponsible to leave the Amendment standing as-is, since it also effectively prevents Congress for legislating *lower* pay for themselves as well. So, I'd suggest that the Amendment should be amended to state that Congress cannot pass legislation to increase its pay above a certain amount (indexed to inflation). They can decrease their pay if they want; but they should not be able to legislate a raise for themselves.

  • It can lead to injustice

    The 27th amendment was created so that in a Democrat controlled Senate, Republicans and indies dont get paid less, or vice versa. I understand that if we abolish it, there is an incentive for Congress to get off their lazy asses and work, but in the long term, it leads to certain injustice.

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