I strongly agree with this. My sister got killed because of guns. If there was a better way to control guns, my sister would be here. I would be back to normal. Thanks to guns, my role model is now gone. The government needs to do something better about these objects that are only used for killing.

  • It certainly should.

    On December 15 1791 the right to bear arms was adopted in the United States Constitution. When the founding fathers were sitting around the table discussing the options for gun laws they were surrounded by a society that required guns to be the right of everyone. England and the separatist Americans were in a violent conflict that resulted in many civilian casualties. Cities were always under threat from aboriginal raids. The continental army was new and untrained. The people could hardly feel safe under their protection. Another thing to remember was slavery still dominated the cultures of many colonies. In the south, slaves often outnumbered the American citizens. What was to stop the slaves from rebelling and killing their cruel owners? Guns were a necessity for Americans to survive during this time period. It is safe to say that American society has changes since then. You can live today without the realistic fear that you are in danger and need a gun to protect you. The United States has the strongest and most technologically advanced army in the world. They will certainly be able to protect their citizens from any other threatening nations. Slavery was repealed a long time ago. There is no one that you need to control or intimidate with a weapon. Hopefully America will not have to go to war over the gun control debate. Supporters of the second amendment and its traditions continue to say it is necessary because we need to defend ourselves from the government. If the government becomes tyrannical it is the people’s duty to take it back. This was a very relevant cause when America was trying to run from King George’s overpowering governance. The founding fathers wanted to ensure their government does not take the form of the one they just escaped from. Today Americans do not need to fear the tyrannical rule of kings. In fact America has a government on the complete opposite side of the political spectrum. Besides even if you were to attempt to take back the government you would have no success. Your Smithson Weston does not exactly help you when fighting drones. The founding fathers certainly did not anticipate the types of weaponry accessible today. American society has evolved since the eighteenth century and it is time their gun laws reflected it.

  • Constitution was meant to be changed and was, many times

    The Constitution was flawed. It used to legalize slavery and count women and black people lower than white men. We all agree that is wrong, and it was fixed. The second amendment is no different. It was included as a military strategy so that militias (regular people self organizing into local armies) could form when needed. That need is gone as we have a professional military that we fund massively. Secondly, the second amendment is too general. It can remain but be modified to exclude guns altogether. The US can then become safer. Plenty of countries lack a second amendment and are safer than the US. UK cops usually don't carry guns, they don't need them! I don't want civilians with guns of any kind. The US gun culture is outdated and extremely dangerous. Historical analysis in the far future will make our current culture seem barbaric.

  • This is an archaic amendment, much like prohibition, and owning slaves.

    I look to our closest allies for the right way to do it. Look at England and Australia. Both countries have banned guns, and the amount of gun violence and suicides from guns have gone down. Look at Israel, where they have strict gun laws. The Israeli soldiers are not allowed to take their arms home and the amount of military suicides from guns has gone down. We should make gun laws stricter. Any criminals using guns get the max. A law like this would take care of the "only criminals will have guns" argument. Make guns highly illegal with severe punishments. This country, much like countries in the Middle East, is too in love with guns. They are not a toy. They are really not even a tool. They are a killing device.

  • The Criminal Insane

    Think of Sandy Hook Elementary. Think of the Boston Marathon Bombing. The explosion of the Twin Towers? People who stand FOR this amendment... Are you saying these don't matter? Because of this amendment, people are killed every day of the week! My opinion is that any rank above a state cop is allowed to bear weapons such as guns. Local police should have their regular bats and tasers. Any citizen of the U.S. Who has a weapon by ANY reason should immediately be subject to deportation!

  • Twenty dead six-year-olds. How many more need to die?

    What really got to me about the Sandy Hook atrocity was the coroner's statement that he could only show pictures of the dead children's faces to the grieving parents for identification because the injuries were so horrific.

    As a nation we cower before the gun lobby and the many adamant gun nuts who have large private arsenals. Tragedy after tragedy occurs and nothing gets done because it is so hard to have a meaningful, sensible gun safety public policy that can survive a legal challenge under the 2nd Amendment, even though we've long since abandoned the concept of a "well regulated militia" of citizens which was the whole reason for the amendment in the first place. It is time for a change.

  • Who are you going kill?

    Why do you think anyone needs a gun? Are you going to go up against the US Military? Do you honestly think that you are going to shoot a burglar or stop some crime like in the movies? I don't think so. If you want to go shoot animals and eat their dead meat, that's your perversion, but I don't think you need an AK-47 to do that.

  • If you trust the police and home security, it won't be needed.

    If you actually NEED security, we have police and home security. If we do not take a look at the Second Amendment and make some changes to it, or repeal it, then nothing is ever going to change. We will keep having random shootings in campuses, malls, schools, and streets. Doesn't this worry you? It worries me.

  • Kids, death, tragedy.

    Two words: Sandy Hook. They unleashed a freaking mad man with a death machine (otherwise known as guns). Our founding father always thought of handguns not assault rifles, things like that. These death machines should be used by the military, the army, the Navy SEALs. But not our everyday Americans!

  • Gun deaths at all time high in America

    America leads the world in gun deaths. Arguments about hunting and protection are archaic and stupid. It's amazing in this day and age people can't see the bigger harm that this amendment and the corruption of its use has on the United States. Why can't people just see the bigger good that could be gained?

  • The constitution should be left to speak for itself.

    The constitution clearly states that it is an American right to bear arms. Is it honestly suggested that we believe some of the most brilliant minds that ever lived didn't have the foresight to imagine an increase in the power and sophistication of weaponry? No, but it was seen as a valid risk.

  • We need it for self-protection.

    We need the Second Amendment to protect ourselves from criminals as well as from the government. Police are a joke. All they are, are the people who show up and clean up the mess and write a report after the crime is already committed. When was the last time you heard a report saying assault avoided or rape avoided because someone called 911? It doesn't happen. Flavor Flav said at best 911 is a joke. I will call 911 only to come remove the intruder's body.

  • My outdated opinion

    Folks are saying that owning a gun is an outdated opinion because 'how many people that own guns have had to use them to defend themselves?' Maybe we should ask that very same question, if we could, to the 12,000,000 killed by the Hitler regime (not including soldiers killed because of the war). Or maybe the 6,000,000 killed by the Stalin regime. Or how about the 78,000,000 killed by the Mao regime. Not enough yet? Okay, Kim Il Sung has purged over 1,600,000 North Koreans or Pol Pot in Cambodia with 1,700,000. Maybe if these people had been armed their governments wouldn't have succeeded in the tyranny that did happen. The use of a weapon that "looks" like an AK-47, but is not an 'assault' weapon, is to keep any government from overtaking the citizenry. BTW, an 'assault' weapon is any weapon capable of firing on full automatic and does not include anything that has been altered to do the same. A fully automatic switch position on an AK-47 makes it an assault weapon. An AK-47 look-a-like that fires one round per trigger pull is not an assault weapon. At least get your facts straight during your arguments. And why does the US spend so much on the military? Because some dimwit somewhere in our history decided we'd be the ones to help every other country defend itself. You can't do that if you don't have a strong, global military. Britain used to, but gave it to the US to take over the job. That, or it got its backside kicked once too often and lost most of its territories.

  • The military, police and criminals should not be the only ones with with guns.

    The military, police and criminals should not be the only ones with with guns. In an ideal situation we would live in a land of peace and prosperity. We don't and the in a world police, military and criminals commit heinous crimes every day I think having protection is our right.

  • It shall not be infringed.

    The Constitution is the law of the land, and we have the God-given right to be able to defend ourselves with whatever means necessary from any threat that may come against us. Crime has steadily decreased over the past 20 years as gun ownership has increased. Criminals do not want to face armed citizens. Disarming law-abiding citizens will only leave the criminals with firearms.

  • Dangerous governments are still here.

    Throughout history governments have proved time and again that they view themselves as elite and the citizenry as subjects to be controlled. Our founding fathers realized this and drafted the Second Amendment to protect the power of the people from tyrannical governments.

    Not only should the Second Amendment stand, it should be enforced.The Federal or state government does not have the power to restrict gun ownership or to restrict the kinds of arms people can own. The government needs to start serving the populace and following the constitution. People's rights are being infringed daily.

    I for one trust myself over the government in maters of my personal rights and do not wish to hand the government any more of my rights. I do not want to hunt or recreate. I want to use guns designed to kill people, to kill people. I want my right to defend myself and my property from those who would threaten them. Maybe I am out of touch with the times. But the government will take all you give them and don't give it back easily. So if you want to trust people who can't even balance a checkbook, will refuse to allow a taxed district representation, and ignores laws states pass and foist their beliefs on them through federal agency enforcement, then fine enjoy your police state. I'll just expatriate to France.

  • There is nothing more basic to freedom and liberty than arms.

    The right to arms is as basic to the ideas of freedom and liberty as air is to maintaining life. Free men have arms, slaves and wards of the state do not. Our framers did not include that amendment by accident or without thought. To give up that right will mark our transition from a form of government where the power is inherent in the people, to a government that controls us.

    "No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms." --Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution, 1776

  • My Constitutional rights.

    We have rights that are God-given and those that were man-made. But either way, they are OUR RIGHTS and should never be changed. So many of our rights have been stomped on and removed through the years. That is what's wrong with our country now. We removed God from school and all public places. We're not allowed to say the Pledge of Allegiance in a lot of places and events. Children now do not know the importance of God and country. Never should our ability to protect ourselves from criminals and gangbangers (those children) be taken away from us.

  • You can repeal the 2nd Amendment if you like.

    That would only delete the legality under law. The right to self-defense is God-given and inalienable. The Constitution does not give us rights, it is designed to protect those rights against a tyrannical government. Given the state of lawlessness perpetrated by government today, it will now be up to the individual to protect themselves and their Rights.

  • Absolutely not!

    The purpose of the second amendment, like the other nine amendments of the bill of rights, was to protect people from the government. The nature of the second amendment being to protect freedom, the right to bear arms is absolute. With the growing police state it is necessary that the right to bear arms is not only left in tact but also expanded.

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Anonymous says2013-05-23T07:03:56.800
People say that people kill people, not the guns. But in my opinion, it's the guns. It's the people who kills, but would the US still have over 10000 deaths each year if the law got repealed or rewritten? In other countrys, not that many are getting killed by a gun, because they do not have a law which allows them. The othe reason is because it's easy to get hold of a gun. You can buy bullets everywhere, and in some states, you'll get a free gun because you've opened a bank account. The 2'nd amendment is the problem. Stop protecting it, cause this is the problem...
Anonymous says2013-08-21T16:08:02.957
The second amendment was written close to 300 years ago, you what guns they had then? Muskets and they were firing them at people wearing red coats, sadly times have changed and there are thousands of different guns out there. The second amendment should not be abolished but needs to be ratified quite a bit. 1st NOT ONE PERSON SHOULD BE OWNING AN ASSUALT RIFLE OR SUBMACHINE GUN OF ANY KIND THERE IS NO REASON TO HAVE IT. 2cd No one should a gun who has a family member with any kind of mental illness, special needs etc. Look at the sandy hook guy.
Quan says2013-12-31T13:55:56.203
@Anonymous: Gun ownership is a very touchy subject for Americans, and I'd be far more worried about bloodshed if the government ever tried to confiscate legally owned and operated guns.

@Other Anonymous: There's no reason for people not to be allowed to own them, either. "Sandy hook guy" is the very rare exception, far from the rule.
Liberty4life says2016-06-15T19:56:38.440
Tell that to the victims of Orlando.

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