Should the 50 word minimum for Opinion arguments exist?

Asked by: Lordgrae
  • Of course we should.

    I mean, does it really affect your life that much? A few more words? You guys act like it's an essay. Nobody who said No had a problem with writing fifty words, so why does it really matter? I gotta go with yes, because it shows an understanding of the opinion as opposed to just, "No, I don't agree."

  • Ofcourse it should.

    An argument should generally consist of several elements. A central statement, a justification, and facts to back up your claim. This is the bare minimum for an argument. If your argument lacks justification, it is nothing more than a hollow statement and might as well have not been said at all. Due to these general requirements I find it hard to imagine someone being capable of bringing forth a decent argument within fifty words. I'm not saying it's impossible, but I have my doubts about the value of such arguments.

  • Yes it should exist.

    People browsing on the internet are lazy, so if you make it possible for them to be lazy by simply writing yes or no, or a small comment they wont express themselves the way it should be. It promotes thinking by forcing them to write a minimum of 50 words in order to express themselves completely.

  • Yes it should.

    It is good that the minimum exists, so that you actually have to explain your position, instead of just saying yes or no and nobody knows why. Also this forces you to actually think about the question before you pick an answer, thus people don't just pick an answer because they feel like it.
    And if you can't even write 50 words to state your opinion, then I wonder how you can even have an opinion on the subject, if you can't even write 3 sentences about it.
    Well that is the plan at least, sadly there are a lot of people who just write don some nonsense to fill up words. But that doesn't mean that the minimum should be abolished or lowered. But that the systems need to be improved, so that you actually have to write down something about the topic for your comment to be displayed.
    I mean you wouldn't say we should abolish all laws, just because there are some people that break them anyway, now would you?

  • I dont really like the 50 word limit

    Honestly there are people who could make arguments that are about 50 words long but there are others who can not. The 50 word limit causes people to type in random things that actually have nothing to do with the question being asked. People add random things just to fill up the extra space and achieve the minimum.

  • Not all arguments require 50words

    Short arguemnts are preferable. We dont hve time to read long arguments or try to think how to fill the remaining space. I prefer if i dont have to scroll down in order to read a poll or opinino questoin.
    The collumes are nicer than haveing to click to read comments, that might be part of why more people prefer the opinions.

  • I don't like it.

    It really doesn't do what its supposed to. I have, and have seen many people put random things on the end of their arguments because its not long enough. People who want to make long argument will, and people who don't won't. I've seen the entire star spangled banner, "hip hop hippity bong" and I WILL NOW WASTE 5 WORDS, I WILL NOW-

    I'm in favor of a 25 word limit. No argument, or even three sentences should be less than that. Possibly 20 or 15.

  • No no no

    There should absolutely be no minimum amount of words required on any opinion poll, this is unfair on those who may have little to say on the subject than a one liner that puts their personal view across, if people want to have long winded opinion's they should choose to debate them instead and allow for a vote on the subject following the debate.

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