Should the abuse of drugs be considered an act of mental health or criminal justice?

Asked by: swaggerdollarz
  • The cost of rehab is a lot more cheaper than that of jail

    I think that the use of drugs shouldn't be treated as something of a crime. Throwing people in jail doesn't give them a chance to change their ways as they are around the same environment they were in the real world. According to NPR. ORG prisons are filled with drugs. So these people aren't getting an escape.

  • Drug abuse should be considered in both.

    Drug abuse is a big problem in the united states. The people have easy access to the drugs they abuse and it's not healthy. The drug abuse come with having other things like untreated mental disorders or even pain problems. It's treatable but it is also wrong to do now.

  • Answering the topic

    First off, Second chances are crucial, Especially when it comes to drug abusing, Because a person may have depression and start abusing drugs. Second off, It's a lot easier and more cost efficient to send a person in for rehab then to send them to prison, It doesn't do anybody any good and might ending up hurting the criminal rather then helping them.

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