• The academic society should publish research accepting ESP.

    Who are you to decide what I believe? Why in the world should "academic scholars" be able to deny me access to something I believe? This same concept goes with Gay marriage. Do I support two men getting married and raising a child? Not necessarily, it would depend on the character of the people. Do I support people being different and wanting to express themselves in a certain way? Absolutely. If something makes you happy and it doesn't put me into danger, why should I be able to deny you your happiness?

  • ESP should not be accepted

    The academic society should not publish research that accepts ESP. This would greatly diminish their status in America. Most people do not believe in ESP and the recognition of it would make most people look at academia with great questions. The ESP field needs to be ignored by the academics.

  • It doesn't meet standards.

    No, the academic society should not public research that accepts ESP, because we cannot move beyond to research based on ESP until there is some kind of reliability that ESP is correct and accepted science. So far, that conclusion regarding ESP has not been made yet. With shaking science, research based on ESP cannot withstand academic scrutiny.

  • No, academic society should not publish ESP research

    Research that accepts ESP should not be published for nor within the academic realm.ESP experiences cannot be proven for a fact. Therefore, any research that accepts ESP is likely done based on case experiences. While academic society is responsible to give students access to as much information as possible, ESP related research cannot be validated or duplicated.

  • No Real Evidence

    I do not believe the academic society should publish research that accepts ESP. To state that something is real before the research makes the research pointless. You must start with asking rather or not it is real and researching that. Then you come to a conclusion. You don't start with the conclusion first.

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