Should the ACLU Challenge Government Sponsorship of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA)?

  • The ACLU should Challenge Government Sponsorship of the Boy Scouts of America.

    The ACLU should protest the Boy Scouts of America because of their prejudice against homosexuals. The role of the ACLU is to advocate for groups that are discriminated against, and this is a textbook example. The Boy Scouts should not get federal funding until they reform their prejudiced ways and welcome everyone.

  • Boy Scouts Aren't Sponsored by Government

    The Boy Scouts of America aren't sponsored by the American government. The national offices of the organization are in Dallas. Local charities and agencies, along with annual popcorn sales, support scouting councils, districts and troops. Zero taxpayer dollars go to the Boy Scouts whatsoever! The ACLU has no right to get involved unless someone's civil rights are violated or the law is broken in regards to what is on the books already.

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