Should the act of condemning homosexuality be considered a form of discrimination in a free society?

  • Is it discrimination to condemn murder, rape, telling a lie, or abusing your spouse?

    While consensual homosexuality does not harm anyone else, it is still a condemned sin according to the Bible. It is always appropriate to condemn what the Bible condemns.

    As an aside: in a free society, it is only the government that should not be allowed to discriminate. We as individuals discriminate every day. We choose to do business at Dunken Donuts but refuse to do business at Krispy Kream. That is discriminating against Krispy Kream. We choose to wear Nike, but refuse to wear Reebok. That is discrimination. We choose to eat only vegetables and refuse to eat any kind of meat. That is discrimination. It is our right to discriminate.

  • Homophobes are a Joke

    No one should be discriminated because of their sexual orientation, but people do it anyway. Homophobes are what's wrong with the world in present time. They should just accept that everyone is different in their own unique way, and that includes preference of gender. Homosexuals are being treated poorly everyday; can you imagine being beaten up just because of your sexuality?

    Posted by: 2121
  • Yes all the way

    Regardless of whether this society is free or not, forbidding homosexuality is like not allowing you to be friends with the opposite gender. Straight love and friends of the same gender are often socially acceptable but the opposite will lead to judgement and suspicion, all under the effect of tradition and society.

  • Homosexuality isn't a choice.

    Just like someones ethnic background or their eye color, being homosexual isn't chosen. Imagine if a certain religion said that being left-handed was a sin and there was so much controversy over it and people were just killed or sent to jail only because they were left-handed. Sounds silly, right? BECAUSE IT IS. It's the same if someone is homosexual.

  • Even if one thinks homosexuality is a choice [it isn't] there are many choices people make that are constitutionally protected.

    Religion tops the list of choices that are protected. How would you feel if the Pope declared that Catholicism was the only acceptable religion and convinced the POTUS to outlaw all other religions? Would you join other Catholics in condemning everyone who disagreed? Some claim that immersion is the only legitimate form of baptism. Would you hunt down everyone who was not immersed and proceed to dunk them? Religious people disagree on many issues including homosexuality. Don't be cruel and discriminate against others; it is not Christlike.

  • I believe in equality!

    I strongly believe that everyone should be able to love who they choose. It is not the business of others to deny anyone the right to be treated equally based solely on their selfish opinions. No one is telling heterosexuals who they can and can not marry, so why should they be able to. Everyone deserves the right to be happy. To deny and individual of true happiness is the purest form of discrimination.

  • It should be...

    And those who condemn homosexuality should be considered as being discriminatory due to spreading that hatred towards homosexuals like a disease to others and face the consequences as such.

    Passing judgement on something that one is born with (it's not a choice, you homophobes out there didn't choose to be straight after all) is unfair, inexcusable and should not happen. We are not cavemen anymore.

    To those who say it is unnatural, homosexuality occurs in more than a hundred species of animals, and of course, while we are not animals, we still don't decide who to love. That goes for anyone in any sexual orientation.

    To say it is against God, where is your religious faith? How do you know God hates gay people? He might have changed his mind if he did before. You don't know because he never sent you a reminder, did he? Also, if you're really that worried, let God handle it, if you have that much faith in him to sort people you hate out. Please also consider that your religious views won't always match those of someone else.

    Homosexuals are people, and discriminating against them would be like being prejudiced against someone for their color of their skin, or their hair, or for being born a certain sex. It's basic common sense to treat people decently.

    And to all you out there who think it's a choice. Choose to be gay, go on. Do it. What's that? You can't? Really, now? I thought you said it was a choice.

    Sarcasm there aside, yes, condemning homosexuality is discriminatory and should be treated as such.

  • Yes people shouldn't be allowed to belittle homosexuals.

    Should not be belittled by what gender you are. Should not be discriminated for loving someone for what gender you are. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. Meaning you can be able to live the life you want to live and love the person you want to love.

  • I believe it should be considered a form of discrimination because the act is between two consenting adults.

    I do not believe it is fair to ostracize individuals because of their personal choices and preferences, providing that their preferences do not harm others. The sexual activities of adults are not the business of anyone other than those directly involved. This judgment limits the freedom of certain individuals in the society in question.

    Posted by: FairMckinley99
  • I believe that the act of condemning homosexuality is a form of discrimination in a free society.

    Since instances of homosexuality have been recorded as far back as the Bible (and beyond), and since it is a consensual and non-harmful lifestyle choice, I do believe that the condemnation of homosexuals is a violation of their rights as citizens in a free society.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Homosexuality is unnatural

    The act in no way contributes to the wellbeing of our society. It is a sin, therefore it makes sense that the behavior brings disease, sickness, death and destruction both physically and spiritually. It is condemned by the Highest Power, our GOD.

  • it's a sin

    a behavior is not the same as a race, so you can't compare it to discriminating against minorities

  • Not as long as the acts do not cross over into actual discrimination, especially in the form of violence, because we have the freedom to "condemn" anything.

    Like it or not, we live in a free society, where human beings are allowed to hold any view about the world that they wish. That freedom is the very thing that has allowed our society to advance at a much faster pace than most of the rest of the world, and it is integral to our continued superiority. That freedom is not free. Despite the fact that many of us believe in such things as astrology, ghosts, and invisible sky gods comes with the territory, and should not be abridged. If, however, said condemnation crosses the line into the realm of violence or oppression, then it should be squashed, with the full weight of public opinion and the law.

    Posted by: wahsfone
  • In a free society, any opinion should be valid.

    An individual in a free society should be able to harbor and share his or her own personal views, including the condemnation of homosexuality. But I believe that to actively treat homosexuals differently because of their lifestyle would be wrong. People should be able to form their own opinions as long as they don't use those opinions to hurt another person or group of people.

    Posted by: EImerBuddie
  • Yes, no one should feel threatened or be condemned for something that they cannot help.

    It is unfair to condemn or threaten someone because of something they cannot help. You can't choose what color your skin is, the country of your birth, or who you are attracted to. For this reason, condemning homosexuality should be considered a form of discrimination.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Homosexuality is an unhealthy lifestyle and should be condemned.

    It doesn't matter if a society is free or not, there are some behaviors that are detrimental to every society and homosexuality is one of them. From the Christian standpoint, it is forbidden by God. From a societal standpoint, it causes mental illness, health problems because the act is unnatural, and there is a great deal of violence associated with many homosexuals and their movement. I do not buy into the theory that it is something men or women are born to. Rather, there is a great deal of evidence that shows that homosexuality is learned behavior and is influenced by experiences from childhood through adolescence. I do not believe homosexuals should be harassed, but neither would I want one to influence my child.

    Posted by: IindsM3II0w
  • Homosexuality being condemned, should be considered as discrimination.

    Nobody is better than anyone else. As humans we are all equal and nobody has the right to condemn what someone else does in the privacy of their own home. I do not care if someone is gay or not, from which country the come from, the color of their skin - we are all equal and none of us has the right to judge someone else based on their sexuality.

    Posted by: MentM4j3r3
  • Discrimination is done everyday, from discriminating between which coffee you buy to which car you drive.

    If we are not allowed to discriminate against the things we dislike, and even condemn them as wrong in our view, what free speech have we as a people?

    Posted by: StormGra
  • Whatever happened to free speech?

    It's my understanding that our Constitution gives us the right to free speech, and expressing one's opinion concerning a particular subject doesn't constitute discrimination, it constitutes that individual's personal feelings or beliefs concerning that subject. If that individual's opinion then influences their hiring practices or their treatment of others in a negative way, then that would constitute discrimination. However, one must recognize that it's possible to love and respect others without condoning or approving of their behavior and/or actions. This concept is demonstrated on a regular basis by parents everywhere! It is also representative of God's relationship with us.

  • That's Bigotry Not Discrimination

    Condemning someone is not discriminating against them unless it comes along with denying them fair consideration in employment or housing or something else that is actually tangible. If I condemn someone for being homophobic I'm not discriminating against them for being a homophobe. If I deny them a job then I am.

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