• If they break the law.

    Look, just because your protesting, your not immune from the law. Many of these protester, including the person arrested in the article, broke law by blocking traffic on many major roads around the country. The only way you can do this legally is if you have a permit to do so such as a parade permit. Obviously they did not have the legal right to block traffic so were arrested for that crime.
    Just because the protesters don't have anything better to do that day does not mean other people don't. Tho it may have gotten the motorists attention, I doubt the impression they got was a good one. After all, their blocking traffic probably made some people late. Not just to otherwise normal jobs but it is likely that some of them worked at hospitals, and fire departments. For all we know, there may have been ambulances and fire trucks on their way to a call but were stuck in a traffic jam that they caused.
    Like I mentioned before, I am sure many of the motorists got very angry. I have even seen footage of some drivers who hit some of the protesters as they tried to push through the protest line. Not that it was a good thing but what do you expect when you do something like that?

  • Speaking your mind is not an offence

    If you are campaigning peacefully, and not causing any disruption to any one else's lives, and not saying anything that could cause undue offence to a person, then you should be free to speak. This should also be true for the Black Lives Matter activists, as long as they follow the above rules.

  • No, violation of rights

    Black Lives Matter has become the scapegoats for the ills of society. Many people are blaming them for the attacks that are happening to police officers, yet the movement was born out of the senseless execution and abuse of black people. I've seen a video of a police officer pummeling a handcuffed black woman like she's a man, while other officers looked on, saying and doing nothing. It is vile what is happening out there. In essence no one should be arrested for protesting, so long as they are not violent.

  • No, the activists involved with Black Lives Matter should not be arrested if they are not doing anything illegal.

    No, people involved with Black Lives Matter should not be arrested solely for their activism and protests. Everyone has a constitutional right to protest, and arresting people simply for doing so goes against the mandates of the U.S. Constitution. When activists are simply protesting, that action should not result in arrests.

  • Freedom of speech is important to democracy.

    Activists should not be arrested for engaging in peaceful protests. In a lot of these cases, it seems that police overreact, escalate a protest, or arrest people for basically no reason. Ironically, this proves the activists' underlying point about there being too much police power. Freedom of assembly should be protected.

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Dilara says2016-07-13T04:58:06.417
The people who block highways and riot should be arrested.