Should The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn be changed to exclude the "N" word?

  • We should be sensitive to all races.

    I believe that we should be sensitive to the feelings of all
    racial groups in America. This book
    should not be required reading in school if it contains racial epithets towards
    and racial group. This policy should
    apply to all racial groups and people of any sexual orientation. The inclusion of these words encourages their

  • Yes its ignorant

    The use of the N word anywhere is disgusting and disturbing and the people who use it today need to reevaluate their vocabulary. Using the N word on TV or in rap music or anywhere else just persuades others that it is okay to use that word when in reality its not okay.

  • Stop trying to make America comfortable with its racism.

    America has a big problem when it comes to dealing with racism. Replacing the n word with slave make America comfortable with its racism. The book was never meant to make the American people comfortable, it's purpose was to expose the ideals of the American people during that time. America is offended by how many times the n word was being used at that time, yet it didn't seem to face them when they use the word themselves.

  • It was put there for a reason.

    I personally believe that "the N word" was put in the book by Twain to emphasize the impact it had during the time period the book was written in. It serves a purpose. Some might feel hurt but I think that is exactly the reason why Mark Twain would use that word- to show how much meaning is actually within the word.

  • Different time, different culture.

    The "N word" back in the late 1800s was just part of people's everyday vocabulary. It's frowned upon now, but it wasn't then. That would be like people 150 years from now going through books and other forms of pop culture from this time period and deleting the word "gay" to avoid offending people.

  • Let's not change it, and learn from our mistakes

    As a black American I'm surprised people truly consider erasing that word from the book. It wouldn't have as much an effect on me if I didn't read it with that word. Looking at the time and setting of Huckleberry Finn, the deep south in the 1870s-1880s, it would be totally absurd to not hear someone use the N word. Seriously? Guys, censoring that word from the entire book is erasing a bit of history with it.

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