Should the Afghanistan presidential elections be postponed until 2018?

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  • He makes it rain from corruption.

    For some reason we have to pay this guy tens of millions of month in cash. He also accepted millions in cash from Iran. Oh yeah, his brother was also Taliban basically. These articles spell it out. I was over there in 2010 and can say this is the case for most public officials in that country. They will act all cozy with us and friendly just until they figure out how to siphon our tax money into their pockets.

  • More Than A Banana

    You need more than a banana to run a country. Thats exactly what Karzai is. Soft, squishy, and easily crushed. They need a leader that is able to control its own population and be able to make a country out afghanistan rather than the hell it is now. I needed two more words.

  • Afghanistan need adminitrastion.

    I think that Afghanistan need to have president elections as soon as possible. Establishment of government in Afghanistan will create less internal issues. Also It will play big role for U.S. Right now lots of the administration is guided by America which costs money to America as well. No administration Afghanistan is reason why we still have American soldiers there.

  • The Afghanistan presidential elections

    Afghanistan will benefit from a strong government and a strong leader. To delay this process will not help in the long run and will cause the atmosphere to grow even more violent. Let them have their elections and start getting their infrastructure in place so they can regain their independence and national pride.

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