• All studies point to yes...

    Investment in early years education is correlated heavily with lifetime success in many countries.

    The caveat to this is that we have to look at these things in terms of developmentally appropriate schooling initiatives. A lot of amazing work has been done in terms of considering things like emergent curriculum that goes counter to the educational zeitgeist.

    So... Grudging yes, as long as we are looking at a better way of setting up schooling, and figuring out when an individual child is ready for such things.

  • The age for early childhood education should be lowered

    We need to begin the education process as early as possible. The are many pedagogical theories about the right ways to educate. All of these theories are in agreement about when the education process should begin: As early as possible. There are costs to starting the education of children earlier but the educational benefits are real.

  • Early Childhood Education- Earlier?

    Early childhood education currently starts at too high of an age. When a child is younger, he or she is still able to learn and develop cognitive activities. For example, a child should be able to attend a school when four or five years old because the child can learn quicker at that age. In addition to this, the child can get a better feel for schooling at a young age.

  • No no no

    Children under 5 should have to stay in their homes 24/7 so we don't have to put up with them. A child's exposure to the outside world should begin with kindergarten. Even for-profit preschools and daycares should be outlawed. Little kids don't belong anywhere outside of the home! End of story.

  • Kids need to be kids

    Children learn through different means and need a chance to be children without such rigid controls such as an education system. Today's educational systems seem to seek to control every aspect of a child's upbringing including what they can and can't say eat and even how they play. We are going to end up with robotic brain dead children all thinking and acting the same. Children should be raised and have a good opportunity to be education within their families and their families encouraged to raise and educate their own children wherever possible and for as long as possible.

  • No, kids start school really young.

    There is not much room for the age to be lowered much more. In some areas, there are headstart or preschool programs for kids as young as three and four years old. Before that age, any education would basically be day care. The current age requirements are just fine for early childhood education.

  • No, it's fine as is.

    I think the childhood education age is good as it is right now. Lowering it may be a little too early to send the child out of the home and into social situations like that. I think it's good to socialize, but not be away from home all day at that age.

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