Should the age limit on R-rated films be lowered?

  • Children are more mature than their age.

    My son is 16 and quite mature. He understands factors of life and talks like a 22 year old. So I allow him to watch R rated movies like resident evil and other horror movies. There is nothing bad about it. They should probably lower the age limit to 16.

  • If we're already letting our children watch PG-13 movies with the same content, how would R-rated movies differ?

    There are many PG-13 movies with similar content as many R-rated movies out there. Most R-rated movies are rated for violence, and if we don't want kids to go to the movies, we just won't let them go! Parents should be responsible for what their kids watch and they already should have an idea of what their kids can handle. If there is a very mature 12-year-old girl, she should be able to watch The Matrix with her friends. No parents would go let their child watch an inappropriate movie if they can't handle it and be mature, so why should the age limit be so high? Any movie that has something that a 9-year-old can't handle should be NC-17.

  • BE free to do

    You should be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, so long as you are not endangering others with what you are doing. If kids want to watch R rated movies, who cares? Don't we live in America, land of the FREE, home of the brave? You shouldn't be allowed to make decisions for others.

  • Yes, I think it should

    Well, most kids in high school already know what a body looks like and most by 16 have sex , it's not like they are learning anything new. People think that some kids can't handle those kind of movies, but teens now are way different then before. Most rated R movies are because they are too scary but that's what most teens like to see, scary movies.

  • We will see the movie anyways

    Some moves are rated R and aren't that inappropriate. Most people have seen rated R movies before they turned 17. Plus a lot of teenagers are more mature than their age. If a teens parents doesn't want them to see a movie, so be it. That doesn't mean that other people should have to wait. Also, it is a pain to not be able to see a rated R movie without a parent. Most of the time, teens will sneak into those rated R movies. If we drop the age limit to 16, it will make the amount of teenagers who sneak into movies drop.

  • Cool kid rating over 9000-

    Since only kids that i know use what they do in movies for the fun of it. It builds imagination and if someone decided not to be a good parent and let their child see one that would be censored in a lowered rating movie. Then why bother going to the movies since their is always going to be that one kid that talks about those movies. An giving a child privileges will make them fills as if you are giving them more privileges and when token away would be more like a punishment. So that they can see how they are supposed to act and how that could affect them if they continued on this path.

  • Some children are mature

    They should be lowered because some kids can watch r rated movies without getting scared and some wet their pants in the middle of the night that is why kids should be allowed to watch R rated movies so you just got trolololed by a midget a.K.A A teenager trolololololo

  • We are mature enough to watch it

    We exprience alot of stuff in real life.Some adults and parents curse sometimes by accident while tallking to you or somebody else,to a friend or on the phone playing a bad music by accident and more other things.We already heard it and exprience it,now do you see us saying it by accident .....NO we dont say it at all because we are not dumb enough to say it were mature now.Example look on family guy it say PG-14 so that means people over 14 can watch family guy and they probably have a reason why.Now alot of people seen other adults drink alchool key word adults,that doesn't mean were going to drink it because it's not good for us so we don't have to go there.Now violence,we see alot of violence most of the time like on the news there's crime,and some other movies that shows people killing each other which we know that it's not real and the blood is fake so why be negative about it were not going to do the same thing we already know the truth behind it.Last you have the sexual contents in the movie come on now like we don't already know what the word sex means and it doesn't really show the people fully naked thats pxxx.

  • Teens Should be able to watch rated R movies without an adult

    If teens have to buy an adult ticket just to see a movie then they should be able to see a rated R movie without an adult. If you don't want teens seeing a rated R movie then they shouldn't have to buy an adult ticket. The age to be able to see a rated R movie without and adult should be lowered to age 15. Any age lower the parent should be able to sign a piece of paper at the theater giving the child permission to see the rated R movie.

  • Why cant we

    Teens generally see violent or sexual images. In other words, we are not surprised by R rated movies as much as adults are, so adults need to give them chance to prove that they can handle it. Teens are often not that naïve as adults think. We all grew up and learned rules or values that they have to keep. Most of us know fantasy is not reality. Being grown-up is also being more responsible at things. Watching R rated movies can be one step for being responsible for us. Because, we have to judge what information we should accept and what we shouldn’t.

  • Why was R even invented?

    Even though teenagers can see and hear that kind of crap in their everyday lives it doesn't mean you have to promote it. Yes, you hear the swearing in your schools and at your work but that doesn't mean you should bring it into your house for your kids to hear. All the sex and nudity and language in the movies is teaching teenagers that it's okay to have sex out of marriage and that it's okay to look at pornography. Why would you (if youre a parent) want to see your kids having sex and swearing and looking at bad stuff? It's just going to get your kids into prisons faster.

  • Definitely a no

    I don't think that the age limit should be lowered because the percentage of teen pregnancy is way too high. Watching sex scenes in rated R movies leads to having sexual intercourse in real life. Teenagers don't know what is right from what is wrong and they don't know the consequences it brings. If you really want to see the movie, just wait till it comes out in DVD and rent it, and watch it at home.

  • The shouldn't have been made in the first place

    R rated movies are only used to satisfy our explicit desires. Pornographic movies abuse what God has created. Kids in the elementary age already have seen what R rated movies can offer. My friend saw Die Hard at only 8 years, and that is a perfect reason why R rated movies should be abolished, not restricted.

  • I disagree! Should be higher.

    It should be raised to 19 because not a lot of 17 year old's are mature enough to handle it. It should be that R-rated movies be up to 19 and no one lower than that even with a parent or guardian. Then the NC-17 rating should also be raised to 21 years old. That is when most people's brains are almost done developing so it makes more sense to see some graphic content. Otherwise it is just stupid to let the R-rated movies be lowered because guys will giggle and talk about boobies and stuff like that.

  • Prime Example: the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street(2013)"

    All you have to do is read the IMDB.Com parents guide about the nudity/sex on the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" which equals a 10/10 on the scale 10 being the worse. Rated R movies have never been this bad! American Pie which was rated 10/10 was not even CLOSE to being this degrading. If anything, it is a man's world as you don't see much genitals for man but women show EVERYTHING. Horrible!! I really hope something will be fixed within the movie genre.

  • The age limit is good as it is.

    17 or 18 is a good age to finally allow a teen to go see an R rated movie by his or her self. By that age they are more mature and have developed morals. (though every teen is different) they can decide if the movie is not appropriate. It honestly depends on the film. The passion of Christ and for Greater glory were rated R merely for violence. And it was a good violence, clearly defining right and wrong. But some R rated movies are just not appropriate for any adult. Honestly why do you want to see someone naked or having sex? What's the point? They're is no question about under 17. They should not be seeing stuff like that. If they are too young to get married they should not be seeing naked women or people having sex above a PG 13 level. Honestly PG 13 has enough of that stuff as it is. I agree that as a parent you know what your teen can handle and if you have seen an R rated film and find nothing inappropriate in it that your 16 year old can't see then go ahead and let them see it. But this way the decision lies on the parents not the movie theater. A Teen who has a problem watching a movie with their parents shouldn't be seeing it at all.

  • NO!

    Those sorts of things scare young minds and change their view of what's 'acceptable'. Not to mention that they could give them nightmares for weeks. And most R-rated movies are rated R for a reason! Nudity, Violence, Language, etc. These things are not something most parents want their child to see! And if you lower the age limit, they can easily get access to those things.

  • It depends on where the movie is

    The ratings were put in place to make sure parents are aware of the content of the film. So I think the age limit should not be lowered because it is still possible for teens to go see these movies or watch them at home, they just need a parent's approval. A 17 (and below) year old can view an R rated movie in the theatre as long as someone over 17 with a photo ID accompanies them. Yes, this might be "lame" to some teens, but it is truly for their protection. The more they see the profanity, sex, nudity, smoking, drug use, and violence, the more they will view it as acceptable(no this does not apply to all teens, they are all different) All I'm saying is that parents, if you are ok with your teens watching R rated films, then there is no problem with you accompanying them to the movies or renting it and watching it at home.

  • Everybody has a mind of there own.

    It all depends on whether they are principled or not. I personally think that the age limit should not be lowered. People might have nightmares. The consequences of watching a violent movie could be...
    Having nightmares; If it was not scary, continuing watching scary movies. So I think the should not lower the age for watching rated r movies.

  • No reason to.

    Honestly, kids can just wait to see rated r movies. Why rush to see adult material. The argument that they have already seen every thing on the internet is not appropriate because just because they've seen it before doesn't mean they should be exposed to that kind of material. The movies is still one place adult content can be monitored and it should remain that way.

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