• Maybe lowered to 13

    Maybe i think we should lowered age of consent to 13/14.I see many children already have romantic/sexual relation with each other at early age.In philipine from where i was born,the age of consent is 12,but it's permissible to have sex with over 12 as long as the age difference is less than 10.

  • If they're mature enough, that is.

    Almost everyone I know (who was attractive lol) had sex around the age of 16. A lot of people I know had sex before. If someone is emotionally stable, and most people are, having sex can be taken as one of two things (most of the time): 1. An emotional activity between to people who love/like each other, and 2. A fun activity that feels good. I'm 21 and I know girls who are 15/16 who are incredibly mature for their age (same for guys) and are able to have sex without going insane or hurting themselves mentally.

    And for the whole "what if a life starts, then they have a child to take care of..." - yeah abortion is legal in the civilized world. Not saying you should be reckless, obviously be safe, but abortion is legal, birth control is easily accessible, and by the time kids are 16 they've had enough sex ed classes to know what to do in plenty of situations.

    16 is the age of consent in Canada, as long as the person is no more than 5 years older. So a 16 year old can have consensual, legal sex with a 21 year old. Not too sure if that's the case in America, but that works here, however I still think it should just be something like once you're 16, you can do what you want.

  • They already having sex anyway.

    We have all been 16 before. We all know what goes through our heads. Hell, there is an entire show "16 and pregnant" which reveals that teens are having sex all the time. It's silly to say that they are "innocent children" when they are pretty much already doing it with each other. Besides, even science says children are maturing much more rapidly than before.

  • They can make decisions.

    It is in Australia, so why not? They are at an age where they can make decisions on their own and don't need adults to say what they can and can't do with their own bodies. They should have the right to consent to sex at that age. Word word.

  • Perhaps even abolish age of consent law i recommend

    Those moron who argue age of consent should be raise don´t taken into consideration that teen and children,whether there are age limit exist or not,they would have sex anyway and break the rule.So i propose to abolish the law,and provide equal freedom and right for everyone in consenting to sexual relationship and to make sexual privacy more liberal .It would be more realistic and efficient to implement a psychological test on mental capacity of individual whether they have reasonable judgment on making informed decision and consent. There are for sure mature minors and If some children are mentally and physically mature to engage in sexual relationship without resulting in profound emotional and phsyical damage then why not allow them to have sex ? Children can be a niece and loyal person.

  • Children always rebel

    By making the age higher isn't going to change a single thing. Children will still want to rebel no matter what. It's like the drinking age in Australia is 18 while in America is 21. This doesn't stop American's from drinking early, in fact i think they drink more. Similarly in parts of Europe, less people go over the top with drinking and get drunk as younger children because of the young drinking age of 16. Either way, as soon as a girl hits puberty, it means the body is ready to secrete eggs and have a baby. Meaning that they should be ready for sex. At least thats what the body is telling you.

  • Age of Consent should be lowered to 16 at least

    More teenagers are developing sooner in recent times, so this is an important topic. Teenagers are having sex earlier than 18 nowadays, often around 14 or so, and in the past too, it's just more outspoken and common now. It depends on puberty, maturity, and age difference, so this is a very tough topic to debate, as everyone is different. Lowering to 16 definitely helps with a lot of unnecessary arrests and prosecutions for consensual sex among teenagers. It would be more realistic to lower it to 15 or 14, as some teenagers are more curious and developed than others. I know that scares some parents, but teenagers are going to do it anyways, those urges are natural, they always have been. The important thing is sex education, protection, and telling them it's okay to be a sexual human being. Just my opinion....

  • I think yes

    Look as long as they use protection what could go wrong i mean they're already doing it might as well allow it and beside maybe this will encourage scientist to make a better protection plan and if they have children put them up for adoption and give them a good home

  • Yes,it should be

    It's very shallow thinking that children can't consent.The development and puberty is not all the same in children.While some children might hit puberty earlier than other children.And there are some children that could have an understanding and make informed decision about sex.All people at 16 years old are mature enough.

  • Lowered age of consent

    Lowered age of consent could help to prevent teen pregnancy.It has proven that countries which has lower age of consent have lower rate of teen pregnancy more than countries which has high age of consent.Maybe minors should be legal to have sex with adult as well.(but age difference should be less than 10)

  • They are not mature, even if their bodies are.

    The age is eighteen because that is the time when they go out into the world and learn what responsibility is. Lowering the age because they won't listen will only worsen the problem because then they can't be punished for doing something wrong. They just want to have sex to know what it feels like, not because they have someone that they trust to do it with. Not only that, but teen pregnancy is so high because they don't bother using contraception or a condom! The age needs to stay eighteen, but the least we can do is educate them on sex and hand out condoms just in case they decide to rebel.
    It isn't safe to have sex at such a young age either anyways.

  • Look at all of these teens with their misspellings and personal stories, its despicable

    No, it should not. Why? Because 16 years still have a decade more to go until their mind is fully developed. And for those of you out there who have had sex at 16, I guarantee you that you already have regretted having sex with that person. 16 is where sexual education should start though, and taught more rigorously. We don't need teens whose panties and boxers are lower than their own grades. It produces and unproductive society and having sexual contact, even at that young of an age, will have mental setbacks. I've observed former-peers go through this, especially girls. Some lose it at 16, others at 14 or younger, one even at 11. And I can tell you that these girls are not mentally well off. Its really sad when I think about it because these people are very close to me. So no, the age of consent should not be 16. Keep it at 18 or 17 and enforce it. Anything lower than that will only make it spread among younger kids

  • The Day This Happens Pedophiles would be happy and Higher Dropout Rates; NOT FUN.

    There's a reason why the age of consent is where it is at. The age of 18. By the time an individual turns 18, they graduate High School and are ready in the new stage of life. If a child is able to have intercourse during High School, a child could begin its existence in its mother's womb. And when that happens, students drop out. See the problem.

  • Lowering is useless and idiotic.

    Think of this: You want to eat a piece of the cake but you have to wait until 12am but you can't wait that long. When do you feel more guilty? When you eat it by 8:30 am or by 11:30am? They both mean you did wrong but it sorta feels less guilty when you eat it by 11:30, right? If you lower the limit, the the age where youngsters begin to do stuff for 18+ may also lower. Another point is that, what good will it do if you lower it?

  • No way, dude.

    The age of consent should be at age 20. That is when people are adults. Teens have no business having sex. I hate this minimum word requirement. On the 20th year after your conception, should you desire to have consensual sex with a friend, lover, or spouse, that is your business.

  • That is absolutely insane.

    In our nation, we make it to where you can't consent until 18 because so much development takes place between adolescence and adulthood. As 16 year olds, we think with id and allow that to guide us, because we want it so we get it. At 18 you are more capable of rationalizing behavior than you were at 16. This is a proven fact. So 16 year olds dating 49 year olds results in a tremendous amount of influence that they would succumb to because they aren't able to rationalize their behavior as well as they could if they were 18. Two years makes a lot of difference. Also the female and male bodies are still developing and their bodies will change. Plus a pregnant mother or expecting father at 16 is very hard on them and hinders their future because they have to raise a child at a young age, still in school, and aren't able to excel into the workforce and college environment as well as they could with high school finished and college/jobs started. Trust me, I was 16 almost 17 when my son was born, and it was very tough working and going to school. I graduated with a 4.2 out of high school, and I am almost done with my Associates Degree, which I have made Dean's list every semester with a 3.89 GPA, and I am on my way to become a police officer. It would have been so much easier, cheaper, and even more fun, if I waited until I was 18 or 19. Kids at 17 interrupt your studies and jobs and you cannot save money when formula costs $17 dollars a can, diapers are $10, wipes are $6 for a nice sized pack, and health insurance for my son, spouse, and I came to $215 out of every check. I am in debt with college, and I have to scrape pennies to make it by. At 18 you are more prepared and more developed.

  • The 'bandwagon' fallacy.

    According to the proponent's argument, the age of consent should be lowered to sixteen years simply for the reason that many people at this age--according to his unsubstantiated claim--have sexual intercourse and that because of this perceived popularity, there exists some kind of validation in lowering the age of consent to sixteen years. In other words, the whole premise of the proponent's argument is a logical fallacy because the popularity of the proponent's idea has absolutely no bearing on its validity.

    Furthermore, based on the proponent's flawed argument, what stops a person from wanting to change the age of consent to an absurd age such as six years, so long as a person can claim and prove that kids of this age have sexual intercourse en masse?

  • Just too immature.

    There is a clear difference between physically mature and emotionally mature. Physical maturity starts with puberty, with the physical changes it causes, this is easy to tell. To tell if someone is emotionally mature, you can tell a lot by their responsibility level. Are they ready to take on the responsibility of raising a child? Not just that but are the responsible enough to commit to a long term (18+ years) relationship with not just the child but also the other parent?
    Before you comment about it, I know this is not about pregnancy but sex, and there are ways to reduce the risk. Thing is, using these methods also takes at least some responsibility, further, these methods are no guarantee. This is why we have such a high rate of pregnancy despite teens being told how to prevent it.
    The fact that they want it lowered shows their immaturity. If a child is told he is not suppose to eat his desert till after he finishes eating but decides to eat his desert first, they are not mature enough to control their desires for desert. Same for sex, if a child is told that they should only have sex after another condition, i.e. age or marriage, but has sex anyway, clearly they are not mature enough to control the desire for sex.

  • The age where they do stuff for 18+ will also lower.

    Think about it like this. You're a kid and you want a piece of cake but you have to wait until 12 pm and its still 8 am. When will you feel more guilt? When you eat the cake by 8:30am or by 11:30 am? 11:30am, right? Even if they are both a sin, the one nearer to righteousness seems ok. Now consider lowering the age of consent. In my case, I believe by lowering this, the age by which people start to do indecent stuff will also lower.

  • Delay of Gratification...

    Like everything in this fast paced world, we have done away with self control and reason. Can a 16 year old physically have sex? Yes. Should they? No. At 16 can they support a family? Can they even wake up and get themselves to school on time? By legalizing sex we are telling them it is alright to go out and have it when they are too young to fully understand the meaning and feelings that accompany this act of pair bonding. Of course this argument is moot if you believe that sex is just sex and you can have it with whoever when ever and how ever you want and there is no consequence...

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Roodvlees says2015-08-20T13:02:52.910
Maybe it should be different between boys and girls. Scientists have discovered they age at different rates, reaching an adult brain at different ages. Apart from the differences between individuals. I think educating kids about sex is far more important than the age of consent.
dan40000000 says2015-08-20T18:11:44.963
People's brains don't fully develop until they are 25 and that is when they can make rational decisions. So I find it hard to support women and men making huge choices before that age.
dan40000000 says2015-08-21T16:56:36.023
@roodvlees right I agree with you we age differently. But even educating them their brain where they develop long term consequences isn't developed at all. So that is why you always hear of women and men who regret decisions they made. So I have a hard time letting teenagers make decisions that will impact their life forever. Example a girl and boy decide to have sex at 16. We has society promotes them to make their own decisions. Girl gets pregnant and has an abortion like most teenagers would in her situation. Then she struggles with depression where she turns to drugs to help her. Now this doesn't happen every time obviously but it does happen. So do we try and protect those girls? Or let nature run it's course? I am completely torn on the issue I hate forcing people to do anything but sometimes their brains are developed enough to make big decisions like sex, driving drunk, drugs, etc. I wish their was a clear answer but I don't know it.