• There should be no age of consent.

    Why i can't adult share their intimacy bonding with anyone whom they really want to ? I don't think we should make sexual contact as void where there is no coercion or intimidation involved anyway children won't be harmed if adult don't force them.The socially taboo of sexual activity between adult and a child has discriminately stigmatized by the public as disgusting just like similar to over 100 years ago where homosexual are condemn by the public.Society should try to be more open mind and accept all relationship not make judgment arbitrary based on their dislike.It's time that in the future we have to change our society attitude.

  • UK should repealed all age of consent law together and provide sexual freedom for all to express their sexuality

    I don't really think it's essentially needful to have this law in an modern generation society.Furthermore studies from temple university has examine that children does not have the same maturity rate in different individual.Such as example : 11 % percent of kids age 12-13 score (50 percentile) adult level on intellectual ability test while 21 % percent of kids age 14-15,and 42 % percent kids age 16-17.From this empirical evidence does not demonstrate that children cannot be intellectually mature like an adult while although on the other hand it's true that some are immature in their mind.However a small percentage of kids age 12-13 are mature but this does not mean they cannot have sex.Me,myself when i was 13 years old ,i perform intellectual ability test as well,my iQ was as high as 135.I already have my first sexual encounter with my 19 years old boyfriend and he is a niece guy.I am aware what i am doing and we love each other.

  • Yes in most place it should be at age of 10 or 11

    On average puberty onset for girls are at age 10 or 11.Puberty is the process in which a child body is change them into adult.After puberty they are capable to reproduce and have sex.Children will always explore their sexual behavior regardless how young they are,you cannot deny freedom of others.

  • Yes lowering age of consent

    Age of consent now a day hurt many young people due to their are being arrest for consensual sex for just because a person is below 16.Consensual sex should not be prosecuted as long as a minor have mental capable to understand the act and consequences.SO it should be lowered.

  • Age of consent is immoral and pointless not different much from sodomy law.

    We use to have sodomy law in the past history ago up until now in some country. The law have been enact with no meaningful purpose simply it has been enact because in turn in favor of the public to discriminate homosexual relationship.Now a day the law is unconstitutional in many state of USA and european countries but not in the middle east,and some part out south east asia.Sodomy law is an immoral practice similar like the enactment of age of consent.While some people argue that age of consent is a necessary safeguard of protecting young people from adult who prey on them but in my opinion the law is defective in preventing sexual abuse .I agree with what haydenchristen have said and she point out very good of her statement.It's true that there are some children developmentally mature and they should be permitted to have sex regardless of what the government think or say there is no fixed age which you could say all children are mature at that age.I say this because children should not be register as sex offender or rapist jailed for several year just because having fun consensual sex with their peer group and even either the same it's unfair for an adult to be criminally prosecuted for having consensual sex with minor. When sex is consensual and there is no coercion or force involved it's not sexual assault or rape.Age of consent law seriously is violation of human right and privacy freedom of individual.The law is outdated and should no longer exist together with sodomy law in today society.

  • Because i’m a big girl

    Because it is my body and i loveeeeeeee my dick and also i am safe and i know what i’m doing hehe and also i have a bf and he nasty and also its my bod u can’t tell me what to do with it u all love trump. Peace out ✌️

  • It should not be lowered.

    What is the benefit after all for lowering age of consent??I don't see any because by lowering it only allow more predators to prey on young immature kids who might be naive and easily to manipulated.Also on top of that,It can cause serious harm to a child sexual relation with adult.

  • Pedro are enjoying this site, Got sure

    The only possible change I would say is necessary, Would be to allow peole or at least one person underage of consent to have sex so long as age gap is limited to something sensible. There are clearly done pervs on here and I imagine this is to clear pesos and rape gangs in the future that are known about already.

  • Are you mad!

    No! How can a child consent to an act they have no understanding of? Even at 16 the young mind is still filtering out good and bad choices for itself and is in a weak position to decide without negative consequence! We should definitely not lower the age of sexual consent and those who wish to do so should be viewed with caution as to their choice!

  • WTF....No way... This is wrong!

    I can't even believe this is up for debate... Childhood is for children, not for adults to screw them up forever by using them as sex toys, which is basically what pedophilia is. Anyone arguing for consent to be lowered needs to be seen by a shrink. I can't believe where society is headed with this garbage. Keep our kids safe.

  • Shouldn't be up for debate

    As a victim myself, and knowing the long term lasting effects, no. I horrified to see so many either naive and ignorant comments or just perverted, there really is no argument regarding 2 teens consenting with one another at the law doesn't prosecute the, they prosecute adults who take advantage of under age teens and anyone taking advantage of any child under 12. And rightly so, I can find you many young girls that consented as teens, with adults, who still feel disgusting about it now, because they didn't understand at the time. They consented because of coercion as so many do, to look cool, to fit in, because they weren't assertive enough, because they were scared.

  • Encouraging paedophilia in my opinion

    Is this to get all the elite government pedos off getting charges against them when they get exposed?

    I do not see this as being in the best interests of anyone certain't not the children !

    It's only the elite that are detached from their kids by way of nanny's au-pairs, boarding scools ect that detaches them from their flesh and blood and inevitibly seen as objects

  • 83% of people who voted are fucked up

    Lowering the age of consent will open up many new doors. Predators will get away with grooming, rape will become harder to prove. Children will be trafficked..I can go on. When will this stop then ? Those who wants the age of consent lowered are obviously paedophiles. This is child abuse.

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