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The age of consent was the fault of homophobic feminists

  The age of consent was raised from 13 to 16 in 1885 in the very same bill that criminalised homosexuality. It was the result of campaigning by puritanical anti-sex feminists who essentially believe that 'All sex is rape'. 13 year olds are mentally perfectly capable of understanding the consequences of their actions to the required level as they have already lived longer than the life expectancy of many animals (e.G. Dogs, cats) most of whom would reproduce at a much younger age. Not being allowed to have a sexual relationship at a young age can result in an increased risk of lifelong celibacy and failing to have any offspring at all (women have a biological clock, you know). This can of course result in depression and suicide.
Kyle1989 says2017-03-23T17:33:27.230
This was very informative. It's nice to hear some scientific facts rather than opinions pushed by religious agendas. Who gives anyone the right to tell a 13 year old what to do with their body anyway?
lizwakefield says2018-08-02T15:44:59.147
I agree with you on the age of consent. But I don't agree with you on homosexuality. Homosexuality is wrong. It's unnatural and sinful. The parts don't fit and no babies can come from it. It's not normal. Being a "homophobe" is a good thing. That's like calling someone an "incestphobe" because they don't condone incest. "Homophobia" is a derogatory term that homosexuals use to call heterosexuals. It's no different than calling a black person the N-word. There's nothing wrong with being straight or black. I believe that, On the contrary, The people who raised the age of consent were man-hating lesbians aka feminists. Or a liberal, That's for sure. Because they have no common sense. In the Bible, It was okay to get married at puberty. Unlike atheists, Christians do have common sense.
HarajukuBarbie says2019-03-05T10:18:59.997
Or single motherhood. Frfr women's peak in beauty and fertility is in their teens and early twenties. They should not wait
vader2020 says2020-03-16T22:35:33.563
Zero people I have met have become life-long celibates because they did not have sex when their brains were twelve years away from bring fully developed and they were still going through puberty. @lizwakefield: I am Christian, And I think that lowering the age of consent to 13 is the stupidest, Most liberal thing we could possibly do. You do not have any common sense.
FuhQ says2020-08-07T18:06:17.153
Wow! @ lizwakefield atheists don't have common sense? These are some of the stupidest f***ing arguments I've read. Just admit it people! Whoever thinks that age of consent should be lowered to 13 is a f***ing pedophile! @vader2000, Thank you for having good sense.
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