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YES they CAN give consent... NO it ISN'T rape if they give consent...

  First, here is the definition of consent: Consent- permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. (or), The act of giving permission for something to happen. If the 13-16 year old is educated properly about sex and knows how to practice sex safely, then how do they not know what they are doing?!?!?? If they give give consent, understand the consequences of practicing sex, and their sexual partner is safe and responsible, then why should it even matter if they have sex? I bet the real reason behind this "consent" bullshit is that parents can't cope with the fact that an older gentleman is sleeping with their daughter. Or maybe it's because the dad is frustrated by the fact that his son was able to lose his virginity much younger than him. -note- This was written by someone bellow the age of 17. (Not some 40-50 year old creep)
suppakappa says2016-11-11T10:36:53.493
I bet that they would make it illegal for minors to have sex with each other if they could... XD
stephannoi says2016-11-11T11:27:00.223
A higher age of consent such as 17 or 18 are often problematic due to the law may act as a indirect barrier for young people to obtain information,contraception,and sex education.
stephannoi says2016-11-11T11:28:27.583
Age of consent should be lowered because it would avoid criminalizing sexual behavior among consenting adolescent.
Kyle1989 says2017-03-23T18:08:55.633
Exactly!! It is not rape if you consent! People are so stupid these days to call it rape. Look it up! Science proves that they are mature enough to understand what it is the moment they hit puberty.
love3014 says2018-01-08T01:42:06.753
Adolescents are not children!

Child is the one who is less than 9 years old, who has not reached puberty.

Our species goes into puberty for sex, so many teenagers have sex. Consensual sex can not be a crime.

The criminalization of consenting sex is an offense to God and Nature

The age of consent should be 10-12 years
FuhQ says2020-08-07T17:27:32.457
First off. . . An older "gentleman" would not have sex with a 13 year old child.
Secondly, I went through puberty when I was 9.

I can guarantee you that a 13 year old has not freaking clue what sex is about, Unless they've been molested.
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