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Because once you're of age to reproduce, you're fair game.

  Once you're of age to reproduce, you should fair game in the dating world. "Kids" younger than that used to take on much more adult rolls years ago, but we're so involved in coddling and sheltering kids these days that they're happy with spewing the "I'm just a kid" excuse well into their 20s. If you're worried about lowering the age limit because they cannot make such "adult decisions" then why is the age of consent 16 or younger in most places? 3 years doesn't make much of a difference to me. They look pretty much the same and damn sure aren't smarter in a lot of cases. We should be striving to prepare kids for these types of decisions earlier on so that they can choose for themselves if they want to engage in such activities. I find most girls will start losing their luster after about 21-30 years old anyways, so lowering age of consent standards will only help girls to find these aggrandized romances they've been so indoctrinated to seek out, and maybe they'll learn that there are more important things to focus on than all the lovey dovey, material romance BS promoted by the media. They'll also be that much more physically desirable for an even longer period of time. BTW I am not a pedophile. Pedophilia involves attraction towards prepubescent children, not young adults. I just happen to prefer my women unspoiled by age and cynicism.
stephannoi says2015-10-15T07:19:15.577
A 13 years old is still considered as prepubescent child according to some research but even if that person is a pedophile why it's necessary bad??A pedophile should be considered as an sexual orientation not a criminal.
Kyle1989 says2017-03-23T17:30:09.953
I couldn't agree more. Who gives anyone the right to tell a 13 year old what to do with their body anyway?
lizwakefield says2018-08-02T15:30:46.297
Thank you. FINALLY, Someone with common sense. A child is someone who is 12 years or younger aka prepubescent. A teenager is a young adult. They are sexually mature and can become parents if they want to. So, NO ONE has the right to tell them when they can have sex or with whom. Not the government and not ignorant/stupid people who don't understand how nature works which is why they condone homosexuality. God bless!
Mendez502 says2019-03-03T00:10:54.387
A fucking 13 year olds brain isn't developed enough to really understand what's going on. You just want to take advantage of children. You're all a bunch of pedophiles trying to ruin childrens lives, Trust me a child will regret fucking a old hairy pedo once they get older. You honestly expect someone to believe you aren't just trying to take advantage of someone being that young and getting a quick fuck?
HarajukuBarbie says2019-03-05T10:13:37.597
I'm a 26 year old woman and never experienced real love. I wish I had dated older men when I was in Jr. High and high school. I was waaaaay to mature and smart for the guys in my school. But looking back on it I wish I hadn't fell for the lie that something was wrong with dating older men and only date men your age. Plus our fertility decreases with age. So yea women should start earlier to learn they bodies, Find them a man who loves them be a wife with kids and if she wants a career she can still find her love but just not have kids til she finishes up with her career.
FuhQ says2020-08-07T18:34:13.423
THANK YOU, @Mendez502! Now that, @lizwakefield, Is someone who has common sense!
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