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No, the age of consent should not be lowered to 13.

   At the age of thirteen, children still are very immature and don't completely understand the meaning behind their actions. They are too young to be having sex. At that age they are just really staring puberty and they don't understand how to protect themselves. The age of consent should be sixteen or seventeen.
Bullish says2013-05-09T23:41:00.807
Some people ALWAYS make stupid decisions.
MassiveDump says2013-05-09T23:55:32.097
The human brain isn't fully mature until 25. With that logic, the age of anything should be 25, but that's never gonna happen xD
Xkaru says2015-10-01T11:20:15.753
13 year olds are immature because of how we raise them. For centuries people supported themselves and married between 11-14 they handled all adult responsibilities including sex. If they did it then without issue why not now? Because we coddle and baby then some parents holding their kids hands well into their 20s. Change how we raise and test our kids and we can change when they are mature
dilordious says2015-10-04T11:13:53.103
Actually children always has a capacity of understanding what love means regardless of their age.Even if some has not reach the puberty yet,that doesn't mean they are incapable to consent to sexual activity,maybe they are incapable to consent to sexual intercourse due to their physical immaturity but not to other types of sexual activity.
dilordious says2015-10-04T11:16:45.657
Some of them may already start having french kiss and dating at 10 or 9 although most of us has not reach the puberty yet at that age.Society just underestimate their mental ability.
dilordious says2015-10-04T11:24:35.527
Children should not be compared to mentally handicap.It's not the same.
love3014 says2018-01-08T01:27:49.490
Child is anyone under 9 years old.
People enter puberty around the age of 9. People go into puberty to have sex.
HarajukuBarbie says2019-01-10T14:41:11.580
Dilordious my first kiss was at 5 years old
FuhQ says2020-08-08T14:30:03.433
Are you insane @dilordious? There is quite a difference between love and sex. They don't always go together. A 13 year old hasn't the mental capacity to understand sex! Sexual activity is sex, Dumbass! Whoopty freaking do, @HarajukuBarbie.
thanthan says2020-10-01T21:28:58.303
@FuhQ Yes there is a deference between love and sex, That is the point. Recreational sex is for pleasure, And love is much more complex. One requires mental maturity, The other doesn't. What majority does one need to have an orgasm and enjoy it? 13 is about the age I discovered masturbation, And by accident too. I didn't need to understand the complexities of life nd love just as a 20-30 year old does in order to know I enjoy sexual pleasure and wanted to share it with another person of any age. All I needed was to stimulate my organs in the right manner, And everything else became 100% clear. What is it about sex that you find to be so dangerous and terrifying?
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