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It encourages grooming and abuse

  In the UK the age of consent is 16. I believe that this is the right age for the law to stand at. But to think that influential people believe that it should be lowered to 13, it just disgusts me! We cannot let these perverts abuse anymore young children and let them get away with it.
stephannoi says2015-07-31T12:52:35.257
The UK belong to one of the 4th Top highest child rape and sexual abuse in the world eventhough the age of consent their is 16.In 2012/13,there was 18,915 sexual crime against children under 16 years old recorded in England and Wales ,according to the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children ( NSPCC).
stephannoi says2015-07-31T12:54:30.167
Included in that figure were 4,171 offences of sexual assault on a female under 13 1,267 offences of sexual assault on under 13-male children.
stephannoi says2015-07-31T12:58:25.733
In the UK one in 20 children (4.8 %) have experienced contact sexual abuse and over 90 % of children who experienced sexual abuse,were abused by someone they know NSPCC said.
stephannoi says2015-07-31T13:22:52.070
It should be noted that the age of consent does not determine the statistical fact about child rape and sexual abuse.What does it make any difference by making the age of consent to 16 or 18 ?
stephannoi says2015-07-31T13:24:37.667
Rapist would abuse children anyway even we make the age of consent higher.
stephannoi says2015-07-31T13:30:38.507
Sexual abuse can happen at any age not only to children, it can also happen to adulthood relationship between two consenting adults.
stephannoi says2015-07-31T13:32:14.713
Or it can also happen in childhood relationship between two consenting minors where there are no adults invole.
love3014 says2018-01-08T01:31:37.923
Adolescents are not children!
Child is anyone under 9 years old.
People enter puberty around the age of 9. People go into puberty to have sex..
love3014 says2018-01-08T01:33:17.250
Adolescents are not children!
Child is anyone under 9 years old.
People enter puberty around the age of 9. People go into puberty to have sex.
Consent sex is not abuse.
FuhQ says2020-08-08T14:23:08.507
A CHILD of 9 who has entered the pubescent stage of their life doesn't have the mental capacity to understand the act of sexual contact @love3014, You perv.
thanthan says2020-10-01T21:08:27.293
@FuhQ Says you. They do have the mental capacity to determine if they enjoy sexual pleasure as much as they have the capacity to determine if they do or do not like most things. What maturity level do you think is required to know if something feels good or hurts? Do you think a 9 year old doesn't know that it hurts when they touch something hot or it feels good to dip into a jacuzzi?
thanthan says2020-10-01T21:19:53.147
I think it discourages abuse. Part of what encourages abuse it the silence. The silence is not due to communication, It is due to the taboo. We talk to kids about these things all the time, But when we do talk about them, We speak in the negative and prohibitive sense. If 11-13 year olds know they can talk about these things freely in a positive manner, Without fear of judgment. Then it will more often come to light when they are truly being abused. I suspect your problem is that you don't know the difference between an 11-13 year old enjoying sexual pleasure, And abuse. This is what creates the silence. The broad brush of it all being bad is what abusers use to scare children into silence and leads people to resort to violence when they would not otherwise be violent. Unveiling when an 11-13 year old person engages in sexual activity because they enjoy it, Will also help unveil then they don't enjoy it, And will separate the truly violent people from those who simply deviate from the norm.
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