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Definitely yes, Perhaps 12 even

  Teach better sexual education in schools But sex should not be something feared. You can't put an age on when someone is ready for sex, everyone matures at their own pace But a 13 year old is responsible enough to make this desicion. Expecially if they learn about safe sex, sti's and pregnancy earlier then they can make responsible choices
randomuser2349 says2015-01-22T06:47:38.967
12? No way.
Jenjenc10192 says2015-02-17T20:14:30.900
Yes, 12 is mature enough.
Kyle1989 says2017-03-23T17:37:42.323
So true. Actually, some people reach puberty at 8 years old. But it's not very common. The question is not about age, as much as it is about when somebody hits puberty. I get so upset when I hear these ignorant people have opinions that are not backed by any science.
HarajukuBarbie says2019-03-05T10:23:32.827
@kyle1989 I hit puberty at 10 but had my period at 11
FuhQ says2020-08-07T18:26:07.330
Sex education is not going to make an emotionally immature girl ready for sex at 13. You f***ing idiots! @Jenjenc10192, I had sex when I was 12. I wish later that I hadn't, But I was led to believe that it was my choice, My decision, That I was very capable of making the decision. I was not!
@Kyle1989 I reached puberty when I was 9, Shortly after my older sister did when she was 12. If you think a child of 9 who has just started their period is emotionally ready for sex, You are not right in the head.
thanthan says2020-10-01T22:21:01.657
@FuhQ Ah! Now I see what you are so angry. It is must be very convenient for you to convince you self that it was not your fault when you regret something, Isn't it? You should be angry, But you are angry at the wrong people. Mostly people have sex they regret, It happens to people of all ages. The truth is that we do not regret the sex it's self, Unless there are religious reasons. What we regret are other things such as lowering our standards or having feelings for the wrong person. Usually if you regret sex at a young age it is because society has taught you to look down on yourself for making different choices than they do. You shouldn't be angry with yourself, Your sexual partner, Or people who support sex at a young age. Who you should be angry with are the people that make you feel ashamed for being different from them.
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