• Definitely yes, Perhaps 12 even

    Teach better sexual education in schools
    But sex should not be something feared.
    You can't put an age on when someone is ready for sex, everyone matures at their own pace
    But a 13 year old is responsible enough to make this desicion.
    Expecially if they learn about safe sex, sti's and pregnancy earlier
    then they can make responsible choices

  • Yes as long as both families agree. Humans know right from wrong when they are around 7.

    They should also have to get a job and work at 13. Americans are just gonna get fatter and lazier and soon this country will start treating people in their mid 20s like children. We need to get back to the way things used to be. Americans are immature because they have terrible parenting. I started working in my dad's shop when I was 8 years old, graduated high school at 16, had save my first 10k (that I earned myself) before my 18th birthday, graduated college at 19, and paid off my home at 29. I also became sexually active at 13, I knew the consequences of my actions because I was made to take more and more care of myself at an early age. Parents now days want to hold their kids hands until they are 30. It's time for Americans to grow up. I'm not saying it's right to prey on the young, but what parents are doing isn't good either, stop sheltering and start letting them be responsible for their own actions.

  • Because once you're of age to reproduce, you're fair game.

    Once you're of age to reproduce, you should fair game in the dating world. "Kids" younger than that used to take on much more adult rolls years ago, but we're so involved in coddling and sheltering kids these days that they're happy with spewing the "I'm just a kid" excuse well into their 20s. If you're worried about lowering the age limit because they cannot make such "adult decisions" then why is the age of consent 16 or younger in most places? 3 years doesn't make much of a difference to me. They look pretty much the same and damn sure aren't smarter in a lot of cases. We should be striving to prepare kids for these types of decisions earlier on so that they can choose for themselves if they want to engage in such activities. I find most girls will start losing their luster after about 21-30 years old anyways, so lowering age of consent standards will only help girls to find these aggrandized romances they've been so indoctrinated to seek out, and maybe they'll learn that there are more important things to focus on than all the lovey dovey, material romance BS promoted by the media. They'll also be that much more physically desirable for an even longer period of time. BTW I am not a pedophile. Pedophilia involves attraction towards prepubescent children, not young adults. I just happen to prefer my women unspoiled by age and cynicism.

  • The age of consent was the fault of homophobic feminists

    The age of consent was raised from 13 to 16 in 1885 in the very same bill that criminalised homosexuality. It was the result of campaigning by puritanical anti-sex feminists who essentially believe that 'All sex is rape'.

    13 year olds are mentally perfectly capable of understanding the consequences of their actions to the required level as they have already lived longer than the life expectancy of many animals (e.G. Dogs, cats) most of whom would reproduce at a much younger age.

    Not being allowed to have a sexual relationship at a young age can result in an increased risk of lifelong celibacy and failing to have any offspring at all (women have a biological clock, you know). This can of course result in depression and suicide.

  • Lower the Age of Consent to 11 !

    - 11 is usually the age humans start being able to reproduce
    - To help avoid criminalizing sex between two high school pupils

    It is obvious that the age of consent is much too high in most of the world, The reasoning behind placing the age of consent at 16 is deeply flawed. After all who is likely to give a young person a good time? Someone well experienced or some fumbling kid? I think i know what I would prefer if i were a kid again.
    If Spain can place the age of consent at 13, then why cant the rest of the world do the right thing and place it at 11?

  • 13 Year Olds Are Both Mentally And Physically Mature Enough

    13 year olds are both mentally and physically mature to have sex and not get the female party pregnant. Both families should know and agree, and both parties should be using protection. Otherwise, 13 year olds can very well be in love, and if it's an act of love, go ahead!

  • YES they CAN give consent... NO it ISN'T rape if they give consent...

    First, here is the definition of consent:

    Consent- permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. (or), The act of giving permission for something to happen.

    If the 13-16 year old is educated properly about sex and knows how to practice sex safely, then how do they not know what they are doing?!?!?? If they give give consent, understand the consequences of practicing sex, and their sexual partner is safe and responsible, then why should it even matter if they have sex?

    I bet the real reason behind this "consent" bullshit is that parents can't cope with the fact that an older gentleman is sleeping with their daughter. Or maybe it's because the dad is frustrated by the fact that his son was able to lose his virginity much younger than him.


    This was written by someone bellow the age of 17. (Not some 40-50 year old creep)

  • When does a girl become a woman who can decide if she wants to have sex or not?

    Did you know everyone under legal age (16, 17, 18) is physically a child and mentally not mature enough to decide if they want to have sex or not.....And then.....When they turn legal age they all of a sudden become a woman and they all of a sudden become mature enough to decide if they want to have sex or not.......Im being sarcastic......You people who think it's ok to put guys in jail for having consensual sex with a woman, not a child, a woman, your not going by logic on this topic your going by emotion then.

  • Basic human rights

    It isn't the prerogative of the State to dictate when a person can consent to a relationship. There should be no age of consent laws, period. Who is to say a 13 year old isn't even allowed to determine whether they exercise their own judgement and relationships? Most 13 year old girls wouldn't have any sexual interest in someone their father's age, but if given the chance would explore the possibilities with someone in their 20's. I believe young people should be treated as people and not possessions.

  • 13 is the perfect age

    At 13 girls are young with tight bodies and oozing with sex appeal. Look at any 13 year old girl these days and their hygiene is impeccable. They are mature ans fully capable of making these types of decisions on their own and they should be allowed to without consequence.

  • You guys are f***ing disgusting!

    No children at the age of 13 do not have the brain power to give consent. They can't understand the idea of of having sex or what it takes to care for a child since THEY ARE A CHILD. You guys are f***ing pedophiles, Does f***ing kids turn you on?

  • People who vote yes are pedophiles.

    Like what the f**k, Why would you lower the age of consent to 13? Are you trying to start a cult? God damn it what the f**k, Lowering it to 13 isn't ok, Its just WRONG, These boomers who vote yes just want to ruin their 13 year olds lives when they grow up.

  • No it should not.

    Anyone with common sense will know this is a bad idea and would not want this. This law is put in place like this to protect children and anyone who wants this to be lowered should be questioned. If it was lowered, People would abuse the fact that children are unable to understand what is really means.

  • It’s plain wrong

    At those young ages they still have the mind of a child they don’t have the ability to make that kind of decision can’t buy alcohol can’t buy a gun can’t join the military can’t make the decision to have sex kids at that age should be protected from predators

  • I'm not a pedophile

    Y'all who said yes need to be put on an FBI watchlist or something tbh. If you wanna f**k 13 year olds, Please get some help. At the very least never go near another child again. It seems odd that more people are willing to support degeneracy as time goes on.

  • I'm 13 btw

    Why would the consent age need to be lowered to 13? I wouldn't like to know that my son or daughter got STDs, Because they lust after sex at that age. I wouldn't like to see my daughter come home with blood between her legs and can't do anything about or my son or daughter got somebody or themselves pregnant now they got to support that baby. Also when I said son or daughter I meant hopefully future.

  • No no and hell no!

    The human brain is not fully developed until the age of 25, The Prefrontal Cortex, Which is responsible for problem solving, Decision making etc. . . We can't expect young children to completely understand how these decisions will influence or impact their life, And also leaves them vulnerable to predators. The idea of this is immoral and sick!

  • I think it's absolutely wrong to touch a child and that's what that is!

    They Have no idea at that age what life is about. I can honestly say I will kill a grown man if he touches one of mine. They are a child at that age and should not have to deal with out sexual things. How was you at that age? Could you make wise decisions about that stuff at that age

  • Save Our Children

    Pedophiles should be hung in the streets, And maybe people might think twice about letting thoughts about children enter their minds. Children under 18 are growing physically and mentally and emotionally, And any adult trying to have sexual relations with someone under 18 is only going to manipulate that child's growth in a way that is detrimental to their innocence and survival.

  • Hell to the No!

    13! Are you kidding me! At 13 a child does not fully understand the relationship behind sex! Must be 18 to join the army. . . Must be 21 to drink. . . Must be 18 to buy cigarettes, Why? Because CHILDREN do things on impulse! They do not understand the consequences of such large actions! Could only imagine the abortion rate sky rocketing over this! Children raising children. Foster care being an all time high! So many children not being able to support the consequences of pregnancy at this age! Hell to the no! Quit trying to push having sex with children as a thing! Nasty bastards!

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PathtoWisdom says2021-10-13T17:45:05.727
Most states don't have a minimum age of criminal liability. So they literally think a 14 year old can commit a crime and be tried as an adult, And ackowledge the fact that she/he can make a desicion, But can't decide if he/she wants to be touched or not. That's stupid. I also want to adress the Austin Jones case. The internet celebrity "forced" a teenager to send him her videos while twerking. He forced her, That's wrong. But a 14 year old is both physically and mentally mature enough to make desicions about his/her body. And she made a video about the case, Crying all over the video just for the views in my opinion. She is using Austin for views. And he is in prison. Girl, You were 14, Not 8. Of course it was wrong for him to force her, But the girl is playing dumb for views on You Tube. Austin got 10 years in prison which is really stupid. American laws on age of consent MUST change.

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