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  • Been that way for centuries before recently. . .

    It amounts to taking away freedoms. Where does it end? Let's extend the AOC to 30 years of age? Or maybe 40? Ridiculous. Nature dictates and there are some people that are ready sooner than others. 16 is too late. It's been proven by all the people that have been incarcerated unnecessarily. Rape is one thing. That's not what I'm talking about here.

  • If she's past 8 it's too late

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  • For the rights of freedom, To uphold the principles of a free society. And the logical philosophies made by ethics and biology, Yes.

    The people who are against ever lowering age of consent even by a month are simple-minded drones who only believe what society and daddy tells them. These are people that never took an ethics or biology class or had a single philosophical thought in their life.

    Not only should parents not be allowed to force their daughters to give birth, No matter how much she protests, But also the age of consent in most of the world is 14-15 years old, Because biologically that is when the reproductive organs have developed to a rate for healthy sex. This is not to say all teen boys and girls are sexually active at 13, 14, 15, Or even 16-18, But it is one's right to make their own decisions and even in the U. S. It is considered that the age of accountability is 13 at the lowest. This is why you'll see a boy who kills 11 people at school receive an adult prison sentence.

    But how can you hold anyone under 18 responsible for ANY DECISION they make, When you also say they can't even understand or have the right to decide what they drink, Or smoke? As if one can understand and bare the punishments of murder, Theft etc. But not simply drinking something or sex - all things far less serious than murder or rape. The U. S. Even defines already that 14+ is considered a minor and NOT A CHILD because there is a difference even in legal statute, Such as the crime punishments considered for someone having sex with a 15 year old as opposes to the molestation of a 9 year old.

    Making out with a 14-18 year old alone isn't even a crime anywhere in the U. S. Or canada, But sex is, As well is foreplay actions like sucking on one's nipples or grabbing a man's crotch.

    Several polls taken showed over the past 10 years that on average, At least 50% of people have sex before 18 years old.

    13 would be a final step to fix this problem, Though even 14-15 or the moment one enters high school would be fair. There is a big difference between a sexy 26 year old female high school teaching having sex with a 16 year old male, And a catholic priest molesting an 8 year old boy. Big difference.

    There is a big difference between a 15 year old girl going to a party and f***ing some college boy 19 year old because she's horny and wants some dick, And a man abducting a 7 year old girl and molesting her. Big difference. One can considered logically and scientifically acceptable and one can NEVER be considered acceptable.

  • Maybe, But with a caveat. . .

    Age of consent varies by country. The age of consent is some countries is precisely 14, For example, China. While personally I'm not interested in young girls (I actually find 'experienced' women more appealing and polished), I believe we are fighting nature by artificially preventing a body that's sexually mature from doing its 'thing'. Traditionally, The age of consent was for the family to decide, Now it's the government. Neither is right. In my opinion it should be decided based on two things, One, Whether the person is sexually adult, And two, Whether the person willingly engages in sexual activities. A medical exam can easily prove the former, But willingness can't be proved especially if the person has acted under coercion or worse yet threat, That's probably why law makers decided it was much easier to put an arbitrary but sensible number to it, E. G. 18. And yet I've met people who are not emotionally/mentally mature enough for sex even by the age of 18, While others might be when they are younger than the age of consent. If only we could read people's minds. . .

  • There should be no lower age

    Now before you go all crazy about the title, , , The age of consent should be an age difference not a lower age. For example, No more than 5 years difference or something along those lines. Of course there would need to be a higher age as to which any sex is OK. . For example, Age 18.

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  • The internet is why

    There is internet now unlike when they first set the age of consent. Now people can easily look at porn or hentai online even if they are underage because its easy to just lie about your age on websites. Websites like porn hub are so popular kids might here about it or stumble upon it. There is also the anime porn that is easy to find if u watch anime online and search for rule34 of a anime. Just being in the anime community you will hear the word hentai at somepoint.

  • I would be

    By that age the know what they are doing and are ready to do what ever other countries it is twelve years old some it is at marriage which can be any age I think age is just a number love is love and that’s the way it should be

  • 13? No. 14? Maybe.

    Where I live, The age of consent is 16, Which I think is the right time. However, That's not to say people younger are capable of making informed decisions. However, Before they can, They need to know the risks that can come with those decisions.

    When I was in Middle School. I was about 13, Maybe 14. It gave me enough reason to be cautious around sex and to know what's at stake (pregnancy, STDs, Sexual abuse, Etc. ). Then, Of course, They would need to learn more about what they can use to prevent those effects (condoms, Birth control, Etc. ). So, Before anyone can engage sexually, It's best that they know the risks, As well as preventative measures before they can consent to such activity.

    However, I will say one thing that might make me a bit more privy to the idea, And that's close-in-age exemptions. Basically, Someone can engage sexually with someone under the age of consent, If and only if the age gap between them is minimal. For instance, Maine and Hawaii have the same age of consent in my home, But have close-in-age exemptions, Allowing people who are 14 and 15 to engage sexually provided that the gap between them and their partner is less than 5 years.

    So… if youth are more well informed about the consequences of their actions and close-in-age exemptions were made in effect, I would be in favor of lowering the age of consent. However, If someone asked me if the age of consent should be 13, My answer would be "no".

  • No. Freaking. Way.

    The human brain does not finish developing until age twenty five. There is no way the age of consent should be twelve years before then, When a solid half of kids haven't even finished puberty yet. The age of consent should be the same as the legal adult age: 18. This makes things way simpler, When you are old enough to vote, Get married, And join the army, You are old enough to consent to sex. Https://bigthink. Com/videos/what-age-is-brain-fully-developed

  • That’s so wrong

    The age needs to be upped to 18. A child is a child until they are 18, They are all still in education and should be focusing on that. Sex at a young age isn’t healthy it can cause a lot of damage both mental and physical especially to vulnerable children.

  • 13 isn't even highschool age maybe 14 or 15

    The age of consent should be lowered but 13 seems a little young (maybe if I give I more thought but right now I don't think so) but maybe like 14 or 15. Or if the age of consent was lowered to when someone starts highschool that'd be better than what it is right now. Once you start high school that's when you generally find out more about sex anyway.

  • Are you serious?

    Where do i start? Would you want your daughter being finger banged and having her tiddies sucked on by a 60 year old man? If so, That leads to all nre questions about you and how often you yourself touch your little girl. You nasty wanting to diddle little kids.

  • No teenagers are not rational at that point

    While it could be given wiggle room not that much, Speaking as some 3 years past 13, 13 year olds are inherently bad decision makers and can't yet decide what's good for them with the same certainty that adults can, And while the aoc does only extend 4 years older then the age if consent, Having basically 7th grades hooking up with juniors is bad because, The older teens would be bigger or stronger and have a position of power over the younger teen, Which could lead to sexually aggressive behavior from those on the position of power or even sexually abusive relationships

  • Pretty f***ing Obvious

    Well this is a pedophile breeding ground. A child (that is what he/she is by definition) lacks the cognitive ability to give an informed and forward-thinking decision. This is why many children are susceptible to non-consensual relationships in the first place, And hence are prone to manipulation by the offender.

    Lowering the age would give way to manipulation becoming rife, Much more than it already is despite the illegality of statutory-rape. In the court of law, An adult could coax a child into having a sexual relationship with them, And then defend this with the idea of 'consent'. Once this has occurred, The child could sustain severe mental trauma (perhaps PTSD? ) from the relationship, Aswell as physical injuries, Due to a huge difference in body development

    Anyone who can not see that an adult acting sexually with a child is rape is either likely a child being a child (lacking reasonable forward-thinking), Or a person with pedophilic desires- both of which we as a society should not consider the opinions of as a relevant moral or legal compass.

    In fact if you scroll through some of the arguments, You'll see one person who seems to prefer those of a younger age, Due to them being "unspoiled by age and cynicism". Ew.

    In contrast, I feel that consenting younger persons should be legally allowed to have sex, Of course. If there is some way that the legal system can lower the age of consent, Whilst maintaining the ability of keeping people over the age of 16 and people underage sexually separate, Thereby still preventing statutory-rape, Then I'm all for that.

  • No no no

    No Way They Are Still Babies And Not Mentally Mature enough to be involved in such behaviour children should be playing in parks not preforming sex acts on nasty grown people who are attracted to babies, Lock them dirty bas***ds up and leave the kids alone, I'm sure this is made up by some sick peado ring

  • Is sex between a 13-yr-old and a 33-yr-old ok?

    This argument is not about 13-yr-olds being mature enough to consent to sex. This is about legalizing PEDOPHILIA. Lowering the age of consent would result in the legalization of pedophilia. There is no amount of reason that makes it sane for an adult to be attracted to a 13-yr-old's personality and mind; their maturity levels are miles apart. It is a disease of the mind. All who said "yes" to this nonsense are pro pedophilia.

  • No no no

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PathtoWisdom says2021-10-13T17:45:05.727
Most states don't have a minimum age of criminal liability. So they literally think a 14 year old can commit a crime and be tried as an adult, And ackowledge the fact that she/he can make a desicion, But can't decide if he/she wants to be touched or not. That's stupid. I also want to adress the Austin Jones case. The internet celebrity "forced" a teenager to send him her videos while twerking. He forced her, That's wrong. But a 14 year old is both physically and mentally mature enough to make desicions about his/her body. And she made a video about the case, Crying all over the video just for the views in my opinion. She is using Austin for views. And he is in prison. Girl, You were 14, Not 8. Of course it was wrong for him to force her, But the girl is playing dumb for views on You Tube. Austin got 10 years in prison which is really stupid. American laws on age of consent MUST change.

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