• Between schooling and reality

    I just find it funny that schools teach about sex ed at around grade 7. Yet the legal age of consent is set until 12th grade or graduating. It's unrealistic for boys and girls to restrain for 5 or 6 years from exploring and doing sexual things "legally". Parents giving thier kids with smartphones capable of accessing everything possible in the world at like 10 or 11 doesn't help either. Even in stores at the cashier's, There are magazine of cosmopolitan saying " how to please your man with these sexy tricks" right at a kids eye-level. Every movie, Show and ass on tv has hints of sex in it these days. In my own experience, I was 13 when I got my first blowjob. The thing about that, Is that the girl who gave me this pleasure, Asked me if she can do it to me. She was 12. This happened around the time before smartphones even started. We only had flip phones that you had to hit the "7" button 4 times just to type a S 😂. Times have changed. Kids aren't as innocent as you make them out to be by the time they are even 15. Majority of them smoke(cbd or thc vapes and pens) and drink. If you ask them and they say they don't. I would say at least 70% of them are lying lol

  • Should be lowered

    Most girls get the ability to get pregnant by 13 and most boys can ejaculate by 13. Restricting them from having sex is not natural. Even an Adult should be able to have sex with them because the act remains the same, Regardless of the age difference between the partners.

  • It should be

    It's natural for anyone over the age of puberty to have sex. Puberty is attained by the age of 13 by most children. Girls get the ability to get pregnant by that age. Boys can ejaculate. So it's completely natural for children to have sex since 13. And Sex is Sex, Age difference between partners doesn't matter. So even if the Sexual partner of a 13 year old child is an adult there is nothing wrong in it. In earlier times in many cultures girls as young as 13 were married off to Adult Men. Now this Adult men would obviously be having sexual intercourse with their young wives who were often as young as 13. There was nothing wrong in that then. There should be nothing wrong in it now.

  • Rape and Abuse = Bad. Consensual Sex with a partner who will take no for an answer if you say no = Good

    Let me begin by stating I am thoroughly against abuse. No ands ifs or buts. Abuse and rape are intolerable.

    With that said, I must point out that as it stands now, Two minors having sex are both guilty. Why should they be imprisoned and be listed as sex offenders because their petting got out of hand. No, This is wrong. Then throw in that there are children tried as adults for crimes like murder, Or even rape. So why are they adults, But two thirteen year old's in a treehouse having sex are not adults?

    Also, If a 13 year old rapes a 25 year old, Why does the 25 year old go to jail even if the 13 year old is found guilty?

    Age of consent laws are so incredibly broken.

  • Should be lowered

    By 13/14 teens complete puberty. So nature makes them ready for sex. There is nothing wrong in even an adult having sex with teens who have completed puberty. In past, In many cultures girls were married off by 13/14 to adult men, Who obviously must be having sex with them.

  • Should be lowered

    I don't understand what is wrong with a man of any age to have consensual sex with a girl who is at least 13-14. By that age most girls get the ability to get pregnant. In the past in many cultures girls as young as 13-14 were married off by their parents to adult men. Obviously these men used to have sexual intercourse with their 13-14 years old wives. There was nothing wrong in that. There is nothing wrong in that even today purely from Nature's perspective. It is not unnatural or Pedophilic to have sex with someone past their puberty. It is true for minor past puberty being of any gender. There is nothing wrong for an even an adult woman to have sex with a 13-14 year old boy.

  • It should be

    Should be reduced to 13 or 14. By that age most girls and boys have completed their puberty. Most girls get the ability to get pregnant by the age of 13-14. Nature makes ready to have sex by 13-14. So do boys get the ability to ejaculate by 13-14. And maximum age gap between partners if one is minor past his/her puberty shouldn't exist either. Once nature makes most boys and girls ready for sex by 13-14 it doesn't matter how old their sexual partner is. There is nothing wrong in an adult man having consensual sex with a 13-14 year old girl. In older times across many cultures girls were married by 13-14, Often to adult men. Now obviously these adult men had sex with their 13-14 years old wives. Such relationship in today's times, Whether through marriage or not might not become common place even if legalised. But it's still not unnatural or Pedophilic. How can it be unnatural or Pedophilic to have consensual sex with a girl who is ovulating? Same goes for genders reversed. There is nothing wrong for an adult women to have sex with a 13-14 year old boy. It's actually unnatural for any law to impose restrictions on anyone past their puberty to have sex.

  • Absolutely it should

    Would I have sex with a 13 year old girl if it was legal? Probably not. I just don't think any man should go to prison and be labeled a sex offender for having sex with a girl of any age if the girl is okay with it, Especially if she initiates it. Trust me, If a 13 or for that matter a 10 year old girl wants to have sex, She is going to do so. That said, It would be better if it is with an older and experienced man than with a young boy of 12 to 17 who won't even be able to do the right thing if she gets pregnant.

  • Sex, Not limited to intercourse, Is harmless when engaged in responsibly. The issues is ignorance due to the taboo not that it causes direct harm.

    It is amazing to me that people wanting to enforce their archaic views will blatantly lie to themselves and others concerning the pleasure that sexual activity brings or that a person between 11-18 cannot consent to experiencing that pleasure.

    It is also amazing to me that those same people have no problem allowing their children at 13 years or younger to enjoy the pleasures of eating foods in a habit forming lifestyle that has lead to an increase of obesity. Obesity which is the second leading cause of preventable death and 300 times more deadly than drugs, Alcohol, Car accidents, Etc.

    Why is this? It is because, In most situations, No one in their right mind would think to question if a child could consent to something they enjoy. Excluding obvious extremes such as entering into a complex business agreements or swimming with sharks, It is only when it comes to basic sexual experiences does this come up.

    Fears of a child being kidnapped or raped are valid, But what parent allowed their child to walk the streets at night and meet with strangers on the internet anyway, Whether or not their children are legally allowed to choose who can give them an orgasm and when?

    The question is not does a child have the ability to consent to actual rape or physical abuse, But whether or not a child can experience pleasure from sex and desire to engage in it further.
    Also: "What magic happens at age 18, That suddenly these experiences are consensual? " Is rape not still rape before or after18? Can a person age 11-17 not understand they do not enjoy something? Do all people after the age 18 have an outspoken nature when withholding consent that no 11-17 year old could possibly posses? Countless adults report they were traumatized by being forced into religious, Band, Or sports or other activities they didn't enjoy. Should we extend the inability to consent to other activities that adults express deep resentment towards later in their lives?

    How do we protect them from physical abuse? The same as we protect them from sports injuries, Human trafficking or other dangers. Whether or not they are legally allowed to enjoy sex, These dangers will still exist and will not be lessened by denying them sexual pleasure.

    However, Because a 11-17 year old might fall and crack their head open, Will you not allow them to ice skate? Some might not, But should the law force all parents to deny their child a chance at competitive sports because their is a serious risk for harm?

    Yet, Even though we understand this when we allow children to compete in dangerous sports. We freak out when an 11-13 year old wants experience pleasure even by giving or receive oral sex or sticking a finger in their crotch? Suddenly activities so very unlikely to result in any kind of serious injury, Compared to the most dangerous activates children engage in, Is the greatest evil imaginable?

  • "Pedophile"? Educate yourself.

    A "pedophile" is someone who like Prepubescents CHILDREN. Nature and religion both say you are no longer a child when pubescents. If they raise the age to 25 then you would start calling everyone who likes 22 year old's "perverts" and "pedophiles" you ignorant bunch of idiots. Just because the age becomes 13 or 11 or 9 or 7 or no age limit at all, The ugly fat neighbor doesn't suddenly become attractive. Family is still incest and people in a position of authority and rape is still illegal no matter the age. If a Prison Guard had sex with a 40 year old, That is illegal. Age has nothing to do with what nature has dictated. Stop throwing people in jail for being perfectly normal and natural. A study done by a very well known and respected college proved that even though they would not admit it. 88. 4% of adults (all colors and men and women) were sexually aroused by images of children early and prepubescents. 88. 4% is the very definition of N O R M A L. Old women don't want the age lowered as they already know they can not compete. Given a choice between a 14 year old and a 40 year old, The 14 will win 100% of the time. This is by design of nature (or if you're religious), Then God himself made this decision.

  • You guys are f***ing disgusting!

    No children at the age of 13 do not have the brain power to give consent. They can't understand the idea of of having sex or what it takes to care for a child since THEY ARE A CHILD. You guys are f***ing pedophiles, Does f***ing kids turn you on?

  • People who vote yes are pedophiles.

    Like what the f**k, Why would you lower the age of consent to 13? Are you trying to start a cult? God damn it what the f**k, Lowering it to 13 isn't ok, Its just WRONG, These boomers who vote yes just want to ruin their 13 year olds lives when they grow up.

  • No it should not.

    Anyone with common sense will know this is a bad idea and would not want this. This law is put in place like this to protect children and anyone who wants this to be lowered should be questioned. If it was lowered, People would abuse the fact that children are unable to understand what is really means.

  • It’s plain wrong

    At those young ages they still have the mind of a child they don’t have the ability to make that kind of decision can’t buy alcohol can’t buy a gun can’t join the military can’t make the decision to have sex kids at that age should be protected from predators

  • I'm not a pedophile

    Y'all who said yes need to be put on an FBI watchlist or something tbh. If you wanna f**k 13 year olds, Please get some help. At the very least never go near another child again. It seems odd that more people are willing to support degeneracy as time goes on.

  • I'm 13 btw

    Why would the consent age need to be lowered to 13? I wouldn't like to know that my son or daughter got STDs, Because they lust after sex at that age. I wouldn't like to see my daughter come home with blood between her legs and can't do anything about or my son or daughter got somebody or themselves pregnant now they got to support that baby. Also when I said son or daughter I meant hopefully future.

  • No no and hell no!

    The human brain is not fully developed until the age of 25, The Prefrontal Cortex, Which is responsible for problem solving, Decision making etc. . . We can't expect young children to completely understand how these decisions will influence or impact their life, And also leaves them vulnerable to predators. The idea of this is immoral and sick!

  • I think it's absolutely wrong to touch a child and that's what that is!

    They Have no idea at that age what life is about. I can honestly say I will kill a grown man if he touches one of mine. They are a child at that age and should not have to deal with out sexual things. How was you at that age? Could you make wise decisions about that stuff at that age

  • Save Our Children

    Pedophiles should be hung in the streets, And maybe people might think twice about letting thoughts about children enter their minds. Children under 18 are growing physically and mentally and emotionally, And any adult trying to have sexual relations with someone under 18 is only going to manipulate that child's growth in a way that is detrimental to their innocence and survival.

  • Hell to the No!

    13! Are you kidding me! At 13 a child does not fully understand the relationship behind sex! Must be 18 to join the army. . . Must be 21 to drink. . . Must be 18 to buy cigarettes, Why? Because CHILDREN do things on impulse! They do not understand the consequences of such large actions! Could only imagine the abortion rate sky rocketing over this! Children raising children. Foster care being an all time high! So many children not being able to support the consequences of pregnancy at this age! Hell to the no! Quit trying to push having sex with children as a thing! Nasty bastards!

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PathtoWisdom says2021-10-13T17:45:05.727
Most states don't have a minimum age of criminal liability. So they literally think a 14 year old can commit a crime and be tried as an adult, And ackowledge the fact that she/he can make a desicion, But can't decide if he/she wants to be touched or not. That's stupid. I also want to adress the Austin Jones case. The internet celebrity "forced" a teenager to send him her videos while twerking. He forced her, That's wrong. But a 14 year old is both physically and mentally mature enough to make desicions about his/her body. And she made a video about the case, Crying all over the video just for the views in my opinion. She is using Austin for views. And he is in prison. Girl, You were 14, Not 8. Of course it was wrong for him to force her, But the girl is playing dumb for views on You Tube. Austin got 10 years in prison which is really stupid. American laws on age of consent MUST change.

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