• Yes, with increased sex education.

    Look at the high pregnancy rates in places like England or other nations with the age of consent at 16. Now look at the low rates in places like Spain where (until recently) the age of consent was 13. Obviously you can't make a 100% certain correlation between those two things, but it definitely warrants some study into the culture of why there is a difference with teen pregnancy rates.

    Germany and many other European countries have it right (imo). Children are starting puberty earlier and earlier with each passing generation. There is no need to criminalize a person who finds a developed 14 year old attractive. Tie this into the following points.

    Look at Mexico and how it deals with age of consent. I recently saw an article talking about how as soon as the parent/guardian/teenager complains, the person is sent off to jail with no chance of defense (I am sure that you can argue about corrupt courts all day, but I am simply highlighting a great way of dealing with adolescent sex).

    I think that combining better sex education with responsible parents/guardians/teachers (like in Mexico and other countries) is the best form of "protection" from abuse.

    To assume there is abuse/manipulation just because the person is X years older is a joke. Take any relationship, and there will always be an imbalance of power. One will always be smarter or more mature than the other (even if by a little). What matters is applying the "innocent until proven guilty" clause across the board. If the parents/teen think the relationship is bad (even if before anything abusive has happened), then that will be the end of the relationship. If there is abuse, then the person should be put on trial and be judged accordingly.

  • 14 is old enough

    It definitely shouldn't be lower than 14, but i'd say at that age, most people are smart enough to decide whether or not they want to have sex. I know I could make such a decision at that age. Many of us underestimate the thought processes of young people, but I think a 14 year old is smart enough to consent to sex. I would however possibly support a "close in age rule", like if you're more than 10 years older you can't, to avoid much older people from sleeping with 14 year olds.

  • Some people can be stupid

    It doesn't make any difference by raising the age of consent.The statistical rate of teen pregnancy,child rape,and child prostitution are still very high among countries which set their age of consent from 16-18.I think even age of 13 should be legal to have sex as long as the partner is not so old.

  • Yes or maybe 13

    I think people at age around 13-14 should be legally in engage in sexual activity maybe even with an adult(but this should have an exception such as age gape like it's should be illegal for a 34 years old have sex with 13-14.But it should be legal for 20-24 have sex with minor.

  • Yes it should be lowered

    I born in phillipine and there,the age of consent is 12.But however over there ,they have a very good management on how to handle crime such as child prostitution and child sexual abuse.Prostitution there is illegal for any age(no age of consent),and annyone who have sex with under 12 get death sentence.

  • Ye,i do support it

    According to the Research statistic says that countries which set their limit of age of consent about 16-18 belong to the highest child rape and sexual abuse.In south Africa,age of consent is 16,but belong to one of the highest child rape in the world.One child is raped their every minute.

  • 14 is old enough to give consent.

    In California there was a case (San Luis Obispo County V. Nathan J.) a fifteen year old boy was forced to pay child support to his "rapist" after she became pregnant and gave birth. If you are old enough to pay child support, he is old enough to give consent.

  • Abolish "Age of Consent" laws. Period.

    Consent laws were created to combat abuse, Not to create abuse. By assuming all persons under 18 are Not capable of making ONE decision (sex), But Are capable and expected to make ALL other decisions correctly, Is in itself a form of "restrictive" abuse toward minors. The byproduct being a culture of chronological-age-based "fear-separation". This leads to numerous false assumptions by others whenever an adult contacts (phone, Internet, Text, Face-to-face) a minor. This increases the number of accusations, Arrests, And convictions of both innocent and guilty persons. But, Many of the "guilty" were in consensual relationships before and are now victims of Consent laws. Laws involving Abuse already entail Consent laws. Why make the Law more complex than it already is? Let's try to get back to responsible civility without adding more laws which will effectively reduce our liberties and hurt us All!

  • Gd gd gd

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  • It removes stigma

    Lowering the age of consent to 14 would allow a conversation between adults and children to actually be had about sexual intercourse. Many children find talking about sex awkward with their parents. I'd say that 14 year olds are definitely mature enough to be able to consent to sex and it would also allow them to be more responsible.

  • There should be multiple ages of consent that apply differently depending on the age differences

    If two 14 year olds have sex with each other it is ridiculous to charge them with statuatory raping each other. At the very least we should instead count it as a misdemeanor juvenile delinquency offense carrying a small fine instead of statuatory rape. Same for a 16 year old and a 14 year old. Beyond that it gets kind of gray up until the older person is 18. If the younger person is 16 though then the older person shouldn't get in trouble beyond "aiding a minor in delinquency"(as opposed to statuatory rape) at least until the person is 20 maybe 21.

    If they are close enough in age the older person isn't a pedophile and may well see the other person as a peer as they are close in age. Instead of just one age of consent we should have more than one and apply them differently depending on the age of the younger and older person.

    But across the board at 14? Let a 30 year old have sex with a 14 year old?


  • No supporting underage sex

    How would you feel if you found out that your daughter, from a father's veiw, was having sex at the age of 14! The girl is just becoming a young lady, developing mentally and emotionally, and is not prepared for a decesion this big! The thought of young children having sexually intercourse, with the possibility of them becoming parents is.... Unbeleivable. Young ladies and gentlemen, they need to be be educated and taught when to say and when to say no. They need to understand that if they say yes, there are big risks and responsibilities that come with the choice they choose. They have a future ahead of them, a career to look into and get started, they have schooling, sports, family, and friends; how do they have time to have a relationship or to be sexually active? If you look at it from an adults point of veiw or perspective, you can understand why they would say no to the age being lowered. The lower the age the easier it will be for rapist to get to them and hurt them, easier for them to ruin their lives at a young age, and take on unneeded worry and responsibility. My opinion is a firm no.

    Posted by: fru
  • At that age, they cannot consent.

    Remember, at this age, they are being addled with hormones. Regardless of biological sex and how they identify, they'll be going through and feeling all kinds of things. Even if they fancy someone, it doesn't mean they are consenting.

    Having a lower age of consent will just mean more sexual predators can get away with molestation or rape of a minor and walk away without punishment. Now, before you say 'what if it was consensual?' Then think about this; it's not about the teenager saying 'yes', it's about the adult having the responsibility to say 'no.'

    The reason the age of consent is where it is is because a kid that age simply cannot consent and lowering it is the worst someone can do.

  • Children cannot consent

    A 14 year d in our culture is emotionally incapable of understanding the repercussions of having sex. They are unable to legally support themselves and cannot therefore support any children they would have as a result of consenting to sex. Why would anyone suggest such a ridiculous law? Sounds like the creepy Montana judge who said the 14 year old girl who was RAPED by her teacher 'looked older than her age'.

  • 14 is a very impressionable age

    Even though I hate the government telling us what we can and can't do. I don't think that we should allow children under the age of 16 to make those kinds of decisions on their own. Having laws in place let children know that sex is something serious and needs to be decided upon only a thorough understanding of the implications and consequences can be understood.

  • Why should it be?

    Early teen years is when we're still young and dumb. Also, our libido is somewhat unstable. Our sex drive at an age where most of us are still going through puberty causes us to have sex at a younger age. That's why we still have teen pregnancies. I don't care about how old someone loses his/her virginity, but if it's at 14, then questions will pile in.

  • I am fourteen and not all of us are very smart.

    I know there are kids at my school doing it, but that doesn't mean it should become legal at our age. There are sex education programs, but not all or not even half of the kids pay attention. 14 is too early to be ready to be a mom or a dad.

  • Children are not emotionally nor mentally prepared.

    Not only would lowering the consent cause trouble in the future for them, however it would also make way for troubles then and there. Fourteen year olds, at this point in their lives are extremely immature, and are barely getting acquainted with the hormonal and physical changes going on in their bodies. A major step and change such as engaging in sexual intercourse would only further complicate experiences and changes that are occurring within them. Nowadays children are watching and doing things that they shouldn't be, and adding sex on top of it all would cause for a terrible adolescence.

  • It Should Not Change

    Would you want your children engaging this early? Think about it. Engaging would interfere with school and the education of the children, as lowering it would cause them to stay at home to take care of their child instead of getting their education to a brighter future. Therefore, it should not be lowered because it causes a dark future and education interference.

  • Age of consent should be determined by parents and maturity

    All children mature at different rates. Fourteen is a very tender age at which some are ready for almost anything, and some are ill prepared to go into the world around them. In general, I find the idea of an age set by the state for certain things to be ineffective at determining a young person's actual maturity level.

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