Should the age of consent be lowered to 15?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Teens are Already Treated as Adults in Many Cases

    For example, in the United States, a 14 year old can be charged and tried as an adult, we allow them to drive cars which can kill people (as an illustrated converse, no orgasm I have ever had has killed anyone) and rightfully expect them to drive responsibly like adults, and when they work we require them to pay taxes exactly as if they were adults while having absolutely no adult-like political power in the form of votes. We also require them, either thru statute or circumstance, to attend schools which may not be the safest locations or the most conducive to learning with the expectation, like adults, if they are not learning enough correctly they will take the initiative like adults to improve their situation, especially once they have entered the workforce (e.G., name three employers who say an employee's childhood years and quality of schooling excuses any career/topical ignorance or incompetence). Heck, in the United States, political candidates are still judged by what they did in their teenage years (i.E., Bill Clinton and Barack Obama come readily to mind).

    While we deny the right to decide whether or not to have sex to 15, 16, and 17 year olds on the grounds, say, they are not old enough to make such decisions and simultaneously require they abide by the same aforementioned responsibilities because they contradictorily some how ARE old enough to make such decisions, we fail to consistently apply the "You are not able to handle so-called 'adult behaviors' responsibly" to adults. Many adults take actions which are highly irresponsible and are some how they are still legally permitted to have sex despite their demonstrated inability/unwillingness to act in a so-called "adult manner".

    Think it thru: Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Ted Nugent, Amanda Bynes, Mel Gibson, Michael Richards, Alec Baldwin, whoever is responsible for Honey BooBoo; each one of these individuals has demonstrated they have a huge capacity to engage in irresponsible activities, which is to say a huge capacity to FAIL to be responsible, and they have often demonstrated they DO engage in such behavior. Yet, some how, someone has come to the conclusion it is the 15 year olds who are not capable of acting like adults at the exact same time we _require_ them to act like adults.

  • Lowering the age of driving?

    I say no because driving under the age of our legal age should not be lowered because maybe some teens dont practice their driving, even though they might get their drivers lisence. They might not be ready for it. They could be nervous with trying not to hit vehicles and other things that are in the way. They also can get hurt in crashes. Teens can consume drugs/alcohol while behingd the wheel.

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