Should the age of consent be raised to 18?

Asked by: moyalo
  • Teens dont need to have sex

    Teens should wait until after their marriage to have sex. Teen pregnacy should not be prevalent in our society. It is a thing of the past. There are too many risks out there. I ask why cant you wait until 18 to have sex, I know it is a part of nature, but don't you know about stds

  • Though a law may not completely wipe out a behavior, it may limit it, which is certainly desirable.

    Two issues here: whether teen sexuality is desirable and whether the raising the age of consent would do more harm than good in regards to the prevalent view in our culture on youth sexuality.

    What's happening here is that our attitudes toward sex have shifted to a recreational view, one that sees sex has having few consequences (if any) and not putting anyone in danger. In effect, sex is seen as a private affair and not having any social dimensions, which is a matter for another debate.

    The notion of sexuality being harmful is critical though. A 17-year-old can't get a job at a sandwich shop because of knife-handling laws requiring the employee being at least 18 years of age. Is sex potentially more influential on life than handling a knife? Drinking alcohol is, legally, considered requiring responsibility and so the drinking age is generally 18 years and sometimes older; the same goes for purchasing cigarettes. Driving also cannot be done before 18 without proper education of the risks associated with driving; in a similar vein, we have widespread sex education, which is obviously not sufficient. Since the cultural view of sexuality (especially in America and Europe) has shifted to see sex as harmless and even physically beneficial, it's no surprise the question of consent age is viewed this way. If the consent age were to be raised, though, it would reflect a societal view that sexuality is something to be handled with responsibility and has its risks associated with it, and so, in a strange, indirect way, might gradually foster a cultural attitude that would reduce, to whatever extent, reckless sex that leads to unwanted pregnancies and STDs among youths.

    What's ironic, moreover, is that a non-pornographic movie with explicit sexuality will, if lucky, get a rating of R (can't get admitted without parents if under 17), or otherwise NC-17. Why should young teens be able to do acts they can't legally see, whether in the movies or on pornographic websites? This is saying nothing of the fact that teens will absolutely still have sex regardless of consent age--one social force (especially when it's a law) is never enough to combat a behavior. I maintain, though, that it would serve as decent restraint on teenage sexuality (nobody wants to get in trouble, for the most part) and so would lower rates of teenage sexuality (and thus lower teen pregnancies, ideally). This effect on pregnancies and STDs would depend on whether condoms and other contraceptives are still being sold to minors, and wouldn't be up to the change in consent age by itself.

  • To protect against sex with a minor

    In the uk you are unable to drink or smoke till you are 18, However you can legally have sex at 16, I am 30 years old yet techinically I could legally have intercourse with a 16 year old child as long as they consented, how this is not seen as a criminal offence is quite frankly insane they are minors in all other aspects of the law

  • Teen pregnancy is bad

    Teen pregnancy is too common nowadays with 16 year olds. They haven't finished school yet and they're having kids. I think by 18 you would be finished with school, therefore would have an education and be able to survive on their own with their kids. I just think they need to be more responsible.

  • Ues it 1000% should!!!

    I heard they're lowering it to 13 which is complete BSat 13 you;ll still look like a 10 year old and your still in school you got no time for sex let alone not actually knowing a thing about it. 18 is the perfect age because your an adult by then and your allowed to drink and stuff. I get people don't want kids 12 or 13 or whatever you wanna call it getting pregnant but this is just motivating them more and more to turn bad and be having sex so young. What's next, 9? Your making them believe its ok to fo this when really its not, not yet at least. If you people keep blinding yourself to believe this nonesense then soon enough kids 11 will having sex. Think that's ridiculous? THEN REALISE 13 IS RIDICULOUS COZ THATS ONLY 2 YEARS MORE! You gotta be 18 for everything else so why not this? If you gotta be 18 to smoke, drink and drive but 13 or whatever to have sex thatll just make kids think they can do what they want and they'll be doing the other stuff like smoking early too. Where'll all this lead? Drugs. Smoking addiction. Alcoholic. Prostitution. I've heard how highschool girls talk and its revolting you never hear them talk about sense just the 10 different guys they slept with this week and they don't know half they're name and dont know what a hymen is! Not to mntion these girls look like 10 year olds. In conclusion yes, the age of consent should DEFFFFFFF be raised to 18 without a doubt!

  • Young teenagers under the age of 18, are simply not physically or mentally old enough to cope with the responsibilities of having sex.

    The are not emotionally mature enough to make sensible choices and are likely to live a lifetime of regret, nor are they mature enough in many cases to take on the responsibilities of adequate precautions against pregnancy and disease.
    They are not fully matured physically and can face serious complications in the event of a pregnancy due to the strain on a body that is not yet fully grown.

  • Nobody below 18 should EVER be having sexual intercourse.

    Teenagers lack the time,maturity and training to care for a child. Bearing a child is a long and stressful process that is best suited to mature adults who can actually care for a unborn child. Plus teens have there whole life ahead of them. Why blow it out so soon?

  • Change our youth and restore our society- raise the age of consent to 18.

    Teenagers should not be having sex at ages lower than 18. This is because teens do not understand how emotionally, physically and financially the hazards are that come with sex. Yes, sex will be pleasurable, but teenagers need to understand that along with this comes negatives. Teenage pregnancy and STDS are on the rise, people need to start realizing that the average age people and losing their virginity it 14 and that's not acceptable! It is impacting, a huge life changer, how could you just carry out the act without being ready for the negatives of sexual intercourse? Because many teenagers do not even think about the consequences, resulting in STDS and pregnancy. If you look closely in every movie, television programme and popular teenage things, everything is sexually orientated. Yes, sex is a part of nature but it is not necessary when teens should be focusing on schooling. Sex should be saved for a special time and teenagers just cannot judge that, teenagers are pressured into sex, making it not special. Sex should be a happy, pleasurable experience with someone you love, and to me that should happen when you are over the age of 18.

  • Age of Consent should be raised in order to save our teens.

    Raising the age of consent will reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections in teens, and also protect them from emotional and physical abuse from these perverts. How can it be morally correct for a mature man/woman who even has a child at the same age or older given the privilege of engaging in sexual activities with a teen?

  • Consider the CONSEQUENCES

    The possibility of a teen pregnancy raises an immeasurable amount of dilemmas. Who would look after the child? The grandmother? Why should she? The VAST majority of 16 year olds are in no position financially, mentally and in some cases physically to have sexual intercourse. I know this BECAUSE I AM ONE (before any of you lefties criticise me). Our society is so sex obsessed and orientated that it s DISGUSTING.

  • Immoral and Ineffective.

    My main qualm with an adult age of consent is the assumption that sex is an inherently adult activity, which I don't find to be the case. It can certainly be considered a MATURE activity (I'm not in favor of 10 year olds running around getting laid), but relatively speaking, out of all activities deemed by our society to have a mature nature (i.E. Driving, voting, sex, drinking), I would assert that sex is the least serious. An age of consent should be implemented, but 15 or 16 is far more reasonable than 18. By this age, teens have likely had ample sexual education and are mature enough to recognize the risks on the same level as adults. If a 15 year old can be trusted with life and death by driving a car, they can be trusted to take a mature approach to sex.

    Regardless, I'm in favor of abolishing all age of consent laws. Consensual sex is about the most private activity imaginable; attempting to regulate it is not a solution. Teens are curious, and they WILL have intercourse whether we like it or not, similar to the fact that teens WILL experiment with drugs/alcohol, whether we like it or not. Age of consent laws do not currently have any impact upon teen pregnancy, and raising the age will not increase their effectiveness. All these laws serve to do is put individuals in consenting relationships in prison on statutory rape charges, a tragedy I've seen occur too many times. If we really want to chip away at big issues like teen pregnancy and STD transfer, we should abolish the age of consent and replace it with laws concerning mandatory sexual education and easy-accessibility to condoms and birth control.

  • Teens are sexually active beings.

    We cannot categorize all of them as "innocent little children." After puberty, most teens know what sex is. They are not as naïve to what sex is, thus, an adult wouldn't be able to coerce a teen to sex if the teen didn't want to. If a teen wanted to have consensual sex with an adult and are educated on how to prevent the physical and mental harms, then what would be the problem? Raising the age of consent will only restrict teen sexuality.

  • I say no

    I think that the sexual consent age should not be raised to 18 because it will not prevent teens having sex, but maybe encourage them to have more sex. Plus, I do not want to have to wait for that long to legally have sexual intercourse, and I shouldn't have to.

  • Sex is an innate instinct

    A majority of people have had some sort of sexual experience by the time they reach the age of 18. Raising the age of consent to 18 is forcing people to suppress their desires when they are at a high level of intensity. The age of consent should be decided by the individual, not by the government.

  • Age Of Consent Fine

    I do not see any reason to change the age of consent. In some areas the age of consent is already 18, in other areas it can 17 or sometimes 16. I believe it would be best to make the age of consent consistent from one state to the next, but I see no reason to raise it, rather than lowering it.

  • Making something illegal never prevents it.

    Look at the "War on Drugs". Drugs are FAR more accessible and cheap (in today's dollars) than they were in the Eighties when our government started this nonsensical "drug war".

    Trying to prevent teen sex is even more futile. We evolved to have sex in our teens. Nothing, not social stigma, not poor sex education or sheltering, not threats, has ever kept teenagers from having sex. All you produce with such nonsense as "abstinence only sex education" is pitifully uninformed and ignorant kids who engage in unprotected risky behaviors. Kids receiving abstinence only education are MORE likely to get STDs or pregnant, less likely to use contraception, and more likely than their peers to engage in risky behaviors like unprotected oral and an@l sex. Those making "purity pledges" also only delay their average age of virginity loss over their peers by nine months.

    What SHOULD be required is comprehensive sex education at an age early enough to make a difference (before 14, which is the average age of virginity loss in America) and available contraception.

  • No, No, No, No, and No.

    Simply saying, 'Don't do this!' isn't going to stop teenagers from doing it. After all, how well has telling teenagers not to smoke, drink, and get high worked? For the most part, it simply hasn't. Furthermore, I think we seriously need to calm down about this constant panicking about teenagers having sex. Seriously guys, teenagers having sex isn't the worst thing in the world. Yes, accidents happen and yes, some people are irresponsible. But again, I cannot stress this enough, telling someone to simply stop doing something isn't going to stop them from doing it.

    To be honest though, I just don't have a problem with teenagers doing it. Maybe I'm naive or maybe I put far too much faith in humanity, but I honestly believe that with the proper tools we can educate people into doing the right thing. Communication has always been our greatest strength as a species, and utilizing it is far more effective than relying on the law to simply handle things. Because the law is incredibly nonsensical.

    Oh, and abstinence shouldn't be promoted. In fact, any matter relating to sex shouldn't be. Slutty, Abstinent, Monogamous, polygamous. Celibacy. There's nothing wrong with being any of these as long as all parties are honest and safe, but guys, don't enforce your thing down other people's throats, m'kay?

  • It won't stop teenagers from doing it.

    Think of drinking and smoking and drugs: saying "Don't do this! " won't stop anything, In fact it would probably encourage "rebellious" teens to do it even more. Even in school people still break the rules. It will not change a single thing in my opinion.
    When you are 16 you are most likely mature enough to have intercourse anyway.

  • I want to say yes and no on so many hypocripsys of the law

    The age of consent laws don't even protect those who are even in a "reasonable" age gap like 16 to 20 or 23 (Whatever your reason is), Some people can see this maybe as acceptable and especially how different parts of the world see the age of consent. I can see a 17yo boy or girl defintley being able to vote and consent to sex. In the US you can join the service at 17 (with parental consent) if an 18yo can in highschool still and out consent to sex with a middle aged woman or man, Then so can a 17yo. 17yos are getting out of high school early. Plus people want to reduce the voting rights all over the world to 16 since 18-24 harldy votes. I am for and against that, Only in reasonable amount of time can that work. Hell I would have loved it to be like that for me 4 years ago, I coukd have left the oppression of my mother who is mentally a delusuional pyscho child. She said I want to stab you to her 16yo son.

  • The age of consent should be puberty

    The age of consent should be puberty. That's when someone becomes sexually mature. Therefore, NO ONE has the right to tell them what they can and cannot do with their own bodies. It's a personal choice. The government and ignorant/misguided people have no say in this matter. Next, These Nazis will try to control our breathing.

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