Should the age of consent to date (currently 18) be lowered?

Asked by: MixedAndy
  • Teen pregnancies would neither decrease or increase, but arrests that defy the age of consent will decrease.

    Plus, the age of consent applies to the age of consensual sex. However, let us face it:
    The media is adding more sexual content on the T.V., advertisement, etc. on everything we find entertainment with. Kids have been, and will continue to be, having sex and it will not hinder or grow teen pregnancies. The teens might find it more acceptable, since the age of consent is lower, but sex is a normal human act. Criminalizing a couple who agrees to have sexual intercourse is, in itself, a crime. You are basically calling something a crime that humans do naturally. We need to stop categorizing ourselves as "Democrats" and "Republicans" and start calling ourselves "Americans", or at least "Human". Sex is natural, calling it a crime is unnatural.

  • Oh yeah !

    Look, I live near a high school and around 3 o'clock classes are over and all these girls put on their tight little shorts and go jogging. If I were their age I would date one of them and be her love slave. Believe me a girl who is that beautiful deserves to have an orgasm 2 or 3 times a week!

  • Sexual age of consent should be at least 14 or 13

    While sexual consent in which a person can freely have sex with anyone,should be stay at appropriate minimum age 13 or 14. Under 13 i think it's too low and i don't recommend because at too young age,children might confuse in making decision and aren't mature yet.Yes it should be lowered.

  • Educate, not prosecute....

    I think the AOC should be 14. Instead of focusing more on prosecuting, we should focus more on educating teens about sex and the physical/mental harms that may come with it. Most teens could care less about the law so if they are going to do it, might as well teach them how to do it safely. Maybe that way, we wouldn't be ranked #1 for teen pregnancy and we wouldn't have to waste more of our tax dollars on people who pose no threat to our society.

  • It would just mean more teenage pregnancies.

    While libertarians may be more liberal with teenagers and sex in the name of individual freedom, while liberals/leftists do the same to make sure they will have more people dependent on welfare in the future, anybody who is sane can see this is a bad idea.

    While there are always going to be some young people who will date and possibly have sex before they are 18, making this behaviour look ok in front of society is not wise.

  • I don't even...

    I've seen fifth-graders dating. What you're talking about is sex. The age of consent to have sexual intercourse is 18, in America, and it's put at that age so most of the hormones are out of them and they stand a chance of rational thought. Also, 18 is the age of majority, and they're on their own, making a place for themselves in the wide world.

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