Should the age of majority be aligned with puberty?

Asked by: Fanny
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  • Every child is different.

    I thought everyone learned this in middle school, EVERYONE matures at different ages, it is scientifically proven. There not an age where a child just wakes up a man(or woman). This view of life is ignorant "oh when I turn 14 I will leave the house, start a family, have a good career and become a man (or woman)". Wake up call, that ended hundreds of years ago. Just because I (15) think I'm ready for a career doesn't mean my other 15 year old friend is ready. Young adolescents need to learn and mature before being allowed to do anything! That's why you have to take a test (and pass and get a license) before driving, that's why you need a permit before owning a gun, that's why you need to have an ID (and be of legal age) before drinking, that's why they have SCHOOL, to help students get ready socially, mentally, educationally, and physically. Kids need time to mature and by the looks of it at my high school, the legal age is just fine. I think everyone can agree that the age of legality still isn't high enough, (this opinion is the epitome of that)

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