Should the age of majority be lowered to 11 or even 10?

Asked by: ILoveCars
  • Why Not Ten?

    I'm a ten year old myself. When you are ten, adults think you don't know anything. When you are ten, you are technically mature. I am in a middle school and I'm in fifth grade. My district wouldn't start middle school in fifth if nobody was mature enough to handle being near people of three years their superior. Even Adam Sandler movies are okay. They are popular with kids in my grade, but we're not overreacting or anything.

  • Definitely; puberty usually begins by age 11 (or fifth grade).

    Apart from the 16+ law for driving, 17+ for seeing R-rated films at theaters, and 18+ for smoking and voting, [and so on] I personally think tweens are ready and mature enough to handle a lot of movies rated PG-13 and even some rated R (The King's Speech, Schindler's List, et cetera), as well as to be left alone without parental supervision and know when to eat candy and other junk food.

  • Slightly Too Young

    11 or 10 is just simply too young. I would support lowering the age of majority to 15 and the age of consent to age 13; but below that is just too young. At age 13, you're emotionally and physically well enough to handle sex and/or having a child. At age 15, you have enough worldly experience to be a reasonably alright adult. But under those ages is too far.

  • This isn't about personal experience

    Maybe you(author) feel like you are mature enough to be considered adult, maybe you even are, but this isn't about you. This is about considering a whole generation of kids as adult and give them responsabilities without the necessary maturity. How many kids will objectively vote for the best candidate in an election and not on the candidate someone asked them to vote are the one that seems the coolest. Maturity isn't based on age, but it is the only way the objectively draw a line and this line has to take into consideration that the age of majority isn't design to accomodate child prodigy are early mature kids : it is designed for the general society.

  • Considerations and abilities.

    No. Each day i spend my time working with teens and tweens and though many consider themselves mature, and even their parents might, they are far from it. The reasoning faculties of this age group are limited at best. Most of the children I work with are struggling too much with what it means to be accepted rather than considering what they need for their future as adults and beyond. Also, numerous psychological and physiological studies have shown that stimuli has a great effect on these minds and actions. Parents should be intimately involved in discussions about the films, music, social media, and even fashion, to help these children see the cause-and-effect of specific choices and influences. Most advocacy groups agree that a child of this age is not capable of making the necessary decisions for prolonged mental, social, emotional, and physical health.

  • Sorry about this.

    I know that there are loads of 10-11 year old's our there who are really mature and know what they're doing, but quite frankly, having observed children in my school, I would be terrified if they were considered adults. Some of them are perfectly mature, but most of them just think they are. I'm 16, and I would be terrified if I was considered an adult. The age of majority is 18 because it's safer for people under that age to be under the care of someone else.

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