Should the age of majority be lowered to 16?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Yes . .

    I was certainly responsible enough to make important decisions and able to understand politics well enough to vote at 16. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • 16 year olds are not children.

    16 is the ideal age. You are grown,experienced, and can make decisions at this age. I think this is the age you should be able to vote, buy lottery tickets, view 18+ content, get a job without parents consent, and move out if you wish. And have drinking at 18. I also think we should remove the 12th grade and have at high school start at 8th grade too to make up for that.

  • 16 is an ideal age, not before nor above 16

    I did not live with my parents after 16. I was living in my own apartment, working full time, looking after myself. I never got into any kind of trouble. I was much more responsible at 19 then my parents were at that age. Now I see kids babied throughout their 20s. I think most 16 year olds are ready to be a part of the "real world"; but the law restrains them and holds their parents responsible for them. In the US, they can't leave home without their parents' permission. In countries where the age of majority is lower, like Cuba, teens are much more responsible. Teens will act like adults if given adult rights and responsibilities, instead of treated like children.

  • If you have a valid drivers license, then absolutely.

    I feel everyone should have a right to vote at 16, if they have a valid drivers license. As citizens we are losing are rights continually, so we all need to speak up and why not start as soon as you get licensed. The age limit for tobacco and alcohol should remain at 21.

  • Not Mature Yet

    At 16, You are still a teenager. Hell, Even 18 is probably too young to be an adult. You should not be both a teenager and an adult at the same time. Raise the age of majority to 20! Many 16 year olds are still too immature to make independent decisions and to be able to live on their own without adult help.

  • A Bit Too Young

    16 year-olds aren't mature enough for being treated like a grown up. They just won't be responsible yet. They should make the age 21, because that means you are officially an adult. 21 means you can drink alcohol, enter casinos, and more. So 21 is a good age. Not 16!

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xilence says2014-01-12T19:54:03.777
Maybe 17. If life expectancy goes down with no real chance of going up within a decent amount of time then yes. I do however believe that 16/17 should pass on drugs and alcohol but should be legally be allowed to make more basic decisions. Many are abused or tormented all up until 18. Courts should recognize 16+ as the age of majority in family law.