Should the age of majority be lowered to 17?

Asked by: Fanny
  • It's Time .

    It should be lowered. Some 17 teenagers committed crime but they can't go to jail because they're minors. I think it should be lower than 17 because even 14 year old child can commit a crime.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Voting drinking etc

    Is all a mater of maturity, the voting was put to 18 because of the draft, and yet we no longer have the draft so why is the voting age sitll 18 while drinking is 21? The human brain finishes developing in our early twenties so for all intends and purposes it should be 21-23 for drinking and voting...I mean specially voting. How can a child who still can't drink...Make an educated guess on the voting booth?

    Posted by: N711
  • Age is not just a number.

    The majority level is 18 for so many reasons not just one. Scientists made so many researches about the human brain and they concluded that there is an age when people start to think and realize more the consequences and responsibilities. 17 year old boys/girls did not attend the level of maturity needed to become responsible and face the challenges of life. If the majority age will be lowered to 17 our society would have more problems to face.

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