• We are living longer. You must be 21 and up to leave home!

    When the age of majority was determined to be 18 in the USA, the life expectancy was a fraction of what it is today. There is high unemployment among youth and a HS degree is nearly the equivalent of being a HS dropout in my parent's day, who happen to be baby boomers. Girls and boys alike at age 18 have not reached full maturity and indeed their bodies are still growing. There should be laws to force their parents to house, feed, and clothe these youth until age 21. This will reduce the homeless population among those under age 25 and leave the jobs for people in their late 20's or 30's who must work to have a place to live and meet their own needs. The brain at the age of 18 is not fully developed and independence at that age is quite uncommon.

  • The age of adulthood should be raised to 21

    The age of majority or adulthood used to be 21. It was lowered in the early 70s because kids felt that, if they were old enough to fight and possibly die for their country in Viet Nam, then they should be able to vote. The rest of the country agreed and the voting age was lowered to 18. Many other things were lowered at that time such as the age at which one could be tried and punished as an adult and be held fully responsible. Kids in foster care are now kicked out at 18 rather than 21. They have nowhere to go and end up living on the streets or getting into crime. I, as a parent, am unable to see my 18 year-old son's report card at the school that I pay tuition for unless he gives me permission. Eighteen year olds are deemed old enough to enter the porn business and many, because they are so young and inexperienced, are talked into performing perverted and dangerous acts by porn producers which leave them with STDs or worse. As a parent of eighteen year olds, I don't think they are mature enough to take on the responsibilities of adulthood and I think the age of majority should be raised back to 21. We should also raise the age at which kids can be drafted.

  • The Age of Majority SHOULDN'T have the word TEEN in it

    Why does it have to be eighteen your still a teenager when your eighteen think about it EIGHTEEN. Personally I don't think you can or should be called an adult if your 18 or 19, seeing as both the numbers still have the word teen in them. I know that at eighteen and nineteen are the ages when someone goes to college and you get everything but that reason doesn't seem legit if it has the word teen in it enough and for society to say OK your eighteen you have the right to do pretty much everything but pick a more accurate number and reason for that matter , i'm not sure if the age of majority should be 20 or 21 but it shouldn't be any of the teen numbers.

  • Somebody who has passed their teenage years still be considered a kid?

    Come on, please stop beating around the bush. Why are 18 and 21 the two magic adult ages? Why not 20? It is even and a new decade. Why the hell are teenagers trusted to go to war, sign legal contracts, get married, have kids, etc.? By that same token, why would somebody who was TWENTY years old be considered a child?

    TL;DR: Raise the age of majority, but to 20, not 21.

  • 21 should be the age of majority

    I agree! I have two friends who are eighteen and they are certainly not ready to be adults yet. Their brains isn't developed enough yet. Yes, it should be raised back to 21, and it will be! I mean why 18? That is WAY TOO YOUNG TO BE AN ADULT! It will be changed.

  • Age of majority

    The age of majority should be 21 because at 18 you haven't fully grown. At 18 you are still a teenager which makes you still a minor or a child. Some 18 year olds aren't able to make the right choices.

    Some 18 year olds aren't responsible enough which makes them like children. Some 18 year olds don't appreciate things.

    You are not a mentor or a physical adult until 21 which is 2 years in dogs. They an adult dog is 2 which is the equivalent of 21.

  • Yes, but then other categories should be raised, too.

    It is true that most young people do not have a chance of deciding well before the age of 21. So making it the age of majority is a fine idea. However, that might also mean that no one should be held to a commitment to the armed forces before that age either. And one would have to think about driving restrictions, too.

  • You're brain has not finished developing.

    This article is an easy read, (or listen).

    Secondly, teenagers are given a version of adulthood, that exploits them. Society does not consider an 18 year old to be responsible enough to drink; however, the military needs malleable, young minds, and the government needs tax paying adults. Our teenagers should be protected from a world that will, and does, exploit, and use them.

    Posted by: rele
  • There's no good reason not to.

    Its the only age of majority that makes sense to me right now.

    Becoming an adult shouldn't be based on physical maturity. Going through puberty doesnt make someone able to take care of themselves. Also, precocious puberty is a thing.
    Becoming an adult should not be based on an individuals maturity because it's too easy to pretend to be an adult.

    Unless someone has a mental illness they should be able to take care of themselves at the age of 21. So why not make that the age of majority?

  • Look back to 1971

    In 1971 the United States reduced the age of majority from 21 to 18 (supposedly for purposes of voting). Interesting that this coincided with the Vietnam war and the issue of drafting/recruiting people (males). The argument was that if they could be drafted and die for their country, they should also be allowed to vote. Let's move away from the double standard! You can die (either at war or by killing yourself with tobacco) for your country AND you can use an incompletely developed mind to vote for politicians who will use your body as their shield, but you can't drink. Hmmmm….
    I agree that most 18 year-old persons don't have the mental maturity to be independent. Allowing for exceptions (there's still emancipation), most 18 year-old people should be heading to college/university or trade school. The age of majority should be one age, across the board. Make it 20 or 21. You should not be allowed into the military, be allowed to drink, be allowed to purchase tobacco or vote until you've been through the transitional period which would follow high school "graduation" and only end when you have a trade or college degree.

  • More irresponsible young people

    We already have a problem of immature young people because they are forced to live with their parents and not expected to support themselves at an early age. Raising the age of majority, although can be good for people who can't take care of themselves at 18, will take away the autonomy of many more young people. Many parents don't let their teenager outside because they are afraid something will happen to them. Raising the age of majority will force kids to deal with irresponsible parents.

    Posted by: luvx
  • It will worsen things.

    Teens under 18 don't have any freedom. They can't make healthcare decisions (except reproductive), get a job without a parent's permission and permission from the state based on a medical exam, they can't leave their home without their parent's permission or they will be considered a "runaway" and cops will arrest them, bring them home and put them in juvenile justice and anything they buy, even with their own money, can be taken from them by their parents at any time for any reason. Before the industrial revolution people got married and had full adult rights upon puberty. Many Americans believe a misinterpreted study that the brain is not fully competent till 25. The study restrained teens and adults to an MRI and had them perform a task and, while teens and adults performed EQUALLY WELL, they both used different parts of their brains in the task. They failed to explain WHY? The brain is influenced by experience and outside factors and teens have different influences then adults with school system and having parents in their lives. It's usually fully competent around 12-15 and continues to develop throughout life, not around 25.

    In all mammal species, the animal is an adult upon puberty. When a person hits puberty they realize their parents will control their lives for the next 5 years and they feel like adults and imagine how that feels? This is why teens get angry. Raising the age of majority will make them more angry.

  • Age is A Number

    Age means nothing but how long you have polluted this earth with your humanness, If you raise the maturity age to 21 you will only bring more problems. Kids in this generation are rebellious and will do what ever it takes to be seen as an adult. Think before raising the maturity age.

  • No It should not,

    We have to draw the line somewhere. Raising the age of adulthood makes acting immature at 18 okay because their families will be required top take responsibility for them. Instead, 18 year olds need to be held to the standard of adulthood regardless of their maturity level or so that they learn how to be "adults" sooner rather than later.

  • No it should not

    I think that the age of maturity should stay at 18 for the reason that we could already drive, go to the military, and also vote for whoever we want to. Also that we could move out of our parents house if we wanted to. I say that the age for majority should stay at 18.

  • Should not be 21

    Actualy nope they should not raised , the only thing the should lower down is the drinking age it should at 20 years of age, because 21 does not ake sense if the lower down to 20 just the drinking age , but the age of majority stays at 18

  • The age of majority has nothing to do with maturity

    I've seen some wise and mature 17-year-olds and some, dumb-as-hell 25-year-olds. Raising the age of majority won't fix a thing.
    What it will do is give parents more control over their college age children, which is wise and stupid (depending on your child's maturity level). If a child is mature enough to go into the real world alone, a parent's job is to support them and give them criticism as new adults (whether negative or positive). You, and you alone, know how mature your child is. Just because you want more legal control over your stupid eighteen-year-olds doesn't mean that you feel the age of majority should be risen on EVERYBODY, just because you have stupid young adults.

    And when one turns twenty-one doesn't mean they have some new found magical adult responsibility crammed in their craniums. Like I said, I've seen some pretty dumb 25 year olds too.

  • No it should not

    If we raise the legal age to 21 then there will be more rebellion and cause more problems for people that want to act like the 21 year old "adults" but aren't allowed to because they're restrained by the law of having to be 21 to do everything, thus creating more rebellion and more under aged drinking and so on.

  • I think it should be 16

    I grew up in with my mentally ill father and moved out at age 15. Nobody wanted to give me a job or a place because of it. I was told the only way I can get somewhere legally was to get emancipated. That is 1000$ in savings and 150$ for paperwork. Why should a man unable to take care of himself, have to be responsible for me? I think there should be exceptions to this for cases like mine. There are so many people like me suffering and nobody knows about it unless they are in this situation. I am now 16 I go to school and get good grades. I also volunteer when I can't find work to do and I am homeless. School lunches and community resources keep me fed but I work hard for under the table money that is less than I deserve. I am now 16 and can still not get a job. I want to be self sufficient and not have to live off of other people. I want to earn the money I deserve for the hours I spend scrubbing floors and doing dishes. I think everybody deserves an equal opportunity, we say that about gender, color, sexuality, but what about age? Why are the old and the young so discriminated? We can work just as hard as anybody else. But who will give us a chance? No one, and the honest truth is that I am not alone.

  • Times are different

    I feel the age of majority should be either lowered to 16 or the age of 18 should be raised to 21, and the age of what is now 21 should be 25.
    The reason I say 16 because if you are able to drive then why not vote I feel why is the age of consent 16 majority in bible belt states but teenagers are taught to be abstinent sex is immoral wrong, and a sin and only tell your married, and planned parenthood and sex education cut at 16. What happened to the days when a person was 16 and wanted to work a job and learn to pay there own way instead now where they expect parents to take care of them until there early 30's to late 20's

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Bullish says2013-05-23T00:40:00.173
The age of majority should be somewhere between 16 and 25. Everyone's brains develop differently, so ideally, there would be a test other than age to determine maturity. 18 seems alright for now. Some times, a person is simply too stupid to ever reach the "age of majority".
Raiseitbackto21 says2014-07-19T15:27:54.097
The age of majority needs to be raised back to 21 and how do we do this this is ? It use to be 21 before the Vietnam war it was unacceptable that they were putting children into the war just because they didn't have enough people. These children are still developing at 18 and should not be considered " legally competent" they are to young to be considered adults at 18 because there brains are still developing and they don't know how to take care of themselves.

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