• If you got it, you might as well use it.

    Today's society is becoming more and more sexual, which should be seen as a great thing. Sexual intercourse is known to relieve stress, and lower blood pressure, while providing a means of exercise that both parties can enjoy together.

    Secondly, as long as contraceptives are available, and are used by the children, than there is no ill consequence of teenage pregnancy, it becomes a win-win situation.

  • Pursuit Of Happiness

    The "Age of Consent" varies from country to country and even from state to state within many countries. The youngest "age of consent" is 12 in several countries but in the majority of countries it is usually around the 16-18 year range.
    In many places, if both partners are under the age of consent then there is usually a age-gap reference (often 2 years) as to whether statuary rape charges are laid or not.

  • Unless they are responsible and using any form of birth control

    16 year olds are able to make a mature decision to have sex and most places legal age of consent are 16 and over. It should not be banned if they are aware and using birth control. When teens are growing up, parents need to teach their teens to take responsibilities and the consequences, not just restricting a teenage from the world otherwise they will not learn at all. Don't forget, teenagers are human beings as well and they are growing up, needing guidance, not being coddled. They can be mature if they choose to be.

  • It doesn't affect you!

    If a teen is emotionally and mentally prepared to have sex, then they should be able to regardless of the age of their partner. Studies have shown that a teenager who engages in safe sexual relations with a steady significant other is no worse off than a teenager who abstains.

    Rather than making sex illegal for teens (let's be honest, teenagers are balls of hormones who are going to have intimate relationships like this regardless of legality), institute a better sexual education system and let teenagers make decisions for themselves. An informed teenager will make better decisions than a teenager who is told "no" with no explanation behind it.

  • It should be banned

    I personally think it should be banned worldwide. Pornographic content is so easy to get. If you go to Google and search "porn" you'll get porn. With this it gives criminals a platform for raping people and calling it porn.

    Today's kids have been destroyed with things like this. Kids will already join in on making pornographic material and making the age any younger just moves the lines in the sand for what people can get away with.

  • Nope No and Not

    The first problem is pregnancy. Girls should not bear children until they are done growing

    The second problem is that a lot of men behave in a predatory and pedoplilial manner toward young girls and drop them like used tissues as soon as they get older. 16-year-olds are not aware of this and can and will be fooled.

    The third problem is gayness. Many men behave in a predatory and pedoplilial manner toward young people in general and drop them like used papertowels when done.

    16 with a 16 is, still, too young for serious, well-informed decision making.

    I say that they can date and kiss and will probably have sex
    BUT if they know that they are not supposed to have sex,
    they work harder to not get pregnant.

    Joycelyn Elders had it correct when she said that we should teach the masturbation of each other
    and, please, young-on-young until after 18.

    At 18 and beyond, they can deal with and clean up their own messes

  • Never... No way...

    I disagree. 16 is still way too young and the female teens who have sex and then later on gets pregnant, they are most likely to abort the child. They have to focus on their studies and catch up with other classmates but once you're pregnant, you won't really be able to concentrate on studies and going around the school with big belly, the people or your friends might laugh at you and call you names when they see you around the school.

  • Never in a million years

    Having sex at age 16?? Totally something that should be banned, of course some people still do it because they don't think of the consequences and when something bad happens like getting pregnant at such a young age happens they cry and freak about why this happened, like seriously if you have sex its not questionable why you have become pregnant. Then they abort the child which is more wrong because you are killing a poor innocent child for a mistake you created. Sexual consent should be 18 or higher because it just ruins teens life when it comes to certain things

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themohawkninja says2013-10-16T01:33:29.133
I live in Pennsylvania, and that is the age of consent (plus some four year thing that I keep forgetting the details of).
pspworld says2013-10-20T19:51:04.177
I'm neutral because I have two sides of this.

If this planet was dying of human species then yes young girls at 16 will need to have sex to keep life going. Because scientifically, girls between the age of 16 to 25 is most fertile and can easily achieve a child. The US has the highest age of consent than anywhere else in this world. Also women mature faster than men do and while we think a 16 year old female is an airhead and easily food she more hip to her own sexuality. The down side is some said is pedophile because older men will want a younger girl. That is a issue because these young ladies don't have much any experience with guys and don't realize they just only want sex with them. Tell them they love them and young girl will fall for it and give up her virginity. However, we need to look far back in history during the 1700's, it was common for a grown man to be married and having kids with a 15 year old girl. Pregnancy is problem regardless of age of consent of not. These girls can always get pregnant by a 16 year old guy. This can be a huge debate regarding the age of consent.