Should the age of sexual consent be raised to 21 because the drinking age is 21?

Asked by: Lato1
  • People are getting married later in life so 21 could make since.

    If You make the age of consent 21 it could reduce unwanted Children. It would also make it easier to go through college or start in a career. The risk of a child your not ready to raise is a problem that last a lot longer then a hang over.

  • Yes we need this absolutely!

    First of all, this will reduce the amount of risk that a child may commit sexual acts, significantly. This will also reduce unwanted children as somebody else stated on this poll. This will also give children an easier path to college and education. Additionally, this will reduce the amount of excessive social liberalism that many people in the youth experience today, since it's dangerous.

  • A 50 year old shouldnt be able to sleep with an 18 year old!

    What's the difference between 2 days? Not much imo. The age of consent is still as low as 16 in some places, its revolting. Men prey on girls who just turned 18 due to their still girl-like qualities which is borderline pedophilic. At 21, a woman is almost fully developed and will not be pursued for her prepubescent qualities.

  • Raise the age!!!!!

    The woman has the right to choose (don't get me wrong)but it would be better if they were loved for who they are. Not what they look like or how young they are. People go for 18 year olds bc of there looks. Dont be that person and help raise the age.

  • People under 21 generally not mature enough to appreciate the consequences so raise the age.

    Childhood is much longer than it used to be because we are a wealthier society and life is more intellectually/academically demanding. In this contect college kids (especially boys) are still just kids with adult bodies. They don't think about the consequences or know how to respect themselves because their urges are often so strong. Sex at that age is often a bad experience that does emotional damage. Unwanted pregnancies through drunken encounters or irresponsible one night stands can ruin the lives of everyone involved and lead to unnecessary abortions.
    I don't recommend jail for college kids that have sex, but it should still be formally illegal and college kids should be empowered through education to respect their bodies, be extensively taught about the possible consequences, physical and emotional and encouage to abstain until they are able to make less hormone charged decisions. College age kids found to be engaging in sexual activity should be counseled and face some form of intervention.
    We do not legally allow drinking under 21, why do we think it is OK for kids to have sex?
    Most guys are not ready, I was not and thank god I did not have sex. Girls are not either but are often pressured. This is not about religon for me or any dogma, it's just common sense. It requires a change in attitude of society. Kids should receive sex education and abstinence education so the mistery is removed and they know why they shouldn't do it emowering them to make good decisions later in college.

  • 18 is still a teenager and should therefore be considered too young

    Just think about it for a second. Adolescents are considered too young to give consent because they are still immature and not fully developed. That stuff doesn’t magically change just because a person is 18. 21 makes more sense as the age of consent because by that point, the average person will have been fully developed, and would be much more mature than an 18 year old.

  • If under 21 is too young to drink; then it should be too young to consent to sexual acts as well.

    The rational part of a teen's brain isn't fully developed and won't be until age 25 or so. . . . Adults think with the prefrontal cortex, The brain's rational part. This is the part of the brain that responds to situations with good judgment and an awareness of long-term consequences. I myself have suffered from making life-changing decisions before 25. I am now 27. I realize that I wasn't ready to make such life-changing decisions in my early 20's. Discovering this information makes me realize why I wasn't ready to make those decisions.

  • For practical reasons yes.

    It should be raised from 18 to at least 21. It won't necessarily stop people from doing the deed in the bedroom, But it will make them reconsider doing so. The problem is the number of unwanted children that are born and the procedures which follow. This is especially if they cannot take care of those children.

  • Creepy its not

    The main argument behind drinking age being 21 is because brains aren't fully developed. How can they be developed enough for life altering choice such as sex but not to drink a beer? These so called consent laws were obviously made by men who don't care about actual consequences emotionally or physically that come with sexual relations. They just want to sleep with young women. .

  • Let’s round it all up.

    Considering the actual psychology of teenagers and having been one less than 2 years ago, I’m thinking consent should either be based in our realistic capacity to harbor sexual desire in conjunction with knowledge about the process and its consequences (acquired typically at 16), OR more easily, Based in some realm of science— in that around our 20s, Our brain becomes fully developed.

    Why can’t people talk about this? And why do people constantly just sheepishly scream “it’s wrong! ” when they themselves have fucked as a teenager. It most definitely was stupid and dangerous, But are we considering if they can give consent or if that deliverance of consent is a safe decision. Either way. Make it 21. It’s easier, And while your at it, Make it 21 for everything, Driving, Army, All of it. Why can I operate a metal death chariot, But not my own body?

  • You people are delusional

    Old enough to consent to student loans. Old enough to swear the oath to join the military or become a citizen. Old enough to operate a motor vehicle and old enough to work full-time.

    Still not old enough to consent to sex.

    See how ridiculous this argument is? Age of consent is a feminist attempt to exclude young women in the dating market as it is; a blatant attempt to legislate based on "morality" in a nation with a theoretical separation of Church and state. If any such law is ever passed I wouldn't be living in that state/nation much longer.

  • Old enough to fight in the military, Old enough to have sex

    Also think that you should be old to drink alcohol if you are old enough to fight in the military. Being in the military is one of the most dangerous jobs. You are basically risking your life to serve their country. If you are old enough to be in the military, You should be old enough to do everything. Unfortunately that’s not how society is in the US.

  • Restrictions on US

    You're trying to take away rights from us at 18 I am legally an adult I can vote, I can go to the military, And most importantly I can live alone. So you're trying to say even if I'm in my own house and I'm 20 years old I still can't consent to sex. This is one of the most outrageous changes I've heard in a long time. They've already changed the federal law for people smoking we have to be 21. Why are you taking things away from us? It is not stable and rape will be claimed a lot more by this becoming a law. Just putting an example out there say I'm 19 because I am; I see a 26 year old at a bar and we go back to my house and both consent to sex. I wake up the next morning and say hmmm I didn't like it very much I I could tell an officer and she would be a statutory rapist. It is a bad idea to do this maybe in the future with the way the world is going this will become a law but in 2020 no. Next thing you know they're going to ban sex until we have a stable job 2 cars and a house more than half of kids are not planned yet you say they shouldn't be alive because their "unwanted" no. You're trying to take our rights away and I do not agree with it many more feel the same.

  • This is some of the funniest shit I've ever read

    Only older women would be in favour of something so unbelievably nonsensical. Most girls are already experimenting sexually when they're like 13/14 and by the time they're 16/17 have already lost their virginity. Age of consent is a completely made-up concept to give women in their late-20's and beyond a little bit more bargaining power in the sexual marketplace. I can practically smell the crow's feet emanating from the "Yes" section lmao

  • Bad for families

    Raising the age of consent to 21 robs women of their best years for birthing healthy children. Honestly the better option would be to lower the age to around 16 and criminalize sex outside of marriage. Men's sexual value peaks in his 30s after he is established and women's sexual value peaks as early as she is fertile and can healthily birth a child due to hip size. Anything else is literally damaging humanity at a genetic level to allow businesses to make more money by putting women to work instead of allowing them to be home makers.

  • What non sense

    Most if not all the yes votes come from women, I'd bet the farm on it. The only reason to be in favor of voting yes is that OLDer women are seething at the fact the men want YOUNGer women. So what is their choice? Raise the age so they have less competition. Prove me wrong. PRO TIP: YOU CAN'T

  • Hell f@$king no!

    You will create a whole new class of "sex offenders" and fake "pedophiles". A 22 year old who has sex with a 20 year old would go to prison and be labeled a "sex offender" and "pedophile". This would be the most stupid law. I cannot believe how many people voted yes. Educate people on proper birth control and STD prevention. In the U. S. The age of consent is 16, 17 or 18 depending on the state. I think it should be 16 everywhere. Also the drinking age should be lowered to 18 also and even 16 if you drink under the supervision of your parents or guardians.

  • But to buy guns should absolutely be raised to 21! I'm 45 and can't ignore biology sorry.

    Prisons are already filled with juvi lifers without parole in spite of Miller vs Alabama and judges refuse to give them a chance. Also at what point does it stop? Keep raising the ages and he courts will be more overflowed and all the cases will end in hung juries due to voir dire... Excuse parents but keep on single males on juries.

  • Bodily choice is prime, abolish age of consent

    I saw a case of two thirteen year olds being charged with statutory rape for having sex with one another.

    I have seen various cases of people dating, having consensual relations, and then because one of the people had a birthday, their actions become illegal. Again, nonsensical scenarios, so we need to go about this in a smarter way.

    We need to strengthen laws around consent from a functional standpoint, and hammer down on cases where it is abuse of power, not set some arbitrary line where kids can be prosecuted for doing the stupid things kids do. If we focus instead on the nature of what makes sex for the underage wrong, I think we would be a lot better off.

    In all cases, an adult having sex with a minor is wrong. It is not the arbitrary age that is the factor, though. It is the predatory actions, the grooming, the taking advantage of a vulnerable person, that is the problem.

    As well, this removes the stupid aspect of the law where you are basically telling a person what they can and can't do with their own body. The young need to be protected, but there has to be a better way than an arbitrary line in the sand.

  • 18 is too high in on itself.

    A lot of people think lowering the age of consent will increase teen pregnancy while the US (one of the only countries in the developed world to have it as high as 18) has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the first world. The average age of consent among western countries is 16 years old. Where are all the news stories about how were so much better at keeping our kids from getting pregnant than these other first world countries? Germany's teen pregnancy rate is about a third or a quarter of ours and there age of consent is 14! They are one of the most educated countries in the world with a 0.884 out of 1in the education index as of 2013.

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xmen808 says2021-07-21T02:18:05.213
*Laughs in Canadian*. 18 is the age of adulthood for everything where I am from (Alberta, Canada). When I turned 18, I gained the right to vote, Get married, Buy alcohol, Buy cigarettes and marijuana, Gamble, Get a firearms license, And even joined the armed forces. I am 19, I am adult, And that means I should be able to consent. Perhaps, The US should lower the drinking age.

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