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  • Yes, they should not go to children.

    There is a long debate on whether violent games are good or bad for children. Too many of them glorify death and destruction. A lot of games could be more educational and less gory. Children should focus more on games that are fun educational and motivational, not games that desensitize youngsters to blood and violence.

  • No Way Jose

    Most children are constantly reminded that violence is wrong. Playing a violent video game won't change their morals. (Most) kids are smart enough to tell the difference between right and wrong and, Again, A video game CANNOT change that.
    Most video games contain some degree of violence. For example Super Mario Bros. There is plenty of fighting and technically does contain violence. Does this mean that children should be able to buy Super Mario Bros? Is Super Mario Bros going to make your 15 year old wanna go start some fights? No. It won't.
    Besides, The age to buy violent video games is high enough already. There's no need to change that.

  • Define the term "violent".

    Violence, at this point, is somewhat subjective. Yes, I understand that there are games like GTA or Halo out there. But what about Pokemon, the Mario franchise, or even Pac-Man? Those may have fantasy violence, but one could still consider that violence (Talk about Pokemon with a PETA person, and you'll see). It would make no sense to raise the age limit here, as we can see a similar type of violence in cartoons and books.

    Besides, games like GTA and Halo have-- at the very least--a teen rating. It wouldn't be reasonable to raise the games that are already rated M to AO, as the age group for "Mature" is 17+, one year off from "Adults Only".

  • Very large gray area.

    How is violent defined? Does a simple gun mean that the game is violent? I know blood will be considered violent, but there are so many gray areas in the subject. In a carnival game, is a "shooting range" violent? Anyway, how can you stop young kids from getting violent games? Pirating is easy to learn, you can find cracked version of any game. I helped many people get grand theft auto on their phones, that is considered violent. My friend played halo and gta since he was 8!

  • It should be lowered or destroyed

    The idea that video games cause real life violence is a myth and by having the government back such claims it convinces parents that video games are bad and desensitize children. The fact is, virtual violence helps to release the tension and stress that can cause actual violence in real life. Another point is that all people develop at different rates, so even if video games did cause issues the age for playing them is arbitrary. What makes a 16 year old more likely to become violent from video games than a 17 or 18 year old? The age for playing such video games is ridiculous and does not do anything to prevent real life violence.

  • Same as the rest

    Teenagers are not naturally desensitized, but they are naturally immature and unaware of how their own actions affect others or even themselves. It takes a lot to become densensitized, and there's nothing going on in the media or the home that is any worse than what's going on in video games. The age restrictions are the same as for R-rated movies, so there's no good reason to raise it.

  • No, it should not.

    There is no reason to raise the age of buying violent video games. Children are already subjected to much worse violence on television and in the news. As a result, there is little evidence to suggest that increasing the age on video games would have any impact on children. Just let them have fun.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe the age to buy violent video games should be raised. I believe the ratings system and the age restrictions are sufficient enough. People who want to raise these limits clearly are not the consumers of this product and they are clearly targeting these items because they have a personal problem with them. Their opinion shouldn't effect the actual consumers of violent video games.

  • No, the age to buy violent video games should not be raised.

    I do not think that the age to buy violent video games should be raised. I think that the current age system in terms of being able to buy video games is fair and right. I think that there are already too many restrictions when it comes to some art mediums like video games.

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