• Yes, Al Jazeera America should be shut down

    Al Jazeera America isn't a charity, it is a business, and the purpose of a business is to make a profit. Even if one believes Al Jazeera America was doing wonderful work, one has to recognize that the news organization simply wasn't generating the ratings or money to justify its continued existence in a competitive marketplace.

  • There's no reason for it to be shut down.

    Al Jazeera America has elected to shut down because it doesn't bring in enough viewers, but there's no reason for it to be forcefully shut down. It's a good, reliable news network that just isn't wide spread enough to hold its own. It's very unfortunate that it didn't do well enough to stay active.

  • No, they are just delivering news.

    According to my knowledge of the channel, they are simply wanting to present people with a commercial light news experience. They show world news that you may not get watching CNN or any other news channels. While their content may not shine light on some of the things the American government may have not wanted to be public knowledge, this channel seems to go out of the way to make sure people know about whatever news is big in the world, whether or not it has direct involvement with the US. That's a big reason why I believe that the channel should stay around.

  • I've Always Found Al Jazeera to be the Best Source of Unbiased News

    It's a shame about the ratings, really. And that's what television is all about these days - ratings. Even for news shows. Maybe the reason so many people watch FOX News is because it's become more like an entertainment, gossip and celebrity show, rather than actually giving fact-based information, like a normal news channel should. I've had the Al Jazeera app on my phone for about 3 years now and, along with BBC News, I use it as my go-to source of news, because it not only provides a healthy, broad-minded view on events in my country, but it's also a wide-ranging news source covering countries across the globe. Al Jazeera America was an extension of that, and I'll be sad to see it go.

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