• Yes it should increase

    The drinking age should be increased to 25 beacuse that is when the brain is fully developed. If people drink at the age of 18 or 21 they can suffer serious brain damage and can lead to death. This will also make people that are 18 drink more then they should.

  • Keep it the way it is, but if it must change, increase.

    I think that the alcohol age limit here in the United States should remain at the age of 21. I am old enough to remember when the legal drinking age was lowered to 18 (and then raised to 21 again). What I remember most about that time was how many more accidents and deaths due to drunk driving happened.

  • Yes, the alcohol age limit should be increased.

    Young adults, although in the eyes of the law are adults, are not experienced enough to fully understand the dangers of drinking alcohol. Their brains are still growing and developing and they are not capable of making appropriate choices where alcohol is concerned. So many young adults have been killed as a result of drinking and driving. One can't help but feel that they need more time to grow up before making that choice to put their health and life at risk by drinking alcohol. Raising the drinking age would prevent young adults from legally obtaining alcohol, or being served alcohol in bars and restaurants. Yes, they might still be able to get it illegally, but a higher drinking age might deter some who might be on the fence about whether or not to partake in that "just one drink."

  • It should be decreased.

    The alcohol age limit should be decreased and not increased. The legal age to buy a drink should be brought down to the age of 18. At that age, you are able to do everything except drink and gamble, and that included going to war. If you can go to war, you can drink.

  • Decreased or The Same

    I believe it is best to either leave the alcohol age limit to 21 or decrease it to 18. I believe it makes more sense to decrease it to 18, but I do not support raising it higher. I believe most people who are 18 or older can easily access alcohol if they want it, so changing the laws should be based on that and not what a minority thinks is the right thing to do.

  • No, you are an adult at 18

    No, alcohol age limit should not be increased, it should actually be decreased to 18 years of age. In America, you are considered an adult at 18. So how can it be, that you can sign contracts, smoke, get married and go off to war but can't drink alcohol? In other parts of the world, alcohol is not seen as such a big deal and the age limit is lower. These countries don't have a problem despite the lower alcohol age limit, so why would it be different in America? I think if alcohol wasn't seen as so taboo, people would realize it's not a big deal and we would have less young adults dying from alcohol related problems.

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