• The American Party System is awful

    1) There are many people that could run this country well but they will never be president because they done affiliate themselves with the Democratic or Republican party
    2) Some people don't even pay attention to the elections be cause they will vote with their particular party
    3) People will let the GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN because they don't agree with what the other party's policies

  • Corruption and Polarization

    America today is way too polarized. Our politicians belong for the most part to one of two camps. I believe this is hardly representative to the American public as a whole. The two major parties have a stranglehold on control of our government, without belonging to one of these two parties one can not get elected. While there are a few exceptions, there are not nearly enough. This country needs leaders who can think for themselves and not hold childish grudges because of what letter they have after their name. We need to remove the power of these parties and let true representative democracy grow. The parties are owned by their donors, they will only do what their donors tell them to do even if it is bad for the people of the United States. The agreement that the Republicans made when President Obama shows this childish behavior. Not that I endorse everything Obama has put forth. I want my leaders to be able to do what they think is right because they think it is right not because a corrupt party leader tells them it is right and they will lose the parties support if they do not play ball.

  • There has to be a better way!

    The american party system is obviously flawed, and 3 of the first 4 American presidents were against political parties. The american party system does nothing but blur the voice of the American public, and suppress individualism in political ideals. We should abolish the current party system and replace and allow a non-partisan political system take its place.

  • A and B is not a choice. Is is an ultimatum

    I am not American and i do not what to judge how people live their lives, but Having two party´s is absolutely unacceptable. Limited choice is not the freedom of democracy. In my country we have numerous party's and the population is only 300,000 so if there is a lot of opinions in a population that size it can not be two sides to a matter in a nation of 300 million + prefabrication of choice between A and B is not a choice. Is is an ultimatum.

  • I definitely vote yes on this one! ...

    I agree with all of the comments above in the "yes" section as to why I would be all for finally abolishing the whole party system. In my own words, I believe that every American political party should be abolished, because of how many bad examples it has set in bringing about petty polarization in our culture rather than being able to have a culture like what any place should have where the people are encouraged to help work through every issue let alone have or continue to have adequate respect for each other, which having political or any kind of labels and basing values on any of them is no help to. And even every politician or leader needs to heed that whole fact as well.

    This whole party polarization mess is one technique that brough about the horrible consequences of Nazi, Germany. If the whole American party establishing system doesn't die here soon, then I would say that America is liable to sooner or later fall into that same rut.

    So, if we want to turn the ship around and make America great again, then it not only starts with us the people, but we also must abandon and forget the whole idea of having political parties and have something else that encourages qualified outsiders to come into the race, through the primaries and general elections.

    Additionally, in the name of fairness, I would be all for seeing all the third party candidates start being debated with the two major ones. For example, this year, lets not just have Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton be in the debates. Lets also have Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and even Darrell Castle and Evan McMullin be included. And in the meanwhile, even whether or not that happens, lets look at them all as humans who come from different backgrounds and stances that they do and do not have in common, just like how true that is about the rest of us.

  • It is unnecessary.

    To be honest, we don't need political parties. We never did. Was it not enough to disagree with someone else's opinion, and have a few people that agree with you? In fact, maybe it would be better if we didn't. If elections simply included two or more candidates, completely independent of a party, they would be forced to compete against each other more thoroughly, constantly looking for ways to promote themselves ahead of others. At this point, if the Republicans said "We don't like immigrants", the people look to the Democrats, and vice versa. Everyone else kind of hides in the shadows, except for the Tea Party, who aren't exactly helping either. And if an independent candidate were to win an election, they would have no pressure from a entire party of people breathing down their necks to do what they say or else. Just that pressure from political rivals and constituents. No biggie, right?

  • The congress can generate ideas to become bills that get voted on and then sent to the President to sign.

    How would ideas for improvements in govt get across and have a chance? Who would decide and keep or lost it? The biggest issue if the funding of Political Parties needs greater controls. So who "run's who decides who is allowed to run. What if person running is not up to snuff.

  • The American Party System Should Not Be Abolished

    The United States allows political parties to be formed, whether they ever achieve ballot status or not, so I do not believe the American party system should be abolished even though they have so few members that they are practically defunct, Americans have the right to make their views known and seek support for office, no matter what their popularity is as a political party.

  • It Wouldn't Change Anything

    While our nation's government has become extremely dysfunctional due to lack of Party cooperation, I would submit that since like-minded people stick together, the Parties that we currently have today will still exist and vote together and oppose the other 'Party' together, unofficially.
    Think about it, the Parties got started because people with similar ideas got together. Abolishing the Party System wouldn't abolish like-minded people coming together to vote in similar ways.

  • No and I'll tell you why...

    James Madison loved the party system. He saw that it kept the politicians at each others throats. When they were fighting they couldn't pass laws. That meant they couldn't take away freedom or money. Our party system was deliberately developed by our Founding Fathers to insure gridlock. This is meant to protect us from our own government.

  • Two Parties is enough as is

    Two rival political coalitions is satisfactory for a functional government. Otherwise, American politics would be similar to the free for all in Europe. Radicals and extremists are given a podium to spew their bile. No negotiations, Not several different parties. The two party system is polarizing as is. We don't need any more polarization. If the Democrats were replaced by Greens or Socialists. If the Republicans were replaced Libertarians or Constitutionalists. So be it! As long as there is a balanced two party system to keep a decent amount of efficiency.

  • Two-party system offers more stability than a multiparty system

    Problem with multiparty system is that it's too radical. A two-party system offers a lot of moderate views. We've seen what happens in countries with multiparty systems such as Mexico, for instance. Dangers of revolution are stronger in multiparty than two-party system. I prefer a two-party system for that reason.

  • It May Not Be Perfect

    If I want to vote for someone who is Conservative or a Libertarian, without a party system, everyone would be running against each other. That would be a disaster and help the opposition who would have a party. It may not be perfect, but at least it stops anarchy. If there's a system that weeds people out with the same ideology every time, I would like that.

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tylergraham95 says2013-12-12T00:43:43.213
All of these people talking about how a multiparty system wouldn't work. That's not what is proposed here you dolts. I am proposing a non-partisan system.