Should the American people continue to occupy the Hawaiian Islands today?

  • Yes, its too late to change

    You can't change what they have done for decades. Its been a good relationship between the US and the Hawaiian Islands., It may have been strange at first,but its really gone to what can be perceived as normal now. I don't think if Hawaii would be aloud to leave the US anyway. Its just not going to happen.

  • Let Bygones be bygones

    Yes, the United States of America has committed acts that none of us Americans be proud of. We "discovered" this continent when it was already occupied by millions of First or Native Americans - and we exterminated more Native Americans than the Nazi's killed Jews in the process of conquering this part of the North American continent. When we took over New Mexico, it was with a treaty in place to Mexico to honor the Spanish land grants - a treaty we immediately violated. It is little known that the United States armed forces apparently overthrew the legal government of Hawaii in the late 1800s. Providing reparations and releasing all of the lands we have taken would, at this time, be a nightmare process that may well prove to be detrimental not only to the United States, but to the various sovereign nations involved. We cannot change the past. Let us move forward as one.

  • Probably Not But They Will

    At this point does it matter? What is done is done, and we can't change what happened in the past. Besides, it is not like all the people that are on the island of Hawaii are going to move off just because they are not Hawaiian. They have been there for to long, and now call it home. It may not be right, but not many things in this world are right.

  • Yes, Hawaiian statehood has created benefits for both Americans and Hawaiians

    Americans have certainly benefited from having Hawaii as a vacation spot. Hawaiians have benefited from jobs provided by American companies and federal contractors. Many of the tourism dollars and the federal jobs wouldn't exist if Hawaii weren't allowed to exist as a US state as American companies wouldn't have the confidence to invest there.

  • We settled there.

    Yes, the American people should continue to occupy the Hawaiian Islands today, because we properly settled the land. There has to be a point where people move on, and accept that new people settled in the area. The Americans have done a lot of good for the islands of Hawaii, and they should continue to be American.

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